Maidan thugs are at it again at the Euro Championship but the Zionist media neglects to show what’s really happening

They did it in Maidan; they’re doing it again. The aim is to vilify Russia. The media then duly kick in as they do. For once it wasn’t English hooligans – IT WAS THE RUSSIANS! Do me a favor. I thought I’d wait. Yesterday night Marilyn Wisbey was the first & so far the only person who spotted this. For crying out loud – I’ve just finished a piece about how the murder of Jo Cox was in all likelihood an isolated incident simply because idiots who consider themselves activists are trying to make out this was a targeted assassination.


GIVE ME A BREAK, WILL YOU? Don’t you realise what you’re doing? You’re giving all the juice the Zionists need to make us all look like loony ‘conspiracy theorists’ yet when there something that stares you in the face, like the obvious plant of Ukrainian trouble-makers to make the Russians look bad, it flies right over your head! And then you wonder why I’m forever saying all I want to do is heave!


Incredibly, I’ve been trying to find some real evidence of trouble at the Euros & apart from these isolated incidents in & out of the stadium, this tournament has proceeded with the minimum of fuss. Ironically, in my quest to do this, all I’ve found is how Paris is virtually under lock-down. The other day TWO MILLION PARISIANS attended a march opposed to the government, the EU & all these phony wars…. yet what did the media say about this?


French Protests



This is an outrage! Two million Parisians & we don’t hear a Dickie bird! All these people are effectively saying –


Just look at the photo. Think about this. Instead all we’re hearing is a Zionist claim that Russian thugs have allegedly clashed with English thugs! Once again it fits into the ‘oh so convenient’ category of making our enemy look bad. COME ON! THINK! WHAT HAVE YOU SEEN WITH YOUR EYES? Aren’t you aware these devious Zionist scumbags have thought this all out?

‘The Euro Championships are coming up. Let’s work out the best way to use this in our favor.’

Don’t you think this was just another opportunity for Zionists to make the only country that’s trying to keep Assad in power look bad? Apart from the Syrian army & the Kurds, the Russians are the only people genuinely fighting terrorism & by doing so, thwarting the creation of Greater Israel. I want to smash my head against a wall! It’s so obvious I never wanted to post anything about this! Only now, when I see people are so oblivious & so incapable of reading between the lines, I feel compelled to devote some time to this!


What is the matter with you lot? There are idiots out there claiming Jo Cox was a targeted assassination when everything points to a raving lunatic. The fact the Zionist controlled media is actually in the business of inciting attacks of this very sort has flown over people’s heads. They did this; not Farage as they’re trying to claim! It’s no surprise to me UK Column News & Patrick Henningsen hit the nail on the head regarding this. God. We better get our act together quick because soon we won’t know what’s going to hit us!


UK Column News 16th June


START	Sir Cliff Richard will face no further action over allegations
1:20	President Hollande threatens a ban of further demonstrations
4:50	French Ambassador to Russia summoned over Football arrests
7:30	#EUReferendumPsyOp propaganda intensifies with Brexiteers
10:40	Mark Carney issues absurd self-reflexive statement on influence
12:00	Deutsche Bank at record lows whilst fearful investors watch EU
14:20	NATO troop buildup in Syria includes German Armed Forces
18:10	British-Iranian accused of subversive regime-change activities
23:30	‘area of investigation … should be a goldmine for journalists’
24:20	execution of cyberplots within broader Soft Power agendas
26:40	Russia recognised Western NGOs as subversive weapons
28:00	‘the Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove’ weakens states pre-war
29:30	episode I of Insight
30:40	new episode of DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONT
36:10	deathcult in the present age of poppies and ritualism
38:50	Boris Johnson & King David as Hindley & Ian Brady




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