Make no mistake – a dagger has been thrust into the heart of the elite. Finally, we have a good man as leader of a major party.

Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labor Party. For once the people of the UK have someone who genuinely cares for ordinary folk. I am absolutely over the moon today. I know this is only a step in the right direction but bear in mind, in the last 30 years it’s been nothing short of a massive leap in the wrong direction! Anyone who believes Corbyn can turn it around on his own is dreaming. The best we can hope is if he’s able to put the brakes on for what’s become an absolute nightmare –

for once big business won’t come first; finally we may have genuine debate on foreign policy; finally we may see war criminals like Tony Blair punished; finally we may see tax loopholes for the super wealthy closed; finally we may see an end to Privatisation which is another word for giving away what we own to the rich at a cut price; finally we may see some legislation that requires the media TO TELL THE GODDAMN TRUTH!


It is imperative we do not adopt a negative attitude by simply saying ‘aahhh you wait & see. When he gets in it will be the same old, same old!’ It is our duty to make it absolutely clear to the Zionist bankers that have run roughshod over us that we will not tolerate any more meddling in our internal affairs. Corbyn first & foremost must be allowed to present the manifesto the people want – in other words WHAT HE STANDS FOR! Then there must be no election fraud. It doesn’t matter what the media says anymore & I can guarantee unless I croak every month for the next 4 years I will remind people –

if you want to know the truth , whatever the media says, IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE! You can be sure if you do this, the truth will be close by! Also I’ll make this prediction now – if the election is fair & Corbyn sticks to his guns, not only will Cameron find his Eton tail rammed firmly up his arse but he could well suffer the biggest election defeat in the history of British politics.    


Go JC go!


I was convinced they were going to cheat Corbyn & make no mistake, they threw the kitchen sink at him…… They wanted to alright & this is what gives me real hope – hard as the elite used their contemptible media to vilify him as well as scumbags like Blair, there was literally nothing left in the tank. In fact, it all but seemed they were firing blanks from the word go. THE PUBLIC WAS FOR ONCE NOT LISTENING TO THE BULLSHIT OF THE BBC! This is the clearest sign yet that people have had enough & dare I say it, the Zionists have lost their iron-clad grip over the flow of information.


In fact their voracious appetite to control has proved to be their downfall. Think back to the previous Labor leadership battle of the Milibands in 2010. David was the rightful successor but when he was foreign Secretary he erred in criticising the Israelis when they used British passports in order to carry out assassinations abroad. He’d every right to criticise them. If any other country had done such a thing there’d have been all hell to pay. However, this may have served as a warning that David M wouldn’t have been such a perfect puppet as David C. 4 years back I felt Cameron was going to be re-elected no matter what. I’m convinced there is no way this could have happened had David Miliband been leader of the Labor Party. I even said they will do anything to get Cameron back. Therefore the string-pullers behind the scene decided to pull the rug from under David’s feet & get the Unions to use their block vote to elect his younger brother Ed.


Corbyn is now a monster from outer space


This has proved to be a terrible miscalculation. Anyone with any brains in the Labor Party realised the wrong man had been elected leader. The block vote of what have become lame-duck Unions that now tend to do bugger all for their members, had effectively thrown a massive spanner in the works. Of course the power-brokers & probably the Labor party had no idea David Miliband would up & leave politics altogether. This would prove to be disastrous 5 years later because Corbyn had three of the most useless opponents imaginable. There was no one of stature. However what paved the way was the Miliband debacle acted as a catalyst for Labor to change the process for electing their leader. And why not? Why should a Union have a block vote? Surely the most democratic way is for each & every member to have their say?


In this case, the Zionist will to control has backfired big time. I can safely say Corbyn would not be leader now had the Zionists conspired to make sure Cameron would be re-elected. They gave Corbyn the opening he needed, one he never even knew he had……… & I BLOODY WELL LOVE IT! Here comes the pain Tony. How does it feel to be the hunted? We’re coming & I BLOODY WELL LOVE IT!


My greatest wish! 


This is the good news. Rule No.1 for Corbyn is to have round the clock protection. The Zionists will not stop; nor will the war-mongers & the weapons manufacturers. There can be no question if Corbyn practices what he preaches he will have many serious enemies. He surely must know this. First they’ll try to get to him & say what he can & can’t do. They did this with Obama; the trouble was for him ‘yes we can became no I damn well can’t!’ However, a lot can happen in 4 years. I feel an integral reason why they didn’t do a RON PAUL on Corbyn is because firstly it would have looked SO dodgy but most importantly they’ve got 4 years to play with. They didn’t have this option with Ron Paul.


I got this prediction wrong but please remember, I was going against a 6/1 ON favorite so please, don’t try & get too tasty with me. If you know about gambling you sometimes want to go against the grain & break the bok! When you say you’re going to win, you tempt fate ie you bok yourself. In a daft sort of way by making out you’re going to lose, you bok your opponents! Anyway I knew what I was doing. I felt it was imperative to let the manipulators know we were onto them & that we wouldn’t stand Corbyn being ripped off. Every time I received an email from the other candidates I wrote back some 15 times stating – DO NOT CHEAT HIM. WE ARE ONTO YOU! On my website & FB I continuously deliberately publicised the worst possible scenario. In America no one mentioned how RON PAUL was being cheated. I felt we could not afford to do the same thing here. We’re coming Blair……. I promise – we’re coming!


Just in case you want the results –


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