Mainstream media lies for a living. If you don’t know that…. dearie me. However, it’s what they don’t tell us…..

What these poor people must be going through! Even then, I had no idea of the full SP until Petter Eliseussen sent me this clip. Man oh man…. & they want to take the Internet from us? The contemptible MSM neglects to inform us of so much – their job is to protect all the perfect Zionist puppets…. & of course to say Israel is simply defending itself but what they’re not saying is as bad, if not worse than the barrage of lies.






There’s the obvious – first & foremost, THIS REFUGEE CRISIS IS ENTIRELY OF OUR MAKING!

All we ever do is destabilize countries that don’t play ball with the Zionist Rothschild banking dynasty – Libya a classic example. Whenever multi-national companies feel they’re not exploiting an impoverished African nation to the level they’d like to; we back a rival faction; create turmoil; even civil war. Finally we install a corrupt leader who duly turns a blind eye to the fact the exploitation factor has gone from Defcon 4 to Defcon 1. Wages are a click above slave labor; working conditions remain lousy; safety measures disappear up the Swanee; the locals begin to complain because their water supply is being contaminated & now for being such a good boy, this new ‘leader’ is told
be as ruthless as you like Mr Kawumba. We won’t be saying anything & we’ll guarantee a total media blackout.


These atrocitities are occurring all over Africa & it’s been going on for so long now, this whole process has become 2nd nature. Small wonder there is such  a massive refugee crisis. THIS MUCH WE SHOULD KNOW! Now check out this clip & tell me what you think of the people laying down EU directives –


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