Lies & Manipulation of the West Unleashes Mayhem in the Ukraine!

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Lies & Manipulation of the West Unleashes Mayhem in the Ukraine!

Whatsupic — Let’s assume our politicians & mainstream media have been 100% straightforward regarding the current unrest in Ukraine. Let’s assume Russia may well be considering violating international laws. You see even if one arrives at this erroneous conclusion, the West nevertheless remains 100% IN THE WRONG! We technically do not have a foot to stand on! 

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Before I explain why, I’d first like to say we have long since past the point where it is the duty of every citizen of the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France & indeed any country critical of President Putin, to write or send E-mails to their elected representatives stating quite categorically that their country has no right to preach to Russia! Our track record has been nothing less than abysmal! Russia have every reason to be genuinely concerned with what’s occurring on their doorstep! We’ve destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya & Syria! The US indiscriminately utilizes drones in Yemen, Somalia, Sudan & even their ally Pakistan! Now we’re causing mayhem in Ukraine & Venezuela! All this in 12 years! There are two main reasons – OIL & ISRAEL! The US is desperate to protect the Petrodollar & so maintain their economic iron-clad grip over the world! Israel wants to destroy all its foes without ever committing any of its troops into battle & without ever spending a dime! We must make it absolutely clear – any politician placing Israel’s interests above their own country will be regarded a traitor! 

Confused? Well, I don’t for the life of me feel anyone should be! What does it take to realize the common denominator in this is Israel, the only country to continue to go from strength to strength, the only country to gain from 9/11? Zionists control all of the above countries. Obama, Cameron, Harper & the rest, most especially on matters of foreign affairs DO WHAT THEY’RE TOLD! The Zionist controlled media, as well as blatantly ignoring the chronic double standards of the West, proceed to lie through their back teeth, quite literally making it up as they go along! How on earth does Obama have the gall to warn Russia of ‘violating international law’ when he does so every day of the week! The hypocrisy here is off the Richter scale! It’s no use presuming America is the top dog & so can do as it pleases, for its major ally Israel has been breaking international laws ever since its inception in 1948! How can the US ignore Israel’s blatant violations & then have the effrontery to tell others to watch their step?

Moreover, what audacity to send such threats when there is no question the West has been fermenting the very trouble in Ukraine ever since the Zionist Rothschild plan to incorporate it into the EU fell flat on it’s face! ‘Divide & Conquer’ applies to all, most especially Russia’s neighbors! Of course Netanyahu doesn’t give two hoots if America’s or anyone else’s standing in the world plummets! Once the Israelis have an urge to put a plan into motion, they will do so come what may! It helps no end when they know they’ve the media, so slithering under the radar is never a problem! It is abundantly clear to them many people have a devil’s own job putting two & two together let alone connecting the dots! How many still believe this is what the US & UK want? And what of the talk of sanctions? This will be disastrous for both America & the EU. I guarantee politicians in these countries would never contemplate such a move were they not under the Zionist thumb! Needless to say Israel won’t lose. They never do! 

The undeniable truth is we now have a bunch of un-elected right-wing thugs in the Ukraine stating they want to go nuclear! Soon the BBC will tell me this is a wonderful step in the right direction! What in the blazes is going on here? When, I ask, is someone in the media going to fall on their sword & say ‘why the hell is the West making the world an infinitely more dangerous place?’ Okay, Ukraine had encountered economic problems. Hasn’t half the world & more? Yet all of a sudden all hell breaks loose! Are you actually trying to tell me all this nonsense has come about because the elected government turned down the offer of joining the EU? How can it possibly be? The mere notion Ukrainians could kiss their economic ills goodbye through entry into the EU is quite simply preposterous! This unrest has been engineered by the US & we all should by now be well aware of who controls US politicians!

Remember too how the timing was perfect what with the Sochi games. Still, I believe Ukraine’s ousted leader Yanukovich mismanaged the situation terribly. He was far too timid in the initial stages of unrest. Yanukovich was after all the democratically elected leader. His hesitation merely allowed trouble to fester. I cannot begin to imagine what Cameron’s response would be if a few Molotov cocktails were lobbed at over-zealous Policemen! I feel too, once that little wretch McCain openly rubbed shoulders with protesters in Ukraine, it was obvious the West was up to it’s old tricks of destabilizing countries from within. We’ve been doing it for years! In fact I’m rather mystified that Putin did not put his foot down immediately. The moment he was instrumental in halting US/Israeli plans to attack Syria, I said these very words – watch them now throw the kitchen sink at Putin! 

But let us not forget one major detail the mainstream media never mentions – what earthly reason would Ukraine have to join the EU? This has already proved an unmitigating disaster to all recent entrants. Greece is all but ruined, now totally under the control of bankers who don’t even live there! Cyprus is hardly better off, as is Spain & Portugal. Joining the EU is tantamount to surrendering the country’s sovereignty to outsiders, along with everything a country owns! This is what’s happened to Greece! When are people going to realize these countries have effectively been taken over & to be perfectly honest I cannot see how Greece can ever recover! You can be sure too the media will never let us know just exactly where the Greeks, Cypriots, Spanish & Portuguese would like us to stick our Euro! 

Surely too, the Ukrainian people, for the time being at least, were far better off maintaining ties with their all-powerful, energy laden neighbor that was prepared to offer favorable guarantees of oil & gas! What on earth would Ukraine have to gain from taking such an outrageous gamble with EU membership? What wonderful deals were the Rothschild puppets offering – DEBT & pretty much nothing else! Once again why does the media refrain from telling us what I’ve just said? It’s all patently obvious! Most certainly Russia doesn’t want it’s neighbor to fall into the hands of lunatic thugs financed by Rothschild bankers! How would Israel like it if Iran suddenly declared they would like to be inextricably linked to Jordan? Our ear-drums would rupture at the seams!

Tell me which country has Russia invaded & destroyed? Tell me which country the Russians have ever forced a Central Bank upon a people? Haven’t the Russians in recent years broke down several barriers & thus enlightened themselves in the eyes of the true International Community? Not forgetting Putin’s bravery in squaring up to the US fleet so that Syria’s Assad did not suffer the same fate as Gadaffi. His popularity shot up & rightfully so! Only maniacs want a showdown with Iran. With Assad at the helm in Syria, such a confrontation is unlikely. All decent folk are fed up with endless war & the very last thing we need are super-powers staring down the barrel! Yet I believe the situation now is very much the same as when Russia & China realized they had to draw the line over Syria. It’s the same scenario every time Russia is challenged – they have to say STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING OR ELSE! I know this kind of brinkmanship hardly sounds appealing but if Russia & China stand firm, America will not risk nuclear annihilation, regardless of what that lunatic Netanyahu says!

I believe this is the only way because if they show weakness as they did in the conflict in Ukraine, the situation can only worsen. And as I stated earlier, we can do our bit – let politicians know we’re vehemently opposed to what they’re doing & that WE’RE WITH PUTIN; let the media know WE’RE FED UP WITH THEIR LIES! It’s the same scenario for Ukraine as it is for Syria & Iran. The best we can hope for is a standoff & then hopefully one day we can overthrow the real troublemakers! Israel & the Rothschild’s simply have to be isolated for they will not stop! Few politicians excel themselves but I really do feel the Russians have done all that could have ever been asked of them. It’s so sad that instead of us embracing these colossal breakthroughs, we’ve instead squandered an amazing opportunity to march into the 21st Century with genuine zest & a true commitment to start solving our real problems! And to think the Cold War was brought to a peaceful conclusion?

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