John Kerry Attacked in Rome; Attacker Cried “You Created ISIS!”

Finding any good news or something possessing a modicum of common sense & truth is becoming increasingly arduous. It’s all very frustrating. Last night I was speaking to a dear friend & my frustration boiled over. I was supposed to get away from all this but instead I finished off the conversation in a state, depressed as the mother of manics, saying ‘I can’t see a way out of this – we’ve got to pay a massive price.


What can we honestly expect? It may not seem so but our Universe is one of checks & balances. Good decisions tend to lead to decent outcomes while bad ones often lead to greater problems, even disasters. Well, over 200 years of permitting the greatest crooks in history to rule the roost? They create the ultimate rip-off industry – Banking! They print money & charge interest. This says it all. It’s to the detriment of everyone except the family that prints money! Of course, inevitably, they end up with a large portion of the entire world’s wealth.


What’s worse – let them buy up every single media outlet so not only their gargantuan crimes are never mentioned but they can make it up as they go along. You see – THEY WANT IT ALL! Anyone who gets in their way – doesn’t matter who they are – President Lincoln, JFK – kill them. Tsar Alexander got in their way once. He was told ‘one day we’re going to wipe your family out!’ It took 100 years but they were good on their word – the entire Russian royal family was horribly butchered!


They got the 1st world war & ended up with the Balfour declaration. They got the 2nd world war & ended up with Israel. Ever since, this particular nation has relentlessly expanded it’s borders as if international laws are a joke. One wonders if they’re all related to Ghengis Khan! Oh but this mob is a damn sight more slippery. Sure they both steam in when they want something but this lot today want everyone to think the people they’re wiping out – ARE THE TERRORISTS! Yes. Steal their land; treat them like sub-humans while all they’re doing is DEFENDING THEMSELVES!


In the meantime, as we march inexorably to WWIII, their lies have become positively contagious. Wherever we turn in the Western world, we’re inundated with porkies! Such is the nonchalance of our newsreaders one can be excused for perhaps assuming nuclear weapons must be mere fire-crackers & basic freedom is hardly worth a bar of soap! Must find some good news!


Hmnn. They won’t let up on Assange. Make no mistake – the biggest crime today is TELLING THE TRUTH! The IDF can kill unarmed Palestinian kids. Steal their organs too. Nice bit of business my boy! The US police, having recently received instructions on how to REALLY do their job from the very same IDF, have, small wonder, got in on the act – shoot to kill….. except when it comes to telling porkies, I somehow get the distinct impression they need more advice from the IDF here! You simply cannot beat experience!


And since we’re on the subject of Julian Assange, I’d just like to take this opportunity to say two things – bear in mind, real child molesters serve the bankers, who control the media. As a result, THEY DON’T GO TO JAIL! Secondly, anyone who believes or even suspects that this good man has committed any sex crime, in my mind, there is absolutely no question – go & find a mirror. When you look in it I guarantee you will be looking at someone who has the brains of a rocking horse!


Got to find some good news. Aaahh, success at last. Now, I do not like violence of any sort. However, considering the lies this guy has told…… I say damn good job. Kerry – to think the people you’re now unconditionally obeying, lying through your back teeth for, robbed you of the Presidency in 2004! Good job indeed. You deserve it! Sadly the video clip doesn’t show much but if the photo is genuine I’m amazed how someone got so close. Maybe you’re yet to earn your spot in the bunker Johnny. Sorry MC xx



Kerry KO


  • Sam

    Fantastic! If only he had a little longer he might have twisted that zombie looking piece of shits head right off its body!! Chin up mate, there’s still some good left in the world haha
    I must admit though Michael, I am getting a bit suspicious of Assange, snowden et al, how come Israel comes out of the wiki leaks affair Scott free? And what of 911? I would have expected more info really, hope it’s not the case but I’m starting to think they may be a limited hang-out from the security services…..

    • Well I look at it another way. I think Assange & Snowden are 100% Sam. The sacrifices they’ve made seem way too great for any suspicion to befall them. However, the point you make is valid – why not go the whole hog & give it to Israel & say that the Zionists were the architects of 9/11? I feel the Israelis know only too well – if anyone well-known & that means mainstream media well-known, dares to go there they would be in huge trouble. They can only take so many people doing this. I’m sure people like Assange & Snowden have been told in no uncertain terms – ‘we’re not pleased with what you’ve done & what you’re doing but mention Israel’s involvement or 9/11 & it’s a guarantee – YOU WILL BE TARGETED FOR ASSASSINATION & WE WILL KILL YOU! For me this is the only scenario that connects all the dots.

  • Sam

    Aargh! Curses, it seems that’s an old photo from when he fell of his bike, aparrently the lady journalist didn’t get near enough this time but at least what she said is making the news around the world, hope they didn’t rough her up too badly, three cheers from me for effort!

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