Make no mistake – Theresa May & the entire MSM are war-mongers, terrorist allies & traitors for the Zionist cause. Western lies about Syria exposed by Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett

About 2 years ago I fell out with a great writer. Few people know more about the true history of Zionists than Brandon Martinez. Though I’m a knowledgeable mother, in terms of detail, Brandon is in another league. Sadly, we fell out, as I have with many over the Russian leader. I maintain to this day, without Putin’s skillful handling of the situation in Syria, pathological liar extraordinaire Netanyahu would have already pitched the kind of baloney we’ve become accustomed to hearing at the UN. He’d have said Iran must be attacked & the media, along with our treacherous leaders in the West would be wagging their tails, lying their arses off in collusion, as per usual!


I couldn’t understand Brandon’s stance because he more than anyone is alert to the fact that all this mayhem in the Middle East is down to Israel & the Rothschild banking cartel in order for the realisation of Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel. However, what really got my gander up was Brandon had a nasty little dig at my GMMuk page regarding my theme/description which stated –

If you really do have a yearning for the truth there’s a simple rule worth sticking to – WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS, IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!

His jibe was as if, how can one generalise so? I’ll admit, though I meant what I said, it was rather tongue-in-cheek. However, ever since, if anything, this statement has not only turned out to be eerily accurate but more & more folk are finally, openly stating the entire mainstream media tells nothing but lies. Moreover, the moment one realises the truth, one can clearly see the media is telling us precisely the opposite! THEY REALLY COULDN’T BE LYING MORE THAN THEY ARE! Just listen to this brilliant lady Eva Bartlett. I’ve featured her before. This time around she barrels out the facts like a Trojan. Thanks to Dinah Everett Snyder for this 5 star performance (18.34)…..



Just before I got hold of the clip above, Paul Stewart sent me this which I believe is what followed. It sure looks like Eva gave a typical MSM whore just what he deserved. White Helmets my arse! (3.45)…..



Speaking of the White Helmets, each day that passes I admonish myself for not having continued to lambast this evil organisation that’s actually receiving YOUR TAX-PAYER MONEY! Remember, we in the UK voted against military intervention in Syria yet not only are we bombing the shit out of a country that’s done bugger all to us, we’re financing a group of mercenary thugs that masquerades as a humanitarian organisation. Our money is given to the very terrorists our leaders maintain we’re combating! As I said – THEY COULDN’T BE TELLING MORE LIES IF THEY TRIED! Once again the Zionist controlled media have to be credited for inventing a label that’s 100% designed to fool the uninitiated – WHITE HELMETS MY ARSE!


My FB ban came slap-bang in the middle of RT’s Nov 16 release of CrossTalk. This one is well worth watching. I’ve already told Vanessa Beeley – she is an absolute star! (23.57)…..
Don’t get me wrong – in what’s construed as mainstream media, RT is the one shining beacon amidst a cesspit of pungent gunge! Today Linda Wal tagged me & the post was an RT clip which had Vanessa Beeley & Daniel McAdams, who’s the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace. Initially I thought lovely. However, unlike the MSM, where the other side of the story is never presented, RT endeavors to do the right thing.
So, in the corner of the Zionist war-mongering lying scumbags was this cretin of cataclysmic proportions Brent Budowsky. It is my firm belief RT is being bull-dozed by the Zionist juggernaut not only to include these heavyweight liars but to allow them to run roughshod over all the other guests. So, no surprise. I couldn’t watch this & frankly I don’t know how anyone can! Budowsky is given the mike, all the time being allowed to bully the other pundits! It’s ridiculous!
For the benefit of those with skin as thick as a Rhino, fill your boots. If Budoksksy was trying to take the throne of the greatest liar in history, boy, did he put his name in the frame to become Netanyahu’s next spokesman! Here it is. Beware. This clip has a GMM health warning slapped upon it! (1.01.49)…..



Finally, if you’ve any doubt my analysis of mainstream media is off the mark, please, ask yourself, how can it be? Benjamin Netanyahu is allowed to lie through his back teeth at the UN about Iraq, Iran & Syria. He lies every day about the Palestinians! Moreover, the media duly ride shot-gun, publicising all this bile while never once questioning any of his delusional claims but when Russia’s ambassador makes an earth-shattering announcement at the UN, WHICH IS 100% TRUE, the media play deaf, dumb & blind! No wonder we’re well & truly in the shit – liars get all the publicity under the Sun while those who speak the truth are blanked! The Russian ambassador to the UN said:

“Israel is of big assistance to ISIS terrorists.”


This piece from Whatsupic is but a few lines. It’s significance is for the purpose of highlighting how evil & corrupt the MSM is. I used to write for this firm. They published 83 of my articles, the most popular one being – “ISIS Are Terrorists But Their Commanders Are in the Knesset and Mossad” on Feb 10 2015. In it I stated ISIS is an Israeli organisation. In fact, from the moment the media christened these cut-throat mercenaries ISIS, I flat out said this was a Zionist creation. Click caption for both links. I recommend the first three videos & the two Whatsupic articles. Should you possess masochistic tendencies, watch the other video too….






  • Sadik

    Not surprising that zionist control Americans govt instigating proxy war terrorism and hatred between Muslims and west to divert people from their own crime in Palestine and wall street and keep stupid moron busy with so called Muslims terrorist which is their creations paid criminal gangs

  • Lynne

    Most American & British have no idea our politicians answer to Israel. That’s because of the power of the mainstream press and their ‘fake’ news / or lack of news / non-reporting. So it will be the Independent and self funded people who will get the real news out to us. i.e. Eva Bartlett a very knowledgeable and astute lady. Independent news people are rising up at speed.Great article again Michael

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