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Look. I didn’t trust Trump a year ago or even 6 months ago but when I saw him get no big corporate or globalist money; when I saw the Bildeburg come out & say he must be stopped at all costs; when I saw the Republican & Democratic establishments line up with everything they’ve got against him & he’s sort of talking about getting rid of NAFTA & GAT, not letting us have secret trade deals like the TTIP, that are one-sided….
we’re not going to attack Russia
we’re not going to attack Syria
we’re not going to attack Ukraine – this is stupid.
That’s their area of the world. I can work with foreign leaders I’m going to cut tough deals with them but I’m not just going to start WW III, the establishment had a heart attack because Donald Trump said look. I’m going to have common sense politics.  
The fact he would bring out 9/11 truth shows the incredible courage that Donald Trump has, so I went from passively liking him because the establishment didn’t like him, to now knowing he’s for real. Now once he gets in, is he an ego-maniac, could he get bad advisers – absolutely but the system we have now we know is bad & we know they’re scared of strong nationalistic people like Trump & Putin. 


Episode No 881 of RT’s flagship show the Keiser Report was somewhat of a surprise. I had it on in the background when I was completing last nights post about Abby Martin & the nonsense of controlled opposition. All seemed normal as Max as per usual, was ably backed up by the superb Stacey Herbert for the first half of the show.
However, seeing none other than Alex Jones appear as a guest did surprise me. Very rarely do I even recognise the guests that appear on the Keiser Report, though the vast majority talk more sense than anyone interviewed on mainstream media. But Jones as most of us know can blow hot & cold – when he goes into one of his crazy rants I feel he does himself & the cause no justice. However, when he calmly barrels out the facts he’s a force to be reckoned with & he sure shows it here.
Oh & yes …….. I nearly forgot. He’s controlled opposition. Let’s not forget that. Yesterday, to add to the 23 other times I’ve spelled out why I give Jones the benefit of the doubt, I feel the word ‘controlled’ should be replaced by ‘warned off’ or ‘leaned on’. This way perhaps most of those who are blowing it tactically by looking upon these people as the enemy, wouldn’t be. Do I still think he’s on my side of the fence?……. SURE I DO!
Look, anyone who thinks 9/11 was an inside job & doesn’t go around publicising the pathetic theories of Dr. Judy Wood or the even more nonsensical idea that no planes hit the Towers, IS ON OUR SIDE OF THE FENCE! In fact even though I know Alex Jones cannot talk about the Zionists role in 9/11, his efforts have been extraordinary. Some 3-4 months ago he even had David Duke on his show so if you want to think he’s controlled fine but what you perhaps should also consider is he’s still raising awareness.
Controlled? No. Been warned not to mention the Zionist role? An emphatic yes! I can say without fear of contradiction this was a classic Alex Jones performance. Everything he said is what people need to hear.


Max & Alex



  • Eva Nielsen

    American election = a soap opera. Media must have something to write or talk about. Most people know, it does not matter who is elected president, in the end it is (zionist) wall street who decides. Remember Obama and his CHANGE – change we can believe in…..

    He changed his tune afterwards – . he was forced too do it – or get a Kennedy “treatment”.

  • spongeblob

    So how did the plane just vaporize into the building in real time?

  • As far as I know Planes never vaporise even if they hit a mountain.

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