Learning how Ants operate is the way to defeat the New World Order‏

In yesterday’s post ‘allowing cheats to prosper’ I tried to outline how it all but seems those pulling the strings in the US are not going to back off. They are going to cheat, lie & do whatever it takes to get Hillary into the White House even though the vast majority of Americans realise she’s not just a pathological liar but a career criminal who should be in jail. I never thought I’d say it but there is no law any more. Therefore it’s up to us to get organised. This is our only chance because they are not going to stop.
There were quite a few comments & I thank everyone but I picked one from a new friend Simon Harrison –
“I’m with Michael on this one. There needs to be some sort of organised day of action, continuously followed up until the people force the Governments and corporations into change.
Trying to fix a system that is designed to be broken won’t work. As Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
So, people have to organise in local groups, and step away from the existing social construct, and start working together.
Imagine the consternation that would be caused if everyone one Tuesday just stayed home, did not go to any store or outlet to buy anything, didn’t switch on any electrical appliance, didn’t drive a vehicle (Unless it was a health emergency), didn’t go to work, Or how about pick a month where no-one paid a bill on time… Say the Gas bill or Electricity bill, you’ll get a reminder and a red letter, but leave it till the last minute. Cancel Direct Debits etc. We can force THEM (The Hierarchy Enslaving Mankind) to stop and realise that we aren’t going to follow their expectations anymore. Engage in the democratic process and take a vested interest in local politics and national politics, write/mail your government representative and tell them what you want and get your local groups to write with you too. Mass popular support and (in)action can and will change things. Armed revolt or complete disobedience will only get you killed or incarcerated. Peaceful opposition, peaceful non-compliance and GROUP action will work. One word of warning beware agent provocateurs, paid shills and fifth columnists though.”
This link is from Simon too & it’s an interesting story that’s well worth reading because it resonates with what we’re trying to say here –


Wise Monkeys, a story of Social Power and Political Freedom by Gene Sharp …





Simon’s comment struck a cord because I immediately thought of some old writings of mine. Around 15 years ago I wrote a huge piece DOES NATURE HAVE A RULE BOOK. Years later I took bits out of it & put an article together stating that if we want to defeat the NWO we have to think & operate like Ants. I know it sounds a bit daft but I think I’ve got more than a point…..


We’re in this predicament because of greed….. yet somehow I feel in order to reach minds of ordinary folk I have to dig deeper, apply an ethereal touch perhaps. How does Nature think? Aaah yes. What of Ants & Wildebeest – providing lunch for so many? Humans naturally feel being on any menu, let alone being the special of the day every goddamn day for goodness knows how long, must be the mother of all nightmares. Well, the truth is no land species has had more of it’s clan eaten by other creatures, yet in terms of longevity, Ants are the undisputed champions – 600 million years & counting. No species gets near this extraordinary feat. 
Today there are no less than 12,500 variations making up an astounding 20% of earth’s terrestrial bio-mass. 600 million years of evolving has fine-tuned their Modus Operandi. Above all there exists order – Ants have complex levels of hierarchy; each level specific; each Ant it’s allocated job. In fact if one observes how they go about their business, they’re so organized, they put a new meaning to ‘teamwork.’ It’s as if a whole colony operates as a single organism. Orders are instantly obeyed, even if it means certain death. For obvious reasons it’s a rarity for species to attack creatures twice their size. Not these little blighters. They attack creatures 100’s of times their size! What’s more none of them hold back thinking ‘leave me out. I don’t fancy this coup.’ They steam in. Many die in the process but there’s only ever one winner. Then they don’t hang around thinking ‘man. We lost some good Ants back there!’ They waste no time taking the proceeds back to the colony. Like an SAS operation – it’s crash, bang, wallop!


Get it into your heads – the more organized a species is, the greater is the force of strength in numbers. It can only become evident though after we adopt a similar strategy as Ants – immediate reaction by as many people as possible. Ants have proved it. Wildebeest simply survive because they have strength in numbers but no creature utilizes strength in numbers better than Ants. WE MUST LEARN FROM THEM. We all know how important experience is. Surely it would be sheer folly not to understand exactly how Ants amassed 600 million years worth? Humans have so far managed a paltry 2-3 million years. The way things are going, it’s touch & go whether we make it to the next millennium! I look upon it as a challenge – it’s us or them! Nature may be unsympathetic & cruel but our survival is up to us for Nature doesn’t care if evil triumphs. Whatever it threw at Ants, even large creatures that specifically dined on them, they posed no threat to their survival. Their success boiled down to two things – STRENGTH IN NUMBERS & above all, ORGANISATION! 
I can safely say there are millions of planets in the Universe like ours harboring advanced life-forms. On many I’m certain similar creatures like Ants abound. In fact I’d like to bet that on some planets they’ve survived & prospered for 2 or 3 billion years. But the point here is, Ants do not voraciously raid their surroundings. Not only is their existence no strain on the environment, most importantly, they’re part of the staple diet for countless other species. Nature though can only expand its repertoire if the source of nourishment it provides for others species to feast on lavishly can be maintained. If ever this cycle is broken because the creature couldn’t procreate faster than the rate it was eaten, then extinction would be an inevitability, not just for the creature but for every life form involved in that cycle. If Ants went belly up, so would 1000’s of other species, both animal & plant life.


Strength in numbers possesses more than meets the eye. For me, it’s one of the disciples of Nature itself! While we have this power, SHOULD WE NOT USE IT FOR THE GREATER GOOD – INDEED, OUR & THE PLANET’S BENEFIT? Ultimately, if we do succeed our actions must never again harm planet Earth. It’s our only home. We owe it that much. We can turn this around & if we do the possibilities are unimaginable because they’re endless. There’s one major advantage of teetering near the edge of the precipice – we know what we must avoid at all costs. If we end up making the same mistakes then we deserve our fate. Okay, we erred by entrusting individuals power to govern without imposing certain rules & restrictions but I bet Ants needed to tweak their methods of government in the first few million years they strutted their stuff. If we survive just another 1000 years, our methods of governing will be so far removed from the lame system we have today – money doing all the talking while the needs of the many are rendered irrelevant & the well-being of our planet is of little or no concern? This has always been the case but such is man’s capacity for greed, in the past 25 years the gulf between the haves & the have not’s has widened at an exponential rate, so much so not only has the planet suffered perhaps irreversibly, it’s almost as if these gargantuan criminals regard themselves a different breed, even omnipotent.


Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant. What matters is these people are now trying to eradicate the one power we possess – strength in numbers. It’s not that they want to kill us all – they want TO BE ABLE TO! Use however many as slaves, kill the rest, who knows. Ultimate power! While we have strength in numbers, we have the ability to say ‘hold the goddamn phone a minute’. With their appetite for more being as rapacious as ever, they know they’re living on borrowed time. It’s simply a question of how many of us are prepared to act. Apparently one pressure group alone was responsible for 54,000 of the e-mails MP’s received over this issue of Palestinian recognition. It’s impossible to say how many they received in total. What we do know is OUR POWER COUNTED MORE THAN ZIONIST POWER! Since when did they legitimately have to lick their wounds? We did this. Now can you imagine what would happen if next time they received twice as many e-mails or even 3, 5 or even 10 times the amount! Eventually they have to take notice if we say enough is enough.


Individuals can only do so much raising awareness. Moreover, trying to wise people up is no easy task as Mark Twain so rightly pointed out, “it’s easier to fool people than to let them know they’ve been fooled.” Right now, most people feel helpless. We not only have to organise ourselves; we have to do it in a way where each & every one us feel the dawning realisation, WE ARE ORGANISED! Once we know we’re able to respond collectively, we will feel that power. But we also have to have leaders locally who all connect up in a kind of vast network with other local leaders working for a common goal. This way it will be nigh on impossible to infiltrate & get at leaders. What’s crucial is having the common goal & never shifting from it. This way devastating splits can be avoided. These are the pitfalls we have to guard against. We simply have to concentrate our attack with a concerted plan. The best way is to regularly withdraw our labor. If we go on strike though, we have to ALL GO ON STRIKE! If we can organise ourselves in such a way, we will have power. We WILL be able to demand an independent media, the expulsion of crooked politicians & the incarceration of gargantuan thieves like Phillip Green.


Ironic indeed
One thing I’ve learned from 9/11 is how the media cleverly highlighted what ‘certain 9/11 Truthers’ were saying. The fact they believed 9/11 was an inside job was neither here nor there. Crackpot ideas like Dr Judy Wood’s futuristic laser weapon that apparently brought down the Towers or the just as daft ‘no planes’ theory were given all the MSM airplay under the Sun, while America’s foremost expert in Physics, Professor Stephen Jones, who all but proved the Towers were brought down by controlled demolitions, was ridiculed by the media & consequently lost his job. End result – thanks to people like Judy Wood the 9/11 Truther movement has been split & irreparably damaged. This was the last thing we needed. The media did this & we allowed it for as much as I tell people, ‘haven’t we mountains of evidence, indeed proof already? Even if Wood is right, she’s damaging the cause. We can deal with the detail after we have the perpetrators in the dock’, people still argue with me. If ever there was a case of putting our worst foot forward, here you have it in a nutshell.


Action doesn’t mean charging around like a marauding Baboon. Violence is the very last resort. I believe UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD WE BE INVOLVED IN RIOTING, EVEN DEMONSTRATIONS! This is what they want because any peaceful demonstration the media never covers & when they do it’s because agent provocateurs are used to initiate trouble. What they want is violence. Why do you think the media is trying to incite hatred? They’ve been doing this for goodness knows how long. The Zionist motto of Divide & Conquer. This is their tried & tested method. This is why we mustn’t bite. Once anyone starts hating any religion or nationality, you need to find a mirror, take a good long look at yourself & say, ‘man oh man. Do I have the brains of a rocking horse! The media have played me good & proper. I’m hating people who are in the same boat as me. Well done Dumbo!’ Malcolm X got it right all those years ago when he said “the media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty & to make the guilty innocent, & that’s power because they control the minds of the masses.” Make no mistake – if you’re a person who hates any group of people, you’ve been suckered in by the very people who are the real enemy – THE MEDIA! 


Above all, strength in numbers counts only if people en masse are prepared to act. Forget about me, me, me. It’s not about what you want. It’s about right & wrong. What we also have to realise is we are bound to pay a huge price for decades of apathy. But there’s no point sitting there like a plum thinking ‘aaahh what can I do?’ Each person can do very little. Our power can only become significant if we channel our energy. What’s obvious is the crooks in the corridors of power & the liars in the media will not stop. It’s us or them. We don’t have the luxury of time. Those who think Allah or God will intervene should ask themselves – is there a time limit for divine intervention because up to now I see a lot of people saying God is going to do this; Allah is going to do that but in the meantime the Israelis are going from strength to strength while Arab & Muslims are getting 10 tons of shit kicked out of them & our civil liberties are fast-disappearing up the Swanee! If we do nothing, we’re finished. As I said earlier, Nature is unsympathetic. If we destroy ourselves I guarantee there will be no higher order shedding of cosmic tear.


  • James

    Have you read Dr Judy’s book? Have you even looked at it? It certainly sounds like you wont even entertain it.
    That, to me, means you are either a well meaning, but blinkered, dismissive fool OR you are controlled opposition. I’m an Engineer of 25 years standing. I’ve read her book, or rather, I’ve read her forensic analysis of the events and the Empirical evidence which has come to the fore since the event.
    If you truly an activist and a truthseeker, then you surely cannot pass judgement until you have acutally read it. It’s not an easy read as it is a technical analysis written by a Doctor of Sciences whose career has been ruined by its publication. There are some of us around who are old enough to remember Ronald Reagans ‘STAR WARS’ Programme that would blast incoming missiles from satellites.
    The fact that you cannot BUY THIS BOOK in the UK or through MAINSTREAM PUBLISHERS should speak volumes to you. But then again you could just be another level of the opposition…..

    • James – do not talk to me about what I may or may not have read because it is abundantly you have not read what I wrote. I quote –
      “Thanks to people like Judy Wood the 9/11 Truther movement has been split & irreparably damaged. This was the last thing we needed. The media did this & we allowed it for as much as I tell people, ‘haven’t we mountains of evidence, indeed proof already? Even if Wood is right, she’s damaging the cause. We can deal with the detail after we have the perpetrators in the dock’, people still argue with me. If ever there was a case of putting our worst foot forward, here you have it in a nutshell.
      You may be an engineer of 25 years but you’ve got the brains of a rocking horse because firstly the point I made went straight over your head & secondly I SAW CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS! I don’t know what you saw but one thing I despise more than anything is having my credibility questioned, most especially coming from a person who says I’m either a blinkered, dismissive fool or CONTROLLED OPPOSITION???

      • James

        Yes there were controlled demolitions. Do you really think for one moment that TPTB were going to risk a failure? Do you really think that this level of criminal brilliance would dare leave anything to chance?! Yeah right, they would just hope it would all go smoothly, with no plan B or C wouldnt they? They had the building primed and rigged, they already had the w54 Pits in position as well as the detonators and explosives. They had the media primed, everything pre recorded and the MAIN WEAPON focused on its targets. You disregard my experience as if I’m some troll. Tell me this, How come those buildings didn’t collapse the Port Authority Transfer System and flood all of Manhattan? How come they were lifting out trains INTACT after 500000 tons of steel and concrete landed on them? Personally I couldn’t care less about the controlled demolitions and tactical nukes which were used in bringing the buildings down because they were just a smokescreen to distract from the REAL WEAPON. If you are going to use 9/11 as a platform then at the very least arm yourself with enough knowledge to present a legitimate argument, instead of adopting the position that your ‘nemesis’ has taken. 9/11 was a game changer for humanity, but YOU are more worried about credibility? And ‘I’M THE DISGUSTING LITTLE SHIT???

  • James

    Well well well. Wouldn’t post my last reply would you? I used to follow you religiously I’ve lost all respect. You silence any dissent, no matter how truthful. No more support from me, Only the truth, when you dont like a response, you reply and then block to make it look as if you had the last word. You’re just another layer of deception. Goodbye

    • The mistake isn’t mine. You can’t read – that’s the problem. Dissenting voices I can stand; plain stupidity I can’t! Good riddance

    • It’s sad really but thanks James for proving my point – THIS, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, IS WHAT Dr JUDY WOOD DOES – SHE SPLITS THE TRUTHER MOVEMENT. You so what you want for I don’t care if you’re a rocket scientist because anyone with a modicum of intelligence should know, above all, what matters is we remain united as a movement. You never read a word I said.

      • James

        Yeah whatever, blame her for splitting a movement by revealing THE TRUTH? Arguing over semantics & getting tied up with detail is a typical Israeli tactic.WHO ARE YOU BATTING FOR ????? You’re MORE WORRIED about the trurher movements crediibility than the fact TPTB have shown their joker in plain sight??? Yeah righto. Methinks you doth protest too much.

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