Just a quick note: re the French election

Just a quick note about the upcoming French election, though first & foremost, I feel I should say I know democracy is a myth. I know election fraud is rampant. I’m always telling you this! I know politics is rigged from top to bottom because almost all politicians are either owned by those with the most money or coerced by them to initiate policies they’d never ordinarily pursue. So please don’t tell me ‘aaahh, you’re stoopid if you fink there’s any point in votin!’
What people should realise is almost everywhere the biggest percentage of voters are those who don’t bother voting. I was part of this crew for nearly 40 years. Did this tactic get us anywhere? If my memory serves me correct, the lower the turnout, the more shit they pulled! So that didn’t work. Also by voting for people like Trump & Corbyn, it shows we’re fed up with the two-party, same policy system but in doing so we’ve forced the media’s hand. As a result, more people than ever are now aware the media is totally & utterly full of shit. I guarantee we cannot get politics right until the MSM is, to all intents & purposes, independent.
I have a few friends who live in France so I know the basics regarding the three candidates – Marine Le Pen, Francois Fillon & Emmanuel Macron. But let’s for argument’s sake say I know nothing but I was obliged to pick one of the three, what would I use as a yardstick? The same as I’d use over here – whoever the media attacks, I’d consider. Most significantly, if there was a candidate who somehow escaped the wrath of the media, then I would give that particular candidate a very wide berth. If the media wants that candidate, THEN WE DON’T!
A while ago in France, a scandal erupted over Francois Fillon. Apparently he was helping his family by paying them for non-existent jobs. So what we have here is a corrupt politician….. WOOAAHHH! Tell me something I don’t know! In other words identical to 99% of the miserable lot we already have in the corridors of power! So, the crucial question people should be asking is why has the media held back, only to reveal this scandal long after this guy threw his hat in the ring?
For Fillon the damage is done but now, all of a sudden, the media’s attention is focused on Marine Le Pen’s tweets, shock/horror! But didn’t the US media do their level best to ignore Hillary Clinton’s emails which all but proved she’s a traitor to the American people? Most certainly.So why in the blazes is the French media going to town on Le Pen’s comparatively trivial tweets? Add the fact her father is now being accused, wait for it, of anti-Semitism, talk about Zionists pulling the rug! Anyone with any brains knows the US & French media are owned by the same people.
So what of Emmanuel Macron? Well, he’s another nobody, exactly like Blair & Cameron – a professional liar, heavy on image but seriously lacking substance. Yet with France close to turmoil, instead of the media questioning how such an inexperienced man could even be a candidate, they’re inexplicably giving this guy an easy ride. What has he done to deserve the Presidency? Nothing ….. except he worked for the Rothschilds before another Zionist agent, premier & traitor, Francois Hollande appointed him as a ‘special adviser to then give him the job of finance minister. Talk about being groomed?
So no surprise, while Le Pen & Fillon have had their campaigns ambushed by the media, out of nowhere, Teflon Macron is now the new favorite to become France’s leader. I don’t for one minute believe this humongous slime-ball is ahead in the polls. Like I say, if you yearn for the truth, all you have to do is believe the exact opposite of what the media says. This is a typical media tactic to give the impression this little worm is ahead, when he is anything but. It didn’t work with Hillary. I only hope the French people are as smart as the Americans.


  • JennyG

    Bang on again, and I would add, my thoughts are the same, once they start attacking it is a sure sign that is the person to vote for.

    • Absolutely JennyG. What a ridiculous world these bastards have created – now we have to vote for politicians who the media attack. It’s the topsy-turvy world Matt Damon once spoke of where the real Pedophiles are protected but anyone who speaks out against war or against the Israelis like George Michael, is unfairly branded a sexual deviant.

  • karen

    I believe that if the powers that be in France, feel that le Pen or Fillon are going to win, then there’ll be some ‘terrorist’ attack just beforehand, putting the nation in a state of emergency, where the elections will be delayed as long as they can get control again! Maybe just my paranoid state but I’m sticking to it!!

    • Karen – I certainly feel Le Pen is miles ahead in the polls. They’re doing the same job on Macron as they did for Hillary – create an impression of popularity that does not exist. I don’t think you’re paranoid at all because France in my opinion is being used as a powder keg by the Zionists, hence the constant state of emergency. Every time they ‘need’ an event, France seems to be their favored arena – Charlie Hebdo, the Paris Attacks, the Nice attack – all were obvious Mossad false flags. Though Le Pen is nothing like Corbyn, it’s clear they don’t want her simply because they need perfect puppets like Macron who’ll do exactly what they want. I do not think they will delay the election. There’s a lot of talk of this but it will not go down at all well with the French people. One should remember, for the first time in a while more people than ever want to vote.

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