Julian Assange’s Lawyer Found Dead in ‘Suicide’

What are the odds of a QC committing suicide? Answer – I’ve no idea but I’d like to bet such an eventuality is about as unlikely as winning the national lottery. However, when this prominent QC happens to represent none other than Julian Assange & is a barrister specialising in war crimes & human rights, the odds become astronomical! So apart from the above, what evidence exists to suggest foul play was involved?


1) In the past literally scores of Clinton associates have either allegedly committed suicide or suffered mysterious deaths. In fact several have had highly dubious post mortem’s where bullets (PLURAL) in the back of the head was somehow deemed to be suicide.
2) Assange was about to release documents further proving Hillary Clinton is a career criminal. Needless to say, this could well have had an adverse effect on her chances of becoming President & even land her in jail.
3) Considering Assange has steadfastly had the balls to stand up for what he believes, for him to call off this press conference where so many waited with anticipation, he surely felt his life was in mortal danger.
4) Considering too Clinton actually had the nerve to state she’d like to drone the Ecuadorian Embassy in central London no less, where Assange is effectively holed up!
5) Clinton is part & parcel of a Zionist cabal of bankers & war-mongers who are hell bent on establishing a one world government.
6) These crooks own the media. This is why Hillary is being protected at all cost. This why US elections are being rigged in her favor. 
7) Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, a traitor & a murderer. She is certifiably insane!
8) So what we have is the most suspicious death imaginable…… only for the UK police to turn round & say –  





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