Kudos to Richard Boyd Barrett. We need proper men leading us, not Zionist puppets traitors like Cameron & Harper.

I’d never heard of Irish lawmaker Richard Boyd Barrett. I have now & I’M A VERY BIG FAN! Just look at this mega performance. The Irish parliament being pretty much empty matters not. This is what we need more than anything – politicians declaring how vile most Israeli politicians are. We’re already paying an enormous price allowing Israel to run roughshod over everyone. It is simply madness giving the most evil state on the planet carte blanche. It’s like saying to the most vicious mafiosi, ‘do what you want!’ More politicians must take Richard Boyd Barrett’s lead otherwise there’s no telling what Zionists are capable of. We’re all under serious threat from these lunatics, no one else! Thanks to Hana Mezei for the caption.




Here's Israel for you

Here’s Israel for you



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