Ken O’Keefe – TSA Denied Flight to Anarcapulco for Refusing Body Scanner at LAX

Look what they’re doing to the man himself? The great Ken O’Keefe is being given a hard time at US airports. Hardly surprising. Freedom of speech is becoming an endangered species. At least KOK gives the names of two people & a phone number to boot. So, if you’re in the States show some solidarity by giving these pencil-pushers some well-earned retribution. Make sure they know following orders was not an excuse for the Nazis & it ain’t gonna be an excuse this time around either.


What makes this so sickening is Ken O’Keefe served his country as a marine. If you’re thinking of joining up, unless you’re a complete psycho, expect to be treated like dirt when you’ve done your stint. How dare scumbags who helped engineer, allow & cover up 9/11, those who’ve sold out to the Zionists, out & out traitors, now make life miserable for ordinary Americans. While those who follow disgraceful orders deserve admonishment, these vermin have got to get some seriously heavy-duty pay-back!


Around 10 years ago I first experienced how this bullshit war on terror had dramatically altered the way we’re able to travel. Of course the power-brokers & their puppets who are behind all this shit don’t have the hassle of airport security & wankers who feel they’re actually protecting us by rubbing us up & down with their grubby mitts. These bastards get to travel in private jets, often at the tax-payers expense. I really do believe they are purposely trying to make us livid.


And so it was when I was in Miami airport on my way to Vegas. In the sweltering heat I was stuck in this queue where every person was being grilled for 10-15 minutes. It was ridiculous. This wasn’t necessary. How many terrorists have been caught at airport security? Nearly 4 hours later I finally had my turn & I couldn’t help saying to the lady “make the most of this because it’s the last time I ever come here.” She said the usual crap. No doubt she was fed up because every passenger was unloading on her & her colleagues.
Excuse Ken for his language. If anyone’s earned the right for a few ‘F’ blasters it’s him. Thanks to Kristiine Salumets for always keeping me filled in on the KOK front x




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