Letter to Boris Johnson: Rejects calls to punish Israel over ‘take down’ plot

How can this be possible? An Israeli caught red-handed stating there exists a hit-list of British MP’s who do not toe the Zionist line, Sir Alan Duncan actually being named & YOU DO NOTHING? I used to think you were a decent chap. What’s happened to you? If any other country pulled such a stroke Westminster would be up in arms. The media would plaster this scandal across the front pages, justifiably considering it an act of war….. but because it’s Israel, not a Dickie Bird! Yet on zero evidence, the media accuses Russia, the only nation really fighting terrorism, of all sorts, while ignoring an open & shut case of criminality the mafia would be proud of!
I cannot begin to express how concerned I am. Bad enough our elected representatives capitulate to the all-powerful Zionist lobbies but to see our public servants work for the best interests of a foreign entity that we owe nothing to has long since become stomach churning. Moreover, to fob us off by stating Shai Masot was no longer working for the Israeli foreign ministry & that the matter was now closed simply adds insult to injury. Only the brain dead aren’t cognizant of the fact this means Israel not only has been let off Scot free but effectively given the green light to continue to bribe, coerce & threaten our politicians & senior officials.
May I add, Israel is the most brutal nation on the planet bar none. Their treatment of the Palestinians is a blight on mankind. For 40 years I’ve believed America, the UK, Canada, France, Germany & a host of other nations are merely occupied territories. This non-action on so grave an issue more than anything confirms this. No surprise, behind closed doors UK politicians are contemplating ushering in legislation that would be nothing less than an affront to freedom of speech & our fundamental rights – to outlaw criticism of the very country that thinks nothing of undermining the rule of law & indeed, our democracy. I ask you – at what point do we consider this to be Treason?
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Boris Johnson rejects calls to punish Israel over diplomat ‘take down’ plot

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