Let’s bomb Syria – Rupert Murdoch! THIS IS WHAT I THINK!

When I saw this I erupted. I mean hardly a day goes by where I don’t tell people –

if you want to know the truth, all you have to do is imagine the exact opposite of what the media says. Case in point, if the BBC says Israel is defending itself, imagine the reverse & hey presto – THERE’S THE TRUTH! Same with CNN when for over a year they claimed Saddam had WMD’s. HE DIDN’T HAVE BO DIDDLEY! If they say Cameron’s fighting terror, you can be sure HE’S CREATING IT! If we’re told Muslims were responsible for 9/11, the truth is ISRAEL WAS! Whatever the Zionist controlled media says is not just a lie; more often than not, it’s the exact opposite of the truth.


This is how they operate. Surely, if you’re going to lie, you’re better off telling an absolute whopper! This way any would-be skeptic has to start from a juncture that’s designed to be as far from the truth as possible. This is for two main reasons – firstly, when anyone dares to suggest the truth, immediately the “you’re anti-Semitic mode” effectively turns defense into attack. Consequently it takes that much longer to get to the truth. It’s perfectly simple. Once you start using this method, everything falls perfectly into place.

But now this –


Some bullshit!

52% – my great big hairy arsehole!


In a way this is actually good news for it shows just how desperate they are. Years ago I predicted this would happen because the Zionists cannot stop. The Zionist Rothschild Illuminati goal is for world domination. WW I & II were totally down to them, as was the massacre of over 60 million Russians in the Bolshevic revolution. YES INDEED! ASHKENAZI ZIONISTS LIKE NETANYAHU & INDEED EACH & EVERY ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER, THE VERY PEOPLE WHO SQUEAL ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST…………  THEIR VERY ANCESTORS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE OF THE GREATEST MASS-MURDERS IN HISTORY!


There is zero doubt about this either. Why do you think taking control of the media was as important to the Rothschild’s as taking control of the banks? This way they could ban books like “200 YEARS TOGETHER” by the great Russian dissident & Nobel prize winner for Literature Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. They made sure no school ever taught the truth. Those in control had to always write the history books. Why else no mention is ever made of Israel’s obvious role in the assassination of JFK & 9/11? What would be the point of ever having a dumbing-down process if newspapers were able to forever plant seeds of thought! Believe it or not, what the media didn’t say was more significant than the very lies they incessantly told!



1) Bad enough the British public made it absolutely clear they were opposed to military intervention in Syria when that lying piece of shit Cameron was gagging to destroy yet another Arab country that did nothing untoward to anyone.
2) Then, even after Cameron was defeated in parliament on August 30 2013, he commits Treason by utilising our armed forces to bomb Syria – defying Parliament! Cameron should have been thrown in jail!
3) At the time I said the call for war was merely part of Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel. This is merely just another step. Syria hasn’t attacked anyone. In fact the UN deemed Israel must hand over the Golan Heights which it snatched from Syria in 1967. To this day Israel has steadfastly refused to abide by international law. There a good reason: significant energy reserves have been discovered in the Golan Heights. But…… guess who’s been granted drilling rights? YES INDEED – THE ROTHSCHILD’s…………. but guess who else………… here’s the killer……….




In my life I’ve had the great misfortune of meeting several millionaires & a few billionaires. The dawning realisation was hard enough to take in – the last thing these men were ever going to do was sit on their laurels – THEY WANTED MORE! …………. Yet there was something far more disturbing & it made me realise this was the crux of mankind’s problems – THE SKY WAS NOT THE LIMIT WITH THESE GUYS. THE WEALTHIER PEOPLE WERE, THE GREEDIER THEY BECAME! 


And so here we have an ageing good-for-nothing meglamaniac! In my eyes Rupert Murdoch isn’t worth a bar of soap. I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire! He was given a head start 999,999 people out of a million never get. Has he had enough wheeling & dealing? You’ve got to be kidding! For the Rothschilds this is just another one of those mega coups. They’ve been doing this for 200 years! They’ve got their fingers in so many bowls a few billion a year more from stealing Syria’s oil is no big deal either way. For Murdoch though, this is a chance to ram an almighty rocket up his arse so that he can propel himself right up the big-wig ladder. This is all these lunatics want to do! He’s positively chomping at the bit to get those drills in the Golan heights operational.

Okay, let’s settle down & analyse exactly what’s going on.


1) We’ve got General wesley Clark spilling the beans about how the plan all along was to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations. Syria was stage 6. 



2) We know who controls what matters in America.

3) We know of Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel.

4) We know this is why Zionists planned & executed 9/11.

5) We know the Golan Heights is Syrian land occupied by Israel.

6) Syria proved to be a stumbling block because Russia said enough was enough.

7) To counteract the fact Assad had friends & the US & UK public were fed up with wars we had no interest in being involved in, the idea was hatched that the band of mercenaries the CIA & MOSSAD had put together to utilise as ground forces to topple Colonel Gaddafi  would undergo an astonishing metamorphism – the Zionist controlled media would now refer to them as a ‘new’ terrorist organisation called ISIS!

8) No one but no one questioned how this terrible band of terrorists (even worse than Al Qaeda……. woooooaaaahhhhh, I’m so scared) appeared out of nowhere!

9) The media even had the gall to say they acquired all this state-of-the-art firepower because the US MILITARY SIMPLY LEFT IT THERE FOR THEM TO PICK UP OFF THE FLOOR! How nice of them! Wasn’t that nice? That’s a nice thing to do!

10) No one in the media said …… WASN’T THAT A BIT TOO CONVENIENT?

11) Most significantly, no one in the media asked the question – ARE YOU BRAINLESS MORONS ACTUALLY TRYING TO FIGHT TERRORISM OR CREATE IT?

12) In september 2013 I said these very words “watch them now throw the kitchen sink at Vladimir Putin.”

13) The kitchen sink was thrown at light speed! The democratically elected government of Yanukovitch was overthrown paving the way for a Zionist billionaire butcher named Poreshenko! Putin was then blamed for the downing of Flight MH17 quicker than Ehud Barak blamed Osama Bin Laden for 9/11; the Zionists then instructed their puppets to impose sanctions on Russia even though this was against the best interests of every single European nation they were supposed to represent! To add insult to injury, for no good reason, Europe now had an enemy that could destroy us 1000 times over! The media never said a word about the sheer folly of making Russia our enemy!

14) Desperation has set in – TIME FOR AN ABSOLUTE WHOPPER – 52% of the UK public believe the best way to solve the refugee crisis, that Cameron was dying to create, is to now………. wait for it………. BOMB THE FUCK OUT OF SYRIA!

15) NOTE: Not only has the media not once mentioned the fact that the West was instrumental in creating this refugee crisis; …… (now remember what I said about making sure to tell as big a lie as possible) THE MEDIA REFER TO THESE POOR SOULS WHO’VE LOST EVERYTHING AS MIGRANTS! 


What’s essential here is the media is appealing to the dumbest of the dumb – the Jeremy Kyle’s of this world; those who watch that pure unadulterated tripe………



This is what the Zionist controlled media is doing! These poor people NEVER wanted to leave their country. They’ve lost their homes, their livelihoods – CAN YOU NOT STOP FOR TWO SECONDS & IMAGINE HOW YOU’D FEEL IF THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO YOU….. THE DESPERATION YOU’D FEEL?





News vs Media!


Finally, Murdoch – you are one lousy, lying, dirty, stinking piece of shit & I’m praying you croak before you ever see a tanner of that oil money you’re drooling over in the Golan Heights. If the british people had any sense they’d boycott SKY TV & most especially the disgraceful excuse of that newspaper called the SUN. Those of you who are daft enough to buy it have a chance to redeem yourselves from being the stupidest, daftest people on the planet. Take a chance for Christ sake…….. WAKE UP!




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