Ken O’Keefe dissects Israel & Saudi Arabia

One thing for sure – I’ll never tire from listening to this guy. Who could possibly cram in more in 7 minutes? Mere mortals fall short when the time they’re afforded is restricted. Yet, this is hardly his forte for when it comes to taking on the most experienced professional Zionist liars who eat nails for breakfast, the great Ken O’Keefe merely chews them up & spits them out!
Though he never disappoints, let’s get that straight – never……. strange as it may seem I’ll put my hand on my heart & say documentaries are not for him. The longer the clip, the lesser his impact. Ken O’Keefe is the powerhouse sprinter, the knockout puncher, the rocket launcher. Get in his way & you’re bang in trouble! The man.





  • Jason paedoe

    Believe without a doubt I’m from new Zealand I am from Maori tribe te arawa I’m behind you and want to help…..

  • Melissa Jensen

    Wish there was a trascript of this, as the video has been removed.

    • That’s typical Melissa. The Zionists are working overtime to stop the truth getting out. They don’t even want people to decide for themselves. This proves they are liars & crooks.

      • Melissa Jensen

        Hard to predict where it’s going to happen next. It’s like memory sink-holes, they just suddenly appear. WordPress deleted The Ugly Truth and Ahuwahzeus, just like that, all of a sudden they were gone. I’m not sure if I can find them again, or if their goldmines still exist, or if they have been burned. Troubling times. I hope that authors such as yourself are backing up your hard work.

        • Yes. Without any laws being passed these vermin are able to curtail our fundamental rights. This means they will stop at nothing. The moment they have the chance they will commit mass-murder on a scale scarcely imaginable.

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