Look who’s the new Head of Policy & Communication at FB – ONLY A SENIOR ADVISER TO NETANYAHU!

This is no surprise but all day long I’ve had problems opening my FB wall & my GMMuk page. After my November 30 day ban & the more recent FB censorship which scuppered my original George Michael post from going viral, I’ve been warned it’s only a matter of time for FB to close me down altogether. If they do pull the plug on me, I will continue to write on my website – https://gmmuk.com/ –
So just in case, make a note of my web address GMMuk.com. If you subscribe you’ll receive an email notification whenever I post, which will be no more than once a day. Of course I don’t want them to do this as most of the traffic originates from FB but what can I do? This is the only way I can keep punching.
But then, hardly 2% of my friends & followers on FB ever see my posts so they’re totally & utterly full of shit! I mean look at the slag they’ve appointed to call the shots? If there’s one wish I have in 2017, it’s not for Netanyahu to be flushed into a heaving pungent swamp of putrefying turds. No. It’s to see FB go down the proverbial Swanee. That would be the be all & end all….



Jordana Cutler, Senior Natanyahu Advisor is Named Facebook’s Head of Policy and Communications




  • Joseph Berson

    A woman would not have this job in any Muslim country. Not one. Israel only.

  • Sean Mac Mahon

    I would wish the same for your feeble rantings!

  • Ron Wright

    We have both tried the alternatives to Facebook and we have both returned to Facebook. There is a desire for something better but we haven’t as yet found it. I realise that I don’t get notifications from groups that I’m in. I see them by going into the groups and scrolling through the posts.

    Facebook is pure shite. I will see your post but only by making the effort to find them. If others aren’t interested enough to do the same then maybe it’s the wrong audience.

    • Yes Ron. Ultimately they want us to quit. The more they expel people from FB, the better it is for us because it will show them up for what they are! At the end of the day FB got there first so it’s virtually impossible for any other company to step into their shoes. We have got to stick with it. They’re losing the war of information

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