Manchester bombing – perfect timing for Theresa May

Question: Even for radical Muslim extremists, is it not now painfully obvious any act of terror, CAN ONLY HAVE AN ADVERSE EFFECT ON MUSLIMS? 

Question: Therefore, what earthly reason would Muslims have to carry out such an act? Answer: NONE! Of course, no one ever mentions how destroying several Arab & Muslim nations who’ve never done anything to us, hardly helps the situation. Surely, eventually the victims will fight back? When are we ever going to hear – MAYBE WE NEED TO RE-EXAMINE OUR FOREIGN POLICY!

Question: So, one is obliged to ask the age old question when it comes to solving crime – WHO GAINS? Answer: ROTHSCHILD Zionists!


Before anyone shows what a complete blithering idiot they are by hurling accusations of anti-Semitism at me, all one has to do is conduct some in-depth research on 9/11 in order to discover who really was responsible. Now, I’m pretty sure almost every act of terror in America, France, Germany, Belgium & the UK are actually false flag attacks engineered by Mossad & their Zionist agents. Of this I’m not quite 100% certain. I could be wrong about a few of these incidents. Nevertheless, I’d be surprised if I was.


However, when it comes to 9/11, I would gladly bet my life that it was entirely a Zionist operation. Of this there is no doubt, that is once one is bothered to conduct meaningful research. The end product of 9/11 is exactly what the perpetrators wanted. It’s what we have today – a war on terror against a totally fictitious enemy. Who knows what the end result will be? What we do know is so far Arabs & Muslims have already paid an ungodly price. What perhaps people don’t realise is Arabs & Muslims are entirely innocent. They have been & are being, well & truly set up! In fact those who claim to be fighting the war on terror in actual fact are working overtime to create the very terrorism they incessantly moan about!



As soon as I heard about the bomb blast in Manchester I thought perfect timing …… again! The election coming up – hard as the media try to cushion the Tories, they’re despised; hard as the media try to pull the rug from under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour is gaining hand over fist in the polls. If the whole truth were told, everyone would know Corbyn is miles ahead in the polls. The Zionist media is merely doing what it does best – LIE THROUGH EVERY ORIFICE! Why? Because the Zionist globalists need perfect puppets like Theresa May to further their agenda.


Fact is, Theresa May is tSet featured imagehe unelectable one! As well as being a pathological liar, she is totally & utterly useless. Quite how this woman is our Prime Minister is just incredible. She’s absolute garbage! She does not have a genuine achievement to her name. I defy anyone to tell me anything of note that she’s ever done. Worse still, she’d gladly sell her own people down the river, either by ushering in laws that will strip us of our fundamental rights or god forbid, push us into a devastating military conflict with Russia. This is what her Zionist bosses want & boy, is she trying to fill their boots!


Once again the media almost instantaneously declared ‘this was an Islamist terror attack’. How the hell do they know? Once again, regardless of the extraordinary powers the Police have been given, they are nevertheless unable to stop such an act occurring. One can understand this. How after all is one supposed to know if someone is going to commit a heinous crime? However, what raises a huge red flag for me is hearing how the Police already have a suspect. In other words, we have a paradox – the Police remain incapable of stopping these attacks yet when it comes to finding suspects, THE METROPOLITAN POLICE SUDDENLY SPROUTS MYSTERIOUS, UNFORESEEN POWERS!


When for crying out loud are people going to understand what patsies are? I guarantee, this ‘suspect’ was selected long ago. He’s just another sap that perfectly fits the bill. No one will fight his corner. The media will presume him guilty but never ask how the Police honed in & captured him. He’ll probably never stand trial. If he does it will be behind closed doors. One thing for sure – WE WILL NEVER HEAR THE TRUTH…….. and what is that you may ask?


A couple of hours later, I received this information from a person who lives just 200 meters or so from the arena. Upon hearing the explosion he ran outside to see what was occurring only to notice a policeman next to 4 black Audis, all with blacked-out windows. The Policeman had the door of one of the cars open & this person heard him say ‘get out of the car you Paki bastard’ to which a reply was also heard ‘we’re not Pakis. We’re Jews.’ Needless to say, that was the end of that. ‘Dancing Israelis’ all over again. 4 black Audis? Hello Mossad. At it again are we? Give me a break!


I’d like to first say Zionists will never say they’re Zionists. They always say they’re Jews, when they’re anything but. We all know why they do this or at least we should know. However, what’s significant here is firstly, the language of the Policeman. If this is par for the course, then it’s safe to say they’ve succumbed to the media’s bullshit. Secondly & more importantly, what would have occurred if those in the car were from Pakistan or indeed Muslims? What kind of Policing is this? If you’re a Paki, you’re nicked; If you’re a Jew it’s, sorry to bother you sir!


Finally the BBC said the first call to the Police was at 22.23. If this is the case then quite how the Police cordoned off the area by 22.30 is strange to say the very least. The bomb went off at 22.53. To say the whole thing stinks…… Like I said, Muslims have no reason to create trouble because they know those in control are gagging to make us hate them. It’s all about Divide & Conquer. We desperately need more people to stop & think. If the Zionists did 9/11, then this is all chicken feed to them. They do this sort of shit in their sleep. We’re the ones that better wake up & fast though.



  • Linda

    Your thoughts mirrored mine exactly, here in Australia the first news bullion said May had cancelled her campaigning and expected others to follow suit! Then it’s 5000 military to be put on the ground in the UK and they picked that venue because there wouldn’t be “any nice Muslim girls at it” yep that’s the language they are using in Australia!

  • Lynne

    Thanks for your post Michael, it’s what I thought when I heard this terrible news.

  • Umrana

    Great post Michael.
    Just one question, why is it always a person on their so called radar that manages to commit these act. What’s the point of radar if it’s so bloody useless in preventing these acts. In my openion we are heading towards a Marshall law type of state.

    • Excellent point Umrana. My feeling is they’re so used to getting away with telling a pack of lies, their repertoire stagnates to the extent it becomes like a stuck record. They say the same thing all the time, thus rendering what they say highly dubious. Perhaps this is a deliberate ploy to antagonise those of us with the ability to think. Then they hit us with another one of their meaningless labels like ‘conspiracy theorist’ to make us appear like fools to those who have the brains of a rocking horse!

  • Paul Stelt

    Viewing the Labour Party facebook page and Jeremy Corbyn’s post re the Manchester bombing and could not find one post indicating any knowledge of the true lay of the land. However, they seem to be a mostly peaceful bunch, not buying in to the Paki-bashing, Muslim hating bs. Of course, our rulers are trying hard to change those loving souls into haters and advocates of more police and more middle east killing. I put my two cents in and got one like and one person wondering how I could support Jeremy Corbyn because he hates my country (US). Oh well, the struggle goes on.

    • Most Jeremy Corbyn groups on FB are run by people who are trying to destroy him. In all my life I have never seen such outrageous bias. It’s so out in the open. You think how can they get away with such crass reporting? Of course the truth is – THEY’RE NOT! JC is miles ahead in the polls. Theresa May doesn’t have 20% of the vote! Her rallies are non-existent whereas Corbyn attracts 1000’s everywhere he goes. That’s the truth but the media, along with Zionist sites like FB, are able to create a reality of their own. It’s one thing having the numbers but knowing it collectively is what counts. This is where media control is crucial. We have to speak more about the election fraud that is about to occur.

  • Said Goodbye and Deactivated Facebook because Zuckerberg can carry on without me.
    Went looking and glad I managed to find you again.

  • John lambie

    Michael Is an attention seeking fool who hasn’t got a clue what he’s actually talking about,in other word you a crackpot.

  • Luzita Ball

    Michael thankyou. You say a lot of things that make sense but we need to follow that trace. Who witnessed the four black audis with blacked out windows? This needs to be investigated. Who were they and what were they doing there? Did anyone else see them? When were they there? etc.

    This type of black car were also seen in the Paris attacks and in the San Bernadino shootings, and something similar around 9/11.

    I would like to know more.

    I am wondering if it is possible to blackmail or brainwash a person into doing a suicide bombing to save the lives of his relatives for instance.

    Only God knows and will we ever find out?

    • The detail is impossible to verify simply because the media is on the side of the real terrorists. As far as I’m concerned, since the Israelis did 9/11 then there’s nothing they won’t do to keep this fictitious war on terror going. If the media implicated Mossad it would be like shooting oneself in the foot, so its simply not going to happen. But Luzita – I wouldn’t worry about whether someone can be brainwashed into becoming a suicide bomber. What you should think is how would you feel if US & UK bombs killed your entire family? This is happening on a colossal scale, almost unimaginable, so quite how anyone can be so surprised when a suicide bomber pops up is really something. This is what we should be reiterating – we drastically need a 180 degree turnaround on Western foreign policy.

  • sully

    I strongly believe mossad agents are operating in Britian and France, masquerading as Muslim terrorist leaders, they look for Muslims who are angry at the West and then recruit them to carry out terrorist attacks. This is what I am convinced happened on 9/11.
    Please read Ed Haas’s investigation on the muckraker report regarding retired IDF officer Andras Szekely who overheard three men discussing in Hebrew, a terrorist attack on the WTC 11 months before it happened and his attempts to warn the FBI which includes letters and a meeting with FBI agents Gritz and Stengel in June 2001 which the FBI now claim never happened even though Szekely has both of the agents personal business cards which they gave him during the meeting at Szekely’s house.

    • Absolutely right Sully. If only people knew that the Israelis are past masters at this sort of skulduggery. They are the REAL terrorists. You can go back to 1954 – the Lavon affair was a classic example of Mossad agents dressed up as Arabs, planting bombs in the US & UK embassies in Egypt. They’ve been doing this sort of thing for years & the only way they’ll stop is if infinitely more people realise this is the case.

  • sully

    Further to my previous comment, no one seems to question, if these muslims are so bent on revenge for western military actions in the middle east why do they always target innocent civilians and never the politicians who are responsible for the said actions?
    Compare this to a real terrorist group, the IRA who although they did target civilians, soon realised this was a mistake and focused on economic disruption and targeting the government to the point where they almost took out the entire Thatcher administration at Brighton.

    • This is another very good point, especially regarding the Brighton bombing. Targeting innocent civilians, HOWEVER JUSTIFIED YOUR CAUSE IS, is counter-productive. Most people are way too dense to see the bigger picture anyway. Rage always takes over & the Zionists being the master-manipulators they are, know this only too well. This is why it is obvious these attacks are all Israeli false flag terrorist acts. If I was a Muslim who had lost family members due to indiscriminate Western bombing, not that I could ever imagine myself being in such a forlorn frame of mind, I would only think about targeting the politicians responsible or Israel. Killing innocent people does not serve any cause.

  • sully

    I think it highly likely the bomber did not know he was a “suicide” bomber. It would be a lot easier to coerce someone to carry a package or bag to a delivery point then remotely detonate it without the carrier ever knowing what he did. Also it ensures, as is common to most all the post 2001 terrorism, the supposed terrorist is killed therefore can never be questioned.

    • How do we know what device was used? For starters I’d never believe anything the Zionist media says. In fact I try to imagine the exact opposite of what they say. It’s amazing how close to the truth one gets by doing so.

  • Lasse Anckarman

    Hi Michael. Very well written and very logic. Here’s another interesting piece:

    PS. Many people miss you at FB.

    • Thanks Lasse. FB has banned me for another 30 days. It’s funny – the last time they did it was just before the US elections. It is obvious they are going to cheat big time here in the UK. Theresa May has no support. I suppose they don’t want me to talk about that!

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