La La Land mistakenly announced as Best Picture at Oscars; Moonlight wins

BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE IT! This typifies Hollywood & the Zionists who run it – bent as a nine bob note! These bastards have been so busy slapping each other on the back with self adoration all these years, they can’t even get right the award for the best picture. It’s so good seeing these professional deceivers screw up like this. When it was Cagney & Bogart Hollywood at least represented those who’d mastered their craft. Now it represents everything that’s wrong with this world – arse-licking liars, talentless shite & pedophilia. Check out the clip in the link…..




And of course none of these vermin say anything about how Hollywood supports the very terrorists blamed for 9/11….



  • I seriously doubt it was a mistake; more like a scripted happening oalong the lines outlined here

    • The Zionists have so much on their plate attacking everyone who’s anti-war the last thing they need to do is make a fool of themselves. People are already getting sick of these bastards in Hollywood. I really don’t think it was scripted. I just fail to see what they could gain from a such a daft stunt

  • Mick Breen

    Maybe i too am a total sceptic, Michael, but i would give serious creedence to the possibility of it being a ‘created’ event……..imagine ‘shite’ such as this being the lead item in ‘news’ bulletins virtually everywhere whilst allowing the ‘rape’ of the Earth & it’s people to continue without scrunity……talk of suitable ‘fodder’ for the masses!……& it even constitutes free advertising for their ‘crap’ movies….a ‘win win win’ situation & their explanation for the ‘mistake’ is so pathetic!.

    • Well it’s possible Mick simply because one can be excused in thinking how could they make such a ricket? You make a fair point. Yes. It could well be another distraction. However, I think people aren’t being distracted so easily any more. We have too much to worry about. Also, credibility is an issue, especially at a time when the media is hemorrhaging viewers & people generally are sick to death of greedy superstars & an entertainment industry that’s corrupt to the core. They need to gain admirers; not lose them.

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