Make no mistake – military intervention in Syria comes with the prospect of an altercation with Russia

And I can’t believe we’re even thinking about it. With all the evidence that more than suggests ISIS is our creation & it’s all for the benefit of Zionists who possess this ungodly stranglehold over almost all the senior politicians in the West. Ever since the Russians placed a spanner in the works two years ago by making a stand with Syria & thus putting a hold on the creation of Greater Israel, it’s obvious that the US & the chief powers in Europe have been coerced into confrontation with Russia. Anyway this is the piece I just wrote for Whatsupic –


Disturbing the war


And they want to vote on whether they should proceed with this madness? Here. Look & see how our ‘democracy’ is anything but that! Look who really controls our senior politicians!


Imposing sanctions is one thing; locking horns militarily is another thing altogether! What amazes me is right now it’s touch & go with our MP’s. I just wish Jeremy Corbyn would put his foot down & say to the idiots in his party who want military intervention in Syria to piss off & join the Tory Party. He knows Cameron has no intention of fighting ISIS. Here. Look at these two links which clearly accuse Israel & Turkey of buying oil captured by ISIS. How come we impose sanctions on Russia for bugger all yet countries who help finance ISIS terrorists are our Allies?

The “ISIS Rockefellers”: How Islamic State Oil Flows to Israel –


Turkish officers arrested for ‘treason’ after intercepting weapons destined for Syria –


Finally, here’s today’s edition of CrossTalk. At least these guys speak the truth –


Cross Talk


  • Abubakar Dabo

    Russia’s real wish, when it took on ISIS in Syria, was for peace, security and stability in the country, and largely the region. Why oppose it? And this position is, of course, shared by numerous progressive countries, whether Muslim or not. They’ve seen the possibility of fighting and defeating the murderous terrorist groups, as well as bringing the genuine Syrian oppostion, or real progressives and even the so-called Free Syrian Army, to the negotiating table and ending the conflict. Never in the past have the Western countries manifested this new position, of the need to take real desisive actions to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict which gravely threatens the stabiliry and security of the region as well as the vital interests of the major world powers. I hope the mediation efforts succeeds, to remove the dangers of intervention in the conflict and prevent it from being explosive.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    Indeed, Mr. Aydinian! Furthermore, itt should be said that, Russia was the first friendly, great power to support this view and rights of Syrians-when they voted in a referendum for reforms and their current government to remain in power avoiding war. But how could the Western alliance with the terrorist groups be explained? Unless of course there was some kind of complicity, a sort that is no longer a secret now. Yet, it is a position, about which they rejoice!

    • The only thing I can add is none of this would be happening if every single mainstream media outlet wasn’t in the hands of Zionists. So when you say how could or why this is happening, it’s because the media can & literally does make it up as they go along. The Rothschild/Illuminati Zionists have had the goal for world domination since 1770. They even teach themselves that Goyim (meaning everyone else) are inferior beings. Menachen Begin, yet another Zionist mass-murdering Prime Minister said “we are the master race!” They openly declare their racism yet often when I say what they say or explain how they think, I’M THE ONE WHO’S THE RACIST!
      Well 200 years ago the Rothschilds realised the first two things they had to do in order to achieve a New World Order was take control of the currency printing of every country & control every major newspaper outlet. This laid the foundation for the Rothschilds to manufacture not just WWI & II but virtually all the wars in the last 200 years. One only has to see how the media & their agents in the UK are solely responsible for engineering a situation so that our armed forces are used to bomb a country Israel wants out the way. WWI & II were engineered in order to severely Divide & weaken potential threats & create their fiefdom Israel.
      In the meantime their tentacles spread in every country that mattered. The term ‘anti-Semitic’ was incorporated specifically to snip justifiable criticism in the bud just as the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was drafted in to brand those who knew how to think as crazy weirdos. The Syrians though are not able to accuse the media of being anti-Syrian! All this is being engineered by Israel & all their Zionists agents in the US, UK etc etc. It’s blatant lie after blatant lie & I’m not saying this because I possess an unstable urge to criticise a particular group of people; I’m saying this for two reasons – first of all everything I say can be verified factually & secondly I know this is not going to stop & depending on how long it takes them, either I will die naturally or I will be just 1 of untold millions who will be massacred. It may not be directly by a Zionist hand but I know it will be down to them!
      Make no mistake, if the world hasn’t destroyed itself, after annihilating Syria & Iran the next major obstacle will be passing laws making it illegal to criticise the government, which is Zionist controlled & naturally, Israel! The laws will be written in a way that the government can use to their advantage in the sense any undesirable can be arrested without charge & indefinitely detained on the grounds they could be a terrorist. We already know this treacherous scum Cameron wants to do this. He told us at the UN that he wants to eradicate 9/11 Truthers! And you can be sure – once incarcerated, these vicious bastards are going to torture dissidents in order to extract fake confessions that they were planning terrorist acts. Targeted assassinations will too become commonplace. This is what will happen if we don’t wake up fast!

  • Abubakar Dabo

    Old habits die hard. It is tempting, to conclude that little has changed in the Zionists ways! They usually want people to see things their ways or no way at all. Affirmative, death is inevitable! And nothing is inevitable until it happens. You’re saying the truth-facts are facts. I’ve not the least doubt, you’re safe!

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