JFK to 911 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick by Francis R. Conolly.

I can’t remember the last time I watched a video that’s three & a half hours long but every time I paused it for whatever reason I couldn’t wait to get back to it. What a job by Francis Conolly. The detail is quite something to behold, especially the assassination of JFK which deals with every last nook & cranny. I had no idea there were 8 shooters at the Dealey Plaza & that 16 shots were fired. Neither was I aware 9/11 Truther Woody Harrelson’s dad WAS ONE OF THE SHOOTERS! I don’t often say this but make the time because this is truly a compelling watch.



The last thing I want to do is nit-pick but I really do believe & the video all but says it, but the order to kill JFK had to have ultimately come from the Rothschilds. They, after all, have a controlling stake in everything that matters & when it comes to the media it’s all them! Of course without the media’s uncanny knack of making out they’re investigating while they’re actually making sure they get nowhere near the truth, none of these events like the JFK assassination & 9/11 could have ever occurred.
I believe everything Conolly says is entirely accurate except for the reason the hit was put on JFK. Sure JFK’s actions would have dried up the mega earnings of quite a few scumbags. That doesn’t mean these scumbags alone hag the muscle to do the job. I believe what swung it was Standing Order 11110 on June 4th 1963 which effectively wrestled control of the Federal Reserve Board away from the Rothschilds. Add to this the fact JFK said under no circumstances Israel was to acquire nuclear weapons & let’s face it – we all know, Israel is the fiefdom of the Rothschilds.



  • sunshine6

    Indeed, Lincoln got the same retaliation. Read this brief and to the point article from 1980.

  • Fredi Hazeem

    I saw the 3.5 hours, and almost didn’t start, … glad I did. wealth of well presented , concise information. Truth, tolerance, and communication are humanities last chance. You hit all 3 spot on.

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  • To be honest, l believed everything else in this video except these two:: Body swapping of JFK, which l think the loved ones can tell the difference between the real and the fake ones….. and the assassination of Diana., because l truly believed it was an accident., just a normal accident. Why would someone want to kill her, its not like she was someone’s wife having an affair. She was already divorced from Prince Charles at that time. What’s the point of killing her any way……well, its just an opinion.
    Michael, l love reading all your articles, especially about 9/11.. Keep up the good work..

  • sunshine6

    As soon as Americans get back to using the word “Jew” the more the uninformed will be able to awaken to the problem in our nation. For 60 years, since the murder of JFK and the coup d’état of our government, the suppression of the truth has run rampant. Communism and Jewish are two intertwined words for the explanation to what has happened to corrupt our country since that time.

  • David Stirrup

    I too was glued for three and a half hours but have some comments:
    1/ Despite highlighting the funding of the nazi party by rich industrialists to combat Russian communism the film omits the fact that a second front was not opened in Europe until the nazis started to lose the war against the Russians and there was a possibility of communism taking over the whole of Europe.
    2/The concentration camps were portrayed as work camps this being the case there would have been no need to kill the inmates in Gas chambers as they could have just been worked to death if each of the 6million victims of the holocaust had 2 grammes of gold on their bodies at today’s values this would be worth about £29 million. Any additional gold they had could have been confiscated with no need to kill or assault them.
    3/ the link between the mafia and the elite was interesting and makes a lot of sense but the sources of this info were at times tenuous.
    On the whole I felt that it was a good attempt at explaining some of the more common conspiracy theories and highlighted the responsibility of the elite and secret organisations in controlling our world today.

    • Thank you David. I too felt as you did – glued to it, most especially when it came to naming names & all the shooters involved. Regarding –
      1) Correct. Stalin pleaded with Churchill to open up another front so that the Russians wouldn’t have to bear the brunt of the fighting. Churchill caught a massive break when Hitler attacked Russia. Had he done what Stalin asked UK casualties would have been enormous. As for these rich industrialists what the film neglected to highlight was the fact all of them were under the Rothschilds through their various organisations like the CFR.
      2) As for all the Gold I have no reason to doubt what you say is accurate but I’m sure most of the stolen Gold came from what other people previously owned as opposed to directly from their bodies. However, whether one likes it or not, something the entire world media has slapped a ban on even mentioning is that the Holocaust figures have been officially revised to under 2 million. Now before people start plonking their moral high hats on – THESE ARE OFFICIAL FIGURES! Most people died at the end of the war from starvation & disease when supply lines were cut off & long after the Germans deserted the camps. For months no food or water got to the camps yet the media has systematically ignored this obvious fact. All the footage & evidence strongly confirms this & to date there exists little or no evidence of gas chambers.
      3) I felt it was an excellent attempt but the reason why at times the connections appeared rather tenuous I believe is because the author probably felt his work would be seen by many more people if he went easy on the Rothschilds.

      • Triuwida

        Random facts for your reading pleasure…

        The Red Cross had full access to the Nazi concentration camps, kept meticulous notes, and at the war’s end the total death toll in the camps was tallied at around 270,000, including all nationalities. So the total death toll of Jews in the camps was something less than that. There weren’t even 6,000,000 Jews within reach of the Nazis, and about 150,000 Jews even stayed loyal to Germany and fought for them.

        The Leuchter Report conclusively disproved the gas chamber showers. No blue staining, no hydrogen cyanide gas, and it really is just that simple.

        The story of 6,000,000 suffering Jews had figured into Jewish fundraising efforts for 40 years prior to WWII, here’s one such example from 1919:


        The series “Horgan’s Heroes”, filmed just 20 short years after the war, made no mention of any “holocaust”, lol. Lots of Jewish actors in that too, one for every German role in fact.

        I’ve yet to find any mention of a “holocaust of Jewish suffering” in any encyclopedia from the 40s or 50s either. Some say the story got cranked back up in the 70s when they did that mini-series.

        • Thank you Triuwida – I never used to talk about the Holocaust for obvious reasons but what eventually encouraged me to was the vitriolic comments of idiots who blindingly criticised anyone who questioned the garbage we’ve been told. It’s bad enough having to put up with ignorance but when you couple it with these morons ramming their moral high hats on it really becomes all too much to take. The fact is the official figures have been revised down to under 2 million & even many consider that a gross exaggeration but what is perhaps most striking is ALL THE EVIDENCE suggests most of the deaths in the camps occurred at the end of the war when starvation & disease was rife. This is exactly what we saw in the film footage – people down to the bone. Long before the camps were relieved the Germans upped & left. With the Russians not taking prisoners they weren’t going to hang around especially with supply lines being cut. Sure enough at the end of the war we saw piles of emaciated bodies unburied, piled up on top of each other. They had starved to death & once the camps inhabitants were too weak to bury the dead it was inevitable disease would exacerbate the problem.

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