Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS……. well not quite.

All this talk of Putin – is he or isn’t he is beginning to drive me round the bend. What I do know is I’m over the bloody moon there are two politicians – one of them’s doing what I want – Putin; the other is saying all the things I want to hear – Corbyn. THAT’S A DAMN SIGHT BETTER THAN THINGS WERE A YEAR AGO! However, though I’ve been at loggerheads with some good friends over this I do agree with Brandon Martinez on one thing regarding Putin – he not anywhere near as anti-Zionist as I’d like him to be.


America’s foreign policy is strictly a dual national Zionist affair. As per usual the U.S. is blamed while Israel forever slips under the radar. When are people going to state the obvious – none of this is in America’s interests. Therefore there has to be an ulterior motive. There are no ifs & buts about this. Since only Zionists possess ungodly influence over US politicians & since Israel is the only country gaining from all this mayhem, what does it take for people to put 2+2 together? Nevertheless, Putin at least has the gloves off……



This is an excellent clip with Mark Dankof saying exactly how it is: Kerry slams Russia to distract attention from US failure in Syria.



I know the media have their hands tied. There is no out for these lying bastards. They have to keep telling porkies. We know the problem with that, or at least we should do – the more lies one tells, the more ridiculous one’s story becomes. Well we passed that stage ages ago. I only hope many more folk are beginning to see through the lies.






  • It is all just like i said about Putin the 25/7. He sees through all the bullshit coming out of the West, and instead of confrontation – which always takes place to gain power – .He Putin, seeks communication and balance. I was in Ukraine representing the U.S. in the International Psychic Challenge, and I know exactly what CAUSED that EFFECT.

    I predicted the Cold War between Russia and the U.S.. that progressed to the Middle East based on a Divide and Conquer “PLAN” controlled by the elitist banker Zionists who are now seen as the One World Order. But, believe it or not, the key location (of 3) behind this global takeover is the U. K. (London in particular).

  • Yes indeed Jack. What has most impressed me about Putin is while Obama & Kerry are playing Tiddlywinks, Putin & Lavrov are playing chess. Not only that Putin never stoops to their level. He remains cool, calm & collected. Whenever he makes a move he’s got all bases covered.

  • John walsh

    We must Love all neighbors as ourselves, no criteria needed. From the Founder of Occupy Wall Street, Spiritual Awakening of the Child of the Son, Most High!

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