Kushner reminds me of a snivelling little rat in a threshing machine

Bad enough having to suffer the brunt of people insisting Trump is & always has been a Zionist. Now there’s a new beauty which is properly driving me round the bend – Jared Kushner apparently is the one calling the shots. What a load of absolute bollocks! I’m sick & tired of explaining the obvious. Sadly, I’m one stubborn bastard so I’m going to give it one more shot…..
One merely needs to ask oneself was Trump being sincere before the election when he categorically stated these wars are disastrous for America, they should be seeking better relations with Russia & the Bush administration screwed up with 9/11? I’m no fool. If I felt he was being disingenuous I would have sensed it & said so. The fact is, I & countless Americans believed he was being entirely genuine. I’m in no doubt this is the reason Trump won the election. 
Of course we know about the evil, corrosive hand of Zionism that lurks behind every nook & cranny but the real giveaway is, if Trump was their man all along, why would the media attack him so vociferously both before & after the election? Typically whenever I mention this glaring discrepancy to ‘Trump is a Zionist’ merchants, this paradox is ignored like the plague. I feel people are making a grave error by assuming Trump’s a Zionist through & through. I feel, first & foremost, he’s an American.
As for that pipsqueak Kushner – for the life of me I sometimes wonder if people every so often say ‘to hell with it. I’m going to take leave of my senses.’ Here we have a billionaire wheeler-dealer with an ego somewhere in the stratosphere. Out of the blue, he’s elected President of America & may I say, unlike Bill Clinton, GW & Obama, with zero help from the Zionist media & their Diebold vote counters…… oh but here’s my son-in-law. Let’s just step aside so that everyone thinks he’s the real Gumba!
For crying out loud – since when has any billionaire ever allowed their son-in-law to run roughshod over them? Jesus H! Forget about billionaires, most millionaires or just about anyone who’s caked up is Mr or Mrs Hands On! I can’t believe some of the conclusions people arrive at. The juice for these people to make more money than they can ever spend IS FOR THE POWER! The notion Trump would reach billionaire status, then become President, only to hand over the reins to this snivelling little rat is so preposterous I’m actually going to say what’s impossible – I’m lost for words!


  • zakimar

    The fact that trump has sold all of his adult children to the jew should give anyone but the most stupid sheeple the clue who owns trump. But it never ceases to amaze me that there are always stupid amerikkkans that think there is a difference between dems and repubs and don’t realize both work for the jew banksters, APARTHEID israel, the mic/warmongers and that politicians are liars. At least Hellary came right out and said she wants endless war, trump, obomba, bush claimed to be the peace candidates.

    But there is no end to the stupidity of the amerikkkan people, so the next guy the jew want in office will again be run against an open warmonger and when he “wins”, will turn into their warmonger puppet and slave of APARTHEID israel.

    Amerikkka will end when the jew gets their regime to start WW3 with Iran/China/Russia. I just hope it’s while I’m still young and strong enough to go join with Russia and send some of those APARTHEID israel and amerikkkan satanic scum to their lord, the devil.

      • zakimar

        You are most welcome. I realize the amerikkkan “education” system is designed to keep people uninformed and in servitude to the state/corporations, but would think after DECADES of the SAME people being SELECTED to run, lying, and then working for the same satanic jew banksters and APARTHEID israel, people would get a clue.

        I still see people defending the likes of bushes, clintons, obomba, and trump and saying they are merely victims of the system, when in fact they were SELECTED because they ARE the system. People like JFK scared the filthy elite and since then they ensure that BOTH candidates are puppets. Politicians like Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura never get a chance to accidentally be elected as another assassination would be too obvious even for the dumbest of amerikkkan sheeple.

  • Flying Gabriel

    It’s easy to see what’s going on. Anyone Trump pulls alongside who constitutes a real threat gets stiitched up. The missile launch while he was with Xi Jinping was a set up. Had he revealed it was done without his consent or knowledge he would have admitted to his military being out of his control and gone by lunchtime – but he called it, and owned it, and hence dodged a bullet. It’s the same tactic with the sanctions bill – deliberately pass a noxious law to get him to veto an almost unanimous congress and fall into the impeachment trap – but he’s seen that coming as well. The Zio’s are waging an ongoing coup to get rid of him and won’t stop until they succeed. Then they’ll have their yes-man Pence in and the job is done. They did the same with Ronnie to the point of almost shooting him dead. Ronnie caved. Trump won’t.

    • If you really want to know what’s going on just listen to this man. In one paragraph Flying Gabriel said more than I can say in three! Everything he says is slap bang on the mark. The Zionists invested everything in Hillary, an out-&-out criminal with filth coming out of her ears. As a result the Zionist propaganda machine, the MSM, was made to show out like never before having to cover up all her shenanigans which included robbing Bernie Sanders blind, the man that probably would have beaten Trump & the murder of Seth Rich. For way too many people Hillary meant WWIII. I believe these fears were wholly justified & we should never forget this.
      Of course now, it’s all about destroying Trump & what people have to comprehend is the media’s role in this. As Gabriel so eloquently pointed out, “the Zio’s are waging an ongoing coup to get rid of him and won’t stop until they succeed.” In other words a foreign entity is in total control of America & is directly working against the best interests of the nation as well as the will of the people.

      • zakimar

        Sure Hellary was the first choice of the satanic/talmudic/zionist jew and APARTHEID israel, but these satanic scum that control who is nominated ensure that even their second choice will play ball.

        Hellary is obviously a willing participant in the destruction of amerikkka but trump didn’t need his arm twisted too much to go along to get along. If they can’t get trump to start nuclear WW3 with Russia and China, they’ll make sure their next puppet will. And if trump doesn’t at least start a war with Iran for the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel, he won’t see a second term. I would think whomever they put in office for the 2024-2028 term will HSVE to start WW3 in order that the jew antichrist dajjal can come rule from APARTHEID israel.

        I bought properties in Canada and China and am considering two other countries. I’d advise amerikkkans who can, do what the elite have done, get out of amerikkka as they all have properties in New Zealand, Australia, and/or APARTHEID israel.

    • Like I said George, several folk disagree with me. Videos can be made by anyone, except now that YouTube is Zionist controlled, it’s a whole lot easier for them to discredit anyone. I analyse all the data

  • venner

    I tend to agree with you Michael. Trump never was a part of any Zionist conspiracy but I do think they believed they could manipulate him. Trumps comments over the years show he tends to follow the mainstream.
    His comments about the group we call the five dancing Israelis are very telling.
    If you remember, the media originally assumed they were Muslim and reported their arrest as such.
    Trump has made comments pertaining to those “Muslims celebrating 9/11 in N.Jersey City.” During his Presidency.
    This tells me, he never followed it up or read anything about the subsequent FBI investigation that found them to be Israeli and is still speaking from his only knowledge of that event, which came from the initial, incorrect Fox News report.
    The other telling thing is his attempts to ban Muslims from entering the US. If he knew anything about the Zionist 9/11 plot he would be aware, the so called Terrorists are Zionist controlled assets that are not a threat to the US, which is probably why neither Bush or Obama tried to ban Muslim entry, which I’m sure is evidence that points to both Bush and Obama knew, there was no real threat to the US from any Muslim groups otherwise they would have done what Trump did and tried to ban Muslim entry.
    So those are just two of the reasons I tend to agree with your assessment of Trump, while still thinking he is open to manipulation especially by the mainstream zionist controlled media and therefore he is not likely to stand in their way even though I think he would, if he knew the truth.

    • zakimar

      trump may be a crypto-jew. He sold all of his children to the APARTHEID israel satanic jew in marriage and even gave his youngest a jew name. And undoubtedly barron will be marrying a jew too, whether its opposite or same sex is the only question.. If trump can sell his own spawn to the jew, what do you think he’s going to do with amerikkka? #BDS #BDSusa

      • Well he’s certainly caved in to Jewish/Zionist lobbies, that there is no question. It’s truly sickening

        • zakimar

          Saying trump “caved” to the satanic/talmudic/zionist jew implies that he isn’t one of them and supports them because he’s satanic scum and likely jew himself.

          You should look into the history of trump and his father in their dealings/subservience to the satanic jew. Then again ALL amerikkkan politicans kiss the arse of the satanic jew and APARTHEID israel or they get the Cynthia McKinney treatment by the jew Libby/media.


    • Yes indeed. I believe so vociferous, powerful & evil are the Zionists the question is – who cannot be manipulated by them? In the 20’s Murder Incorporated led by Meyer Lansky saw to it that any US politician that refused to play ball ended up brown bread! Then when Israel was created Murder Incorporated was as good as taken over by Mossad. Everyone is at risk to these bastards!

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