Let’s not forget Bradley Manning

Imagine having to describe the last 150 years in 10 segments each one 15 years long, starting from 1865-1880; then the next 15 years to 1895 & so on all the way up to 2015. The easy part is highlighting what stood out. The struggle would be to note the subtle differences. Of course the two world wars hold a special place in our history but each 15 year period before & after these wars weren’t that far removed for one & other.

However, this problem of differentiating between each & every segment would come to an abrupt end the moment one arrives at the final 15 year period. You know how I’d start describing the sorry years from 2000?


1) First & foremost, the official explanation of 9/11 could not be possible. You see, the one thing all the lies in the world can never undo are – THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!

2) This occurred on the watch of a President who actually received less votes than his opponent…… that is after all the blatant voter fraud had been factored in.

3) Victims, more often than not, were branded terrorists.

4) One country regularly steals land off another. Then while they build illegal settlements on the land they’ve stolen, they accuse these people of not wanting peace!

5) Apparently they hate us for our freedoms. So we to show them what democracy is all about by taking it to them. The bombs still drop. 

6) Whistle-blowers jailed; war criminals hailed.

7) Already wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, Bankers engineer the fraud of the century. To date not one banker has even been charged & the public has been made to foot the bill.

8) Finally, having witnessed a catalogue of war crimes, a young soldier couldn’t take it any more. He decided to report what he’d seen through the necessary military channels. He did everything by the book. Only when he realised absolutely nothing was being done & that the media was in collusion with the US military, he felt it was his duty – the public had to be informed of the outrageous crimes that were taking place.

Hero Manning


After all, we were responsible for placing Saddam in power in the first place. Then we decide to bring democracy to Iraq & all that occurred is the systematic slaughter of innocent people? Wikileaks revealed the shocking truth & Manning, who passed the information on, became public enemy No.1.

When I think back now how so many politicians had the gall to label Bradley Manning a traitor for merely telling the truth about war crimes – this was bad enough but not once did the contemptible media ever present the other side of the story which had right totally on its side.

Then to add insult to injury Manning had to endure 11 months in solitary confinement where he was brutally tortured. This was before he even went to trial. I cannot begin to imagine the nightmare this poor boy is going through, sentenced to 35 years in jail for doing the right thing, while known mass-murderers & war criminals enjoy the fruits of life. I can only describe this era as a blight on mankind! Don’t forget this boy.



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