Lies Are Part And Parcel Of Politics. However, A Point One Can Never Cross Is When A Lie Becomes An Act Of Treason. There Are No Ifs And Buts About This – Cameron Has Committed Treason. He’s Got To Go!

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Lies Are Part And Parcel Of Politics. However, A Point One Can Never Cross Is When A Lie Becomes An Act Of Treason. There Are No Ifs And Buts About This – Cameron Has Committed Treason. He’s Got To Go!

Whatsupic — In the past 3 years I’ve vented my anger and frustration as to the way Cameron side-steps scrutiny and as a result gets away with blue murder. Just like Blair, he’s committed Treason by telling his countrymen a pack of lies to go to war, this time in the hope Syria would become yet another nation bombed indiscriminately. But why on earth is the US and UK adopting such a belligerent approach, moreover, one that time and again has proved to be an unmitigating disaster? Most mystifying of all – one remains at odds trying to figure out a reason or motive the US & UK could have. Aid workers aside, who does something for nothing? Yet, whichever way one looks at this, neither country has anything to gain! 

David Cameron Speaking to RAF officers

But first, though the aim to establish Democracy thankfully has been dumped, we’re yet to get anywhere near to vanquishing the ludicrous notion Cameron is fighting a war on terror. Both are as preposterous as each other. It is beyond the boundaries of sanity to declare there even exists a war on terror when for the world it appears the US and UK couldn’t be doing more to create terrorism! I mean if you had to ascertain what RULE NO.1 would be for manufacturing Jihadists and fanatics, all you’d have to do is adopt Cameron’s foreign policy. It’s nailed on – IF YOU WANT TERRORISM, BOMBING ARAB AND MUSLIM NATIONS THAT HAVE NEVER LIFTED A FINGER AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF BRITAIN WILL DO IT EVERY TIME!

So surely, there must be some other reason the US and UK are hell bent on pursuing this seemingly mindless strategy that’s only ever produced unbridled chaos, carnage, death and destruction? After all, both countries are spending money they can ill-afford. So what’s ‘our’ interest? I’m afraid to say, I cannot think of a single one. It’s all downside! Sure, politicians responsible, for what are nothing less than crimes against humanity, are assured a life of luxury. With the multi-billions raked in in profits, any backhander from a weapons manufacturer has a guaranteed 6 zeros chugging along behind it! When it comes to blood money, one only has to see how that little wretch Tony Blair has already amassed between $50-100 million.

Nevertheless, no one sticks a pin in a map and says ‘unlucky Iraq. Here comes the pain.’ These vermin who are supposed to be our elected representatives are following orders. The giveaway to who’s behind this has to be inextricably linked to those who control corporate media. Why? Because I’m no genius by any stretch of the imagination. Moreover, what I’ve managed to piece together in my head has required little or no research; simply a will to question and a brain that likes to ponder. If I can do this, so can people who write a whole lot better than me. The truth is mainstream journalists are paid not to think or more significantly, not to question. Once attained, media whore status is all about following a certain narrative. Who owns and controls the media? Zionists! Who do our politicians take orders from? Zionists! Since the US and UK have nothing to gain pursuing such policies, which country does? ISRAEL!

Less than 2 years ago, the UK Parliament gave Cameron’s call for direct military intervention in Syria a massive thumbs down. MP’s were in no doubt for the UK public had made it abundantly clear – they were vehemently opposed to further involvement in foreign conflicts. Cameron was left with egg on his face. It was simply unheard of – a sitting PM to be defeated on an issue of war? Only once before had a UK Prime Minister been humiliated so, way back in 1885 when WE Gladstone’s budget was defeated. Cameron’s position was untenable as it could be. His resignation surely was imminent……. 

I cannot begin to emphasise – the precarious situation mankind finds itself where criminals rendering the likes of Al Capone 2nd division protection racketeers effectively fashion history simply to suit themselves, void of consideration to ordinary folk or the well-being of the planet, could only have come about by initially seizing control of the entire corporate media. How else can protocol be turned on it’s head? Had journalists been free to do the job they’re supposed to – offer the public unbiased reports so that they could judge for themselves, public opinion would have taken shape & in no time Cameron would have had no option but to resign. Instead a largely uniformed public is unwittingly steered into & down an avenue of thought where the likes of puppet/traitors like Cameron can be protected. Winston Churchill said “there is no such thing as public opinion; there is only published opinion.”

Full media control means you can literally make it up as you go along. Small wonder the Zionist controlled media made nothing out of the fact the UK public had to all intents and purposes told Cameron to take a jump! Yet, not only did Cameron avoid facing one iota of pressure, which in normal circumstances should have been heaped upon him, he had the luxury of knowing the coup – the media would effectively wrap him up in cotton wool so that instead of the obligatory wear and tear senior politicians inevitably suffer, he’d remain as fresh as a daisy, rarely giving any inkling he’s feeling the pressure. This serves to create a false impression Cameron’s as cool as a cucumber; he’s got what it takes! Then there’s the icing on the cake – a phrase I’ve used so often people can be excused in thinking I’m a stuck disc – the entire mass-media would donate AN UNCHALLENGED PLATFORM. 

He’d first have to tell an absolute whopper – “I respect the fact the people of the UK have spoken.” Does he hell. In fact you can be sure the minute Cameron lost the vote, his Zionist overlords were plotting how to overcome this setback. There was no way the Zionists weren’t going to destroy Syria. This would be accomplished a year later with the advent of ISIS. In the meantime, instead of reporters & journalists putting Cameron on the spot by saying “that’s all well and good Mr PM but you’ve received this enormous snub, the ultimate vote of no confidence. Surely you must at least be considering offering your resignation”, the unchallenged media platform allows Cameron to regurgitate the same old rhetoric and lies – Assad is a tyrant; he kills his own people; he has to be deposed. I often wonder if the people realise they’re being treated with contempt. It’s as if the British public hadn’t spoken! It’s business as usual.

So this week we have reports confirming the UK air-force had actually been participating in bombing campaigns in Syria, the very thing the people were dead against. Cameron had lied to parliament – not only was it abundantly clear he anything but respected the will of his people but once again he’d committed an offense that by law warrants a firing squad. Make no mistake, this is Treason! At the very least Cameron should be impeached and tried as a war criminal & traitor. Parliament specifically voted against military intervention, yet UK’s armed forces were conducting bombing raids in Syria regardless. It gets no worse than this.

However, do I think the media will ever spell it out so that most people in the UK would be aware of the sheer gravity of the situation? Not one bit. Frankly, I’d be astonished if Cameron resigns. I refer once again to a quote by Malcolm X in the 60’s –The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Still don’t think the media’s role is so critical? Over a year ago I wrote an article lambasting Cameron as a traitor. Believe it or not, committing acts of Treason for him is par for the course – 

1) Cameron knowingly lied about Assad’s use of chemical weapons in order to go to war against Syria.

2) He allowed our emails & phone calls to become NSA property ie Israel – no debate in Parliament; no mention to the people he’s supposed to represent.

3) He accused Putin, Russia’s leader of bringing down flight MH17 without any evidence whatsoever.

4) Consequently, the UK is now imposing sanctions on Russia even though it’s against our best interests.

5) As a result the UK now has a new enemy – a super-power that can destroy us 1000 times over. Thanks a bunch!

6) The Black Boxes of flight MH17 inexplicably were sent to London. A year has passed & the data is yet to be released. Therefore Cameron is complicit in the death of 298 people.

7) ISIS may be a terrorist band of mercenaries but Cameron knows full well it receives it’s orders from Tel Aviv.

8) In the UN Cameron said he felt 9/11 Truthers were every bit as dangerous as ISIS terrorists. He went on to say “I will do everything in my power to eradicate them!”

9) Last but not least – Cameron’s ultimate goal is to sell his own people down the Swanee by stripping us of our most basic, fundamental rights.

10) Such an act for whatever reason is inexcusable yet it is all based on an entirely fictitious fear of terrorism, the fabrication of which, the UK has been instrumental.    

I don’t know how much more I can suffer seeing Cameron get away with blue murder like this but the British public better hurry up & get their act together because time is running out. We don’t need the media to tell us what’s what! It should be patently obvious our political system is inherently flawed, democracy is all but a myth and as a result, gargantuan criminals are calling the shots and they couldn’t give a damn about us. Most people should know what Cameron has done here is unforgivable. He has got to go! We better react accordingly otherwise we really will deserve what soon may be coming our way. 


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