Jimmy Carter: PALESTINE – PEACE NOT APARTHEID & a tribute to a good man.

A month ago if I was asked what I thought Jimmy Carter’s greatest legacy was as the 39th President of America, without hesitation, I’d have said the Camp David agreement. Who would think any different? Amazing as it seems, a rash comment by a Neo-con war-mongering relic was all it took for me to realise just how wrong I was! Recently ex-Presidential candidate John McCain (referring to Obama) jibed “I thought Carter was bad.” When Carter was asked what he thought, his response typified his qualities – cool, calm, collected & cunning to boot. He said –

“that’s a compliment coming from a war-monger.”

Then instead of giving McCain a taste of his own medicine, Carter remained humble –

“I was lucky enough when I was President to keep our country at peace & provide peace for others. I was lucky enough to go through my 4 years – we never dropped a bomb; we never fired a missile; we never shot a bullet.”





And don’t fob this off before you bear in mind – in its 250 year history, America has been at war for all but 20! Far as I’m concerned this alone should qualify Carter as one of the truly great Presidents. DON’T BELIEVE ALL THE MEDIA CRAP. I’ll say it again – it will serve you well – whatever they say, BELIEVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE! Sadly, people’s perception of Carter is that of a lame President, yet more often than not, when you ask why, all you get is drivel or an obligatory shrug of the shoulders. Make no mistake – THIS IS ALL DOWN TO THE MEDIA!

Yet for me, what I appreciate so much about Carter’s response & again, do not fob this off for this is a sign of true character. How often do you hear Presidents & Prime Ministers giving it the big ‘I AM’ reeling off all their supposed achievements? Think how time & again they say – ‘our government did this; our government did that! Not like that useless lot in the opposition party’ – when in truth all they actually did is feather their own nests. They can’t wait to pat themselves on the back & all that’s happened, as per usual, is we’ve been properly shafted…… Look what Carter says –


Isn’t this refreshing? A touch of self-humility? This is what all of them should bloody well say! It should be an honor to lead one’s country. They’re our servants. We pay their wages. I don’t want to hear Cameron or any backhander specialist like him blowing his own trumpet. You & I are perfectly capable in deciding when he’s doing alright. Carter’s reaction smacks of a man who has ALL the necessary credentials. When it comes to honesty & integrity there is no comparison. He’s a giant compared to the toe-rags. 



Small wonder he took the bull by the horns with his book – PALESTINE: PEACE NOT APARTHEID. In this TV interview the ex-President said the Palestinians have no rights. This is worse than Apartheid! When the media whore tried to turn it into a debate about Rwanda, Carter slung him straight back in his pram! Any leader, let alone a President writing such a book takes balls. No GW. Any twat can declare war. This is what cojones is all about!


But don’t think this is why the Zionist controlled media had it in for him. Carter was never the apple of their eye. Israel didn’t want the Camp David agreement. They never wanted any agreement! Conquest is what its always been about. Don’t believe me? Alright. If you can explain how in the 67 years Israel has been around it’s elastic borders have always managed to somehow expand in every direction, you’re a better man than me!


Carter put his foot down, initially just to get all the parties round the table. Then when they made it virtually impossible for any deal to be struck, Carter displayed qualities few people today would ever imagine he had. At Camp David it was no different. He wasn’t just the boss Americans should have been proud of – he was a damn smooth operator. Don’t believe me? Here’s an excerpt from the link below –

At Camp David, Carter showed a strategic sense, flexibility and sensitivity in his dealings with others that were not always evident in his approach to foreign policy. Shifting from the mediator role he first envisaged for himself, he became the chief diplomat in two simultaneous but in some ways separate U.S. negotiations with Israel and Egypt. He knew when to play the “U.S. relations” card, suggesting to both Sadat and the members of the Israeli team, as warranted, that should their actions blow up the conference, their relations with the U.S. would be imperiled. Three times he personally intervened, using insight he had garnered from a CIA report on the personalities of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to keep them from leaving the conference.



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