Letter to PM Theresa May: re BDS movement & wholly justifiable criticism of Israel

In a piece I’m particularly proud of – ‘9/11: A tale of how protocol was turned on its head. Crime scenes were destroyed. Eye-witness accounts & the outrageous money trail were completely ignored’, I wrote the 2nd paragraph of my letter to UK PM Theresa May.


9/11: A tale of how protocol was turned on its head. Crime scenes were destroyed. Eye-witness accounts & the outrageous money trail were completely ignored


Upon hearing that our wretched Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to push through laws further hindering the magnificent work of the BDS movement, the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions group, as well as considering laws that would criminalise criticism of Israel, I felt compelled to pull out all the stops. I have to thank Ron Wright for giving me the impetus I needed.

To Theresa May

10 Downing Street




It is one’s god given right to question, investigate & thus scrutinise anything if & whenever one has an inkling something is seriously awry. 

Questioning is everything. Questioning is learning. Questioning is essential. Questioning is a cornerstone of democracy. Questioning is a fundamental right.


Therefore, any politician who even suggests ushering in laws which so much as tampers with these fundamental rights, is committing an act that can only be construed as criminality bordering on Treason. If God exists, he she or it gave us all the right to think. Politicians are mere public servants. Even if one concedes our existence is light years away from what life would be in an ideal world, politicians have no right whatsoever to outlaw dissenting voices for freedom of speech is sacrosanct.


The BDS movement only exists because politicians like you do nothing to stop Israel’s disgraceful treatment of the Palestinians which includes the execution of unarmed men, women & children & the illegal kidnapping & incarceration of Palestinians, some as young as 7 on a daily basis! I’m absolutely appalled you support Israel yet these gross violations of international law are compounded by the fact those incarcerated are innocent of any crime. No charge is ever presented. Worse still, the victims receive no legal representation. And you have the temerity to say Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East?
Now the bad news. We know most of those abducted have committed no crime yet torture remains routine in Israeli jails. Therefore, it’s a formality many succumb to the constant beatings. God only knows the level of mental anguish these poor souls endure. So what should decent people think when bodies are stripped of organs & in no time find their way to the lucrative American black market to be sold to the highest bidder? Murder incorporated like never before! The hapless Palestinians have no voice. The Zionist controlled media will never say anything even though the FBI recently arrested 3 Rabbis illegally selling organs in America.


Since when was kidnapping & jailing folk for no reason legal – WHEN ISRAEL DOES IT! Thanks to Mahomed Sheik for this caption…..



YES! KEEP TELLING US THE ISRAELIS ARE MERELY DEFENDING THEMSELVES! Which leads me to an interesting point Mrs May. When the Nazis invaded France in 1940, only those with the brains of a rocking horse felt the Germans were merely defending themselves! Moreover, the French Resistance was never referred to as terrorists. They were freedom fighters. Do you mind telling me how Israelis & the bought off politicians in the West have the gall to label Palestinians terrorists WHEN THEIR LAND HAS BEEN INVADED & THE ISRAELIS ARE THE OCCUPYING FORCE?



We haven’t yet mentioned the continual land theft. Palestine has all but disappeared. What’s left is nothing but a glorified concentration camp. Countless IDF checkpoints means the Palestinians are well & truly hemmed in. What’s more, the Israelis control everything that goes in & out. Adding insult to injury, electricity & water is rationed. Building materials in order to rebuild homes the IDF destroys on a regular basis are banned as are most essential medicines……



Let me make one thing absolutely clear – whatever criminal law you pass, I will continue to criticise any nation that behaves in the atrocious manner Israel does. I will also do my level best to continue to raise awareness so that people realise what evil liars you & the Israelis are. Furthermore, I will boycott all Israeli goods as well as every Zionist firm. You cannot tell me or anyone else where to spend our money.
Do not for one minute think I’m oblivious as to why you’re adopting this outrageous stance. For 45 years I’ve known the only reason Israel gets away with breaking every rule in the book is because Western politicians have been got at & bought by the Zionist lobbies. Worse still, since 9/11, the dawning realisation that the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany & Australia, were in fact occupied territories. This is why Israel gets away with mass-murder; this is why we now have this fictitious war on terror; this is why as a result we are fighting wars only Israel wants; this is why you’re now considering passing laws that are an affront to humanity.
When one considers that almost every Tory MP is a member of the Conservative friends for Israel, it’s no surprise – while Israel has the gall to demand sanctions on every country who dares to oppose their brutal occupation of the Palestinians, I personally find it an insult to the British people a group representing less than 2% of the population can exert such ungodly influence over our politicians. What kind of a democracy is this? What are you even doing speaking at a Conservative friends of Israel lunch? Surely, the UK PM’s allegiance has to be to the people of Britain – not the most evil state on the planet? We should be up in arms but typically the media never mention this or any of Israel’s wrong-doings.




It is a fact – no country has broken more international laws than Israel. No country has had more UN resolutions slapped on the table against it – 66 in total. Even if justified criticism of Israel is deemed anti-Semitic, freedom of speech is sacrosanct. You have no right to do this. Do not cross this line.
Yours sincerely
Michael Aydinian



This is a piece I wrote almost 2 years ago – 

Zionists Move to Criminalize ‘Anti-Semitism’ at UN




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