Man claims he has proof the Twin Towers were rigged with explosives

Now the only reason I’m posting this is because this appeared in Rupert Murdoch’s UK flagship putrid rag the SUN! I mean I’m good at reading between the lines & working things out but for crying out loud – what the hell is going on here? Lately I’ve seen articles in the Guardian, Express & now we have the Sun where one could be excused into thinking either some editors have taken leave of their senses or we’re being well & truly toyed with.



To catch the Culprits


Jet fuel my arse




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  • The real critic

    Going to have to pull better stories out the bad than this one mate, old hat, we all know the media are Zionist pigs and if you read a single word you become the rubbish contained within.

    Twin towers = inside job, everyone with a briancell already knows this.

    Blar Blar zzzzzz

    How about important issues like TTIP and agenda 30 etc.

    • Listen REAL CRITIC – first off, anyone who is so self-indulgent to call themselves THE REAL CRITIC is asking for trouble. It is also abundantly clear whatever I do you will find something to criticise, so I can’t win whatever happens. I don’t know how many times you’ve commented – I believe this is the first. In that case you’ve ignored 100’s of articles & posts to merely point out this one is no good. I’m afraid to say I smell jealousy a mile off here – you are one of those Mr REAL CRITIC.
      For starters – I began the post with – THE ONLY REASON I AM POSTING THIS IS BECAUSE IT APPEARED IN THE SUN NEWSPAPER! Therefore, in your endeavor to earn a few Brownie points you’ve made yourself look a right twat.

      • Simon

        LOL! Michael.
        There are many serious problems going on. BUT, for that person to class this as unimportant is completely missing the point. This debacle was the cause of the deaths of so many innocent people, continuing to this day.
        Getting the truth about this out will make people realise all the crap they are being dealt by greedy Zionist sociopaths, day in and day out.
        Truthers for 9/11 have ‘died’ protesting the ‘cock and bull’ story told by the governments.
        It IS very important indeed.

    • Linda

      For me 9/11 is the key to all of these problems. Once 9/11 is finally conceived to be an Israeli false flag by the world, Zionist Israeli corporations involved in the TTP and corrupt Israeli paid paedophile politicians would be falling by the wayside. The worlds problems are all linked by the 1% and Odin Yinons plan for Greater Israel Plan. All helped along nicely by Israeliwood and Zionist media. Here in Perth Australia last week the convention centre was booked out to the Israeli General linked to Protective Edge killings thousands of Palestinians, he was raising money for Israel and the IDF. Australia is run by Zionist’s maybe Murdochs only interest is in money or maybe he is going to give these guys airtime and the next headline will be. “9/11 explosive theory proved to be false” ….firstly giving it credence and then knocking it flat so people will say…ahh it’s false that’s ok then. Imagine how much damage that would cause…everyone able to spout “facts” from the media proving its a false theory.

    • glendo

      Oh the arrogance of this plank.glendo

  • Richard Gage claims to be an architect. Don’t skyscrapers have to hold themselves up? Doesn’t that mean the steel on the first level must support the weight of steel and concrete on all of the levels above? So doesn’t it make sense that in 15 years we should have the data on the tons of steel and tons of concrete on every level of the Twin Towers?

    So how have all of the engineers, physicists and architects in the nation that put men on the Moon not demanded and discussed that data?

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