Let Freedom Ring 2016.com – The Radio Show 10-09-16

This is great. It’s a one hour radio show featuring Dr Kiumars Kiani, Jim Condit Jr. & my great friend Nicky Nelson. They deal with the real issues & there’s no holding back. In other words here are true patriots doing exactly what is needed for America. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – America – your country has been taken over. Right now, you may just as well call your country Israel! It’s no different in the UK – our leaders take their orders from a maniac – Benjamin Netanyahu.



This radio show was a couple of months ago & again it’s been in my ‘must watch’ box since. Quite frustrating to say the least – I spend so much time answering messages, comments & emails, it’s hard to keep up. Then I’ve got to find time to write. Inevitably, everything I’m sent is placed in a queue. I sure know how Mozart felt when in the fabulous film AMADEUS, he said, ‘I wish I had 3 heads!’ Of course the genius was referring to 3 outrageously over-the-top wigs. He liked them all! Hardly a day passes where I so wish I had a couple of clones to help me out.
Anyway, if you’re American you should tune in to these guys. As I said, here are true patriots. They want their country back & I damn well know so do so many of you. This is what Americans especially need to hear – the whole truth & nothing but….

You can listen to all of the radio shows from the 2016 Reasonable Access Law HERE!

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