Jimmy Carter responds to being called the worst President by John McCain

I’ll make no bones about it – when Jimmy Carter was President, I had little idea here was a good man with a heart. I’m sure many will disagree but frankly I’d be astonished if anyone feels Jimmy Carter was not head & shoulders above all the other living Presidents. Thanks to Ruba Awni for this caption.

Jimmy Carter

McCain may talk tough but it sure takes balls for an ex President to stick it to the Israelis by writing the book PALESTINE: PEACE NOT APARTHEID. All the traitors on Capitol Hill who’ve succumbed to the Zionist lobbies are cowards who know they’ve sold their own citizens right down the river. Carter stands out like a shining light.


  • I applaud Jimmy Carter (a 9) and also agree with Trump about McCain (an 11) “that being captured does not make you a war hero”. All the Republican presidential candidates are deathly afraid of Trump……except that Trump will get us right back at war. I am still waiting for the Bush cronies to be prosecuted. .

  • Sam

    Good man! I somehow can’t imagine a British PM, current or previous ever saying such a thing, mores the pity…..in fact the weasel Cameron wants to imprison us for thinking it!

    • Sam – later on today I’ll be posting an article that explains how the media go out their way to protect Cameron. This I believe has allowed Cameron to commit Treason several times.

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