Kurds occupy Tory HQ in London

I thought I’d include an RT report about Kurdish protesters outside the Conservative Party HQ in London. Just to remind all the brain dead out there – the Kurds, along with the Syrian army are actually doing us all a massive favor by fighting ISIS on the ground. Now when are all you morons out there going to ask yourself – why are the Kurds so pissed off with Cameron? Thanks to Paul Stewart for this link.


So obviously the Kurds aren’t happy. Now what are we to think? We know the Kurds are in the front line fighting against ISIS. Now not even that pathological liar Cameron is denying this. We also know what cut-throat, evil bastards ISIS are. So don’t we owe a great deal to these brave Kurds? When are people going to understand Cameron is doing sweet bugger all against ISIS. Check out this link by Tom Pride. Thanks to Ted Duggan for sending it to me – 
So it seems Jeremy Corbyn – and the other minority of MPs who voted against airstrikes in Syria – were right.
The strikes against ISIS in Syria are not only a failure – but they are also being strongly criticised by anti-ISIS activists inside the Raqqa region.
Figures released by US Central Command show that – because of a lack of targets – the UK has carried out just 3 bombing missions against ISIS in Syria.
But the much argued-over airstrikes are worse than a failure. They’re actually doing great harm to civilians – most of whom are prisoners of ISIS.


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  • Human Scum

    Going by this video the Russians (under the commie, Putin) are not bombing so-called ‘ISIS’. They are purposely bombing anti-ISIS forces.

    I always knew that bastard, Putin was a wrong-un, cut from the same cloth as Merkel:

    • I sincerely hope you’re wrong but I can’t but help think this is the worst possible news. I truly believed Putin was on our side. One thing for sure – I’d love to know what the hell is going on. I’m going to post this video if that’s alright.

  • Human Scum

    I was coerced, for a while, by the well-funded ‘truth movement’ into believing Putin was on the good side. What did it for me was when he made questioning the Holocaust Industry illegal in Russia. I am a revisionist and have been for ten years. The Holocaust Industry is the most ridiculous nonsense I have ever had to endure and when Putin made it illegal to question (it cannot stand up to scrutiny on its own) I knew he was a Judas goat. He never questions 9/11 either and that is another load of childish, Zionist nonsense and vileness.

    One problem I have with this video is I have to rely on the translation subtitles as being what they are actually saying. Other than that, it looks like it is totally legit and fits in with my golden rule concerning the Jewish owned media, that being: “Whatever they tell you, turn it around 180 degrees and then you might be getting somewhere near the truth.” So, when the media tells you Russia is bombing ISIS, you know they aren’t.

    Anyone want to buy some of Saddam’s stockpile ofWMDs that no-one has ever found?

    • Yes indeed. When I heard that about the Holocaust especially since the Russians more than anyone know the real truth & the fact too they’re playing into the hands of the very people, the Ashkenazi Zionists, who massacred 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution.
      What I can’t understand is THEY WERE BOMBING ISIS! Why do you think the Russian passenger plane was shot down & then later the Turks shot down one of their military jets? It doesn’t make sense. It seems for the world Putin has made all the right moves. Why else is the media & the West unloading on him & so unfairly too? I’m confused.

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