Let’s not play into their hands by shooting ourselves in the foot

No surprise my first two posts back from my FB ban featured JC. No surprise either a few comments weren’t so complimentary about the new, resurgent Labor leader. One guy stated, ‘watch it. He’s a member of the Fabian Society.’ I said, ‘yeah? Fabians? Shit. We’re bang in trouble.’ I mean for crying out loud, who gives a toss about the bloody Fabian Society? There were one or two others but for the best part most people seemed to be relishing seeing the Tories capitulate. Certainly I never thought I’d see any party leader have the balls to take the stage at Glastonbury, let alone receive such a rapturous ovation. JC made the sparks fly. 


Today I had an interesting conversation with a guy I’ve never previously spoken to. We still disagree but Trevor Field & I are now FB friends. I thought I’d post our conflab in its entirety because I really do believe this is how we sometimes dig a hole for ourselves. Don’t get me wrong – I can perfectly understand Trevor’s trepidation. We’ve been let down so many times it’s like each time there’s a semblance of another chance it almost feels like we’re being taken for mugs. I maintain our root problem lies in exposing Zionist control. Gilad Atzmon perfectly summed it up by stating – 


I believe this is what we have to slowly but surely unravel. Needless to say, this is the last thing the Zionists want. Therefore I say, let’s not play into their hands by shooting ourselves in the foot.


T.F: Love the post but it has one giant hole ~ never bet on any politician in a corrupt system. Corbyn is still part of the Zionist cancer. Listen to the video. He states he wants to work with the Jewish community (read as Zionist jews) to expand Holocaust research and remembrance in schools! He also wants to work with the Jewish community. He mentions this quite a few times, any pennies dropping to these sounds that are music to the likes of Friends of Israel’s ears. The guy like so many others is a fraud. I have not forgotten how much hope Obama offered after Bush and when elected it was more New Boss/Same Boss. Corbyn is no different. Please listen to what he says. He is selling his soul. He believes in the official Holocaust narrative and wants to create more awareness – alarm bells should be going off by now, plus he wants to increase online security working with, yep you guessed it – the Jewish community to monitor anything they deem as anti-Semitic online. Don’t believe me listen for yourself. 





T.F: Netanyahu: ”It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Elected, They Will Support Israel” – This rings true in the US, Australia, Canada, France, UK etc etc etc…


GMM: This is because the Rothschild Zionist cancer has been allowed to flourish for 250 years! What options have we got if we don’t support Corbyn? NONE! There’s no way we can repair the damage overnight. One person is never going to do it. As for the Jews, I don’t mind working with the Jewish community. In fact I’m all for it. I’m against Israel & the Zionists who pervert everything!


T.F: Did you watch the video? The Jewish community he is referring to IS the Zionist community. He wants to continue to spread Holocaust lies. What part of bought/owned do you not get?


GMM: I will but it won’t change my opinion. The very fact the media are hell bent on destroying him means the Zionists don’t want him in power. For now, that’s good enough for me. As for the Holocaust, you surely realise exposing this gargantuan lie is a surefire way of choking your career off at the bud. You must know that!


T.F: So you go the other way and spread more lies to kids? He sold his soul. I hate politicians for this very reason. But even if you watch the video you said you won’t change your mind. So no point in me pointing out the Elephant in the room as you won’t go in the room…


GMM: Spread lies? Now you’ve lost me. Listen pal – if you’re so smart give us some realistic options. It’s no use just saying every single politician is crap. You believe JC will do no good, fine. That’s your opinion. I believe you’re wrong but don’t you dare say I spread lies.


T.F: ”Spread lies?” Yes about the Holocaust in schools. That is what Corbyn stated about more Holocaust remembrance in schools. Listen to the video of what comes out of his mouth and decide for yourself. Oh but you said even if you watch it you won’t change your opinion. I wasn’t specifically meaning YOU! I said so you go the other way around meaning that ”you” is the idea. Maybe I should have said so its ok for him to go the other way around and spread more lies to kids. Oh and I am not so smart, I just listened to a man selling his soul.


GMM: I never said you weren’t smart. You obviously know your stuff but you’re merely saying we’ve got no chance with Corbyn & offering nothing. I said I’d watch the clip. Whatever he says in the clip & I believe your right – he probably does sell his soul but then I know the Zionists are so powerful they can force virtually anyone to do that. Otherwise you can be sure the mass-murderers in Mossad will be knocking on his door – BUT I WILL STILL SUPPORT CORBYN! Why? Because the alternative is a nightmare. I told you before – if you’re just in the business of saying all politicians are shit then we have no hope. What I try & do is make people aware of the ungodly influence Zionists exert on Western governments. I intend to keep doing that if it’s alright by you.


GMM: This is what we should all be doing – trying to expose Zionist influence & skulduggery. Anyone who has a fair idea of what’s going on knows it’s going to be extremely hard for people like Ron Paul & JC to do anything. The Zionists always get their miserable claws in. So instead of criticising those who at least speak out for the hapless Palestinians & the fact there’s an ever-widening gulf between the haves & the have nots, we should try & make life easier for the few politicians that don’t totally sell out. Thanks for the discussion Trevor & I will watch the clip.


GMM: I watched it & just as I anticipated it’s exactly what I suspected. Of course, perpetuating any lie can only be detrimental. You’re right – a lie is a lie. The Holocaust had been planned 40 years prior to WW II. It’s one of the greatest con tricks perpetrated since religion itself. All we ever hear is the same bullshit yet we never hear a word about who financed Hitler – the Rothschilds. Zionism has acted as a virulent carcinogenic strain & so we live in anything but a perfect world. It has affected & contaminated so much, rendering any alternative view is tantamount to committing career suicide. Therefore it’s no surprise Corbyn said what he did. I would have said exactly the same even though I know a pack of lies have been told regarding the Holocaust. Moreover I agree with him on everything else he says. Some of my favorite human beings are Jews – Einstein, Paul Simon, Phil Silvers, Benjamin Freedman. Jews have contributed enormously in the fields of science, arts, entertainment & music. Unfortunately they’ve also been brainwashed as much if not more than the sheep out there. This is how the Khazarian Zionist mafia have so successfully consolidated their position. For over a century these non-Semitic Zionists, through their control of the media, have literally drummed it into Jews that the world wants to persecute them. This is why now no one can afford to openly disagree with the official narrative of the Holocaust. I mean look how they’ve treated Corbyn when he’s been anything but anti-Semitic. God only knows what they’d do to him if he was an out-&-out denier! Sadly, as a result few Jews realise the most anti-Semitic people on the planet are in fact Zionists. That’s why I say our job is to spread awareness on this issue & the fact they exert so much power & influence. The last thing we should be doing certainly is undermining the very few, decent politicians we have.


T.F: I am sorry I am not buying he is really any different if he was elected he would still be doing Israels bidding in the Middle East. He ain’t no Kennedy… The fact is he promised to create more awareness of the Holocaust in schools – kids are our best hope for the future and this man wants to brainwash them further. That spoke volumes to me. No sale. All the best.




  • zakimar

    When amerikkka begins WW3 for their satanic jew bankster and APARTHEID israel jew masters, millions of people will free Palestine and send the satanic jew to their lord, the devil.

  • 12barblueboy

    I’ve read several places that Einstein borrowed most of his ideas for special relativity from Dutch physicist Hendrik Lorentz and the Frenchman Henri Poincare and never gave them any credit for their work. You’ll need to find a new science hero. Tesla? I would have taken the time to vote for JC were I a British citizen.

    • That’s because the places you read them were Zionist owned. Einstein was the greatest mind probably in the history of mankind. No one gets near but he turned down the job of being Israel’s first President, citing all the reasons why. He was furious with the West for needlessly dropping two atomic bombs but right from the beginning Einstein was opposed to Israel stating that they would do to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them. It turns out the Israelis have done far worse & Einstein once again was proved right. As a result the Israelis despise Einstein & forever sully his name by pathetically claiming he stole ideas. Well any idiot can just say that! No real evidence is ever provided. You are right about Lorentz & Poincare. They along with Einstein were trying to solve the problem which Einstein later coined SPECIAL RELATIVITY. This regarded the catastrophe between light & time. Einstein proved time was not the one constant of the Universe that everyone believed. The Speed of Light was in fact was. Lorentz & Poincare were on the right track but they tried to solve the conundrum with different methods. If I remember rightly Poincare was a genius of Topography ie the study of objects in ‘extra’ dimensions. Einstein got the credit because earlier in 1905 he published a piece ‘the laws of Brownian Motion’ which proved the existence of atoms. Later that year he also published a paper on ‘Special Relativity’ & the ‘photo-electric effect.’ In 1908 E = MC squared & in 1916 ‘General Relativity which is rightfully widely regarded as the greatest intellectual achievement of mankind. You sir have believed liars. I sir do my homework. In fact I happen to be an expert on Astro & Quantum physics as well as the works of Albert Einstein. Now think about that & ask yourself – are Zionists the kind of vindictive people who’d tell lies to destroy people’s reputations?

      • 12barblueboy

        I’ll defer to you on the Einstein thing. I prefer to remember him as the iconoclastic outside the box thinker he represented for me before I read those attacks on him. Some of them were rather vindictive and not very thoughtful, but there were enough of them to make me believe the narrative. I used to operate on the principle that whatever the TV news was spouting, the very opposite was more likely closer to the truth. Now I realize sifting and vetting information to get at the truth is not so simple. I enjoy reading your stuff.

        • Thanks bbb – the more you think & learn about this, the more you’ll realise these slurs have a Zionist hallmark all over them. This is the way they operate. Anyone who says anything against them or refuses them is roundly attacked.

  • Ron Wright

    My answer to Trevor Field would have been to point him to page 118 of the 2017 Labour Party Manifesto, where it states “A Labour government will immediately recognise the state of Palestine.”

    The inclusion of that sentence gives me the confidence to support JC for that alone. But that wasn’t the only reason people voted for him, but it does poke a hole in Trevor’s argument

    • I couldn’t agree more Ron. Frankly if ordinary folk cannot bring themselves to support someone like Jeremy Corbyn then who can they support? Some people cannot help but put their worst foot forward.

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