Matt Damon gives shocking speech on Global Elite calling for Global Disobedience

WELL DONE INDEED MATT DAMON. I perfectly understand why I’m forever having to encourage people to do their bit. How often I hear phrases like ‘aaahh what good would it do or what difference can I make?’ Truth is, nearly all of us, myself included, individually make little or no difference. Nevertheless, I insist, even if it means just sending an email or signing a petition, DO IT!


What people have got to get into their heads is firstly, doing nothing is not an option & secondly our effort can only be measured collectively. It’s this accumulative effect that leads to pressure & eventually a change of heart. Therefore, even if you convince one person of the truth, you have contributed. Don’t look upon this for receiving recognition. Your reward is knowing you’re DOING what you believe is right.


Do what's right


But there’s a third factor we have to consider at this moment in time. We’ve long since reached the stage where only those who are totally ignorant, bone-idle or just plain selfish are yet to realise something is terribly amiss with the behavior & decision-making of our politicians & media. Now they know this & therefore, THEY ARE OUT TO GET US! This is why what they’re doing seems so crazy!


Never before have we seen those who are brave enough to reveal heinous crimes be treated so appallingly. To a fault whistle-blowers find themselves vilified by politicians & media alike. Many end up in jail; Philip Marshall & Michael Hastings are but two who paid the ultimate price. All this while war criminals, treasonous politicians, Pedophiles & the most evil liars & mega fraudsters are being rewarded lavishly! As Matt Damon says –


“topsy turvy world” we’re living in where the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are out of jail. The wrong people are in power, whilst the wrong people are out of power.” 


Whilst us mere mortals can only do so much, no one should need any reminding that whenever a well-known figure like Matt Damon speaks out, the effect they have is multiplied not a thousand fold but a million fold! This is why I’m always on the look out for such news items & it’s one of the few times I’ll ever say PLEASE SHARE THIS!


Moreover, whenever any famous person steps up to the plate, we should make it our duty to support them because we all know what’s in store. If anything this is where I feel we can do so much more. I often wonder if people realise just how crucial this is. The bane of Zionism is truth. Their only defense is to attack the messenger in such a way, few end up even considering the message. We have to start smothering this attack.


Look what happened to Charlie Sheen. If the papers or TV for instance pour scorn over a celebrity, whether we like the person or not, we should inundate TV channels with phone calls & emails, letting them know their station will be boycotted. The same with the newspapers. Let them know that you are not happy with the way they’re treating people who are brave enough to speak the truth. Tell them, as a result, they have lost your business.


Matt Damon Gives SHOCKING Speech On Global Elite Calling For Global Disobedience!




  • the Dean

    Please tell Mr Damon that Howard Zinn was inaccurate in much of his history. Bad source to be building on.

    • Since most of what we’re taught in history lessons at school never mentions the considerable role the Rothschilds had in the last 200 years, who’s to say who’s not accurate & who is? Howard Zinn from what I know spoke quite a bit of sense.

  • I agree with Matt there is no question most everyone in our government belongs in jail. And we needed civil disobedience long ago. And we need to get back to the Constitution.

    I will add to his speech that compared to Communist Russia or Hitlers Germany today our controllers have much more technology to prevent losing their control. Today we live in a surveillance society thats has created detailed profiles on every one of us. Every technology that makes the world smaller, like the internet, is required for world government control. And it only gets more advanced every day due to developing technologies. By design every threat and crisis globally moves the world into consolidating resources including knowledge and currencies into the hands of those for the world government plan.

    Once one studies enough history it becomes clear most history is written before it happens. The world government plan is successfully tearing down the barriers of the country’s of the world to control them. Its being done through the United Nations through sustainable development. They clearly want to take the world. I have spent 2 decades researching how our freedoms in America have been systematically eroded, including the power centers behind that trend.

    You wont hear any of this from the government, media or those creating world government. But if you truly want to understand the United Nations use of Agenda 21/sustainable
    development/Agenda 2030 please understand they call for depopulation of the world by 85%. And more people around the world everyday are accepting the U.N as a growing authority. This explains why the resources in America are continually being made off limits for the peoples use. Do you see it happening in food resources, mining and forestry?

    The plan has been gradually removing, and will not stop removing, our land mass from productive human use! The intent should be clear to you, human population will forced to fall. So once you understand that is the plan and real purpose of the United Nations you will put it into the perspective we all NEED to see it in ASAP. We can expect the plan for more wars, famine and disease to continue unchallenged while most everyone has no idea whats planned for world government. Way too many still ‘believe” if what I am saying were true it would have been on the front page of every newspaper and on every alphabet channel. And those people “believe” that because that is the source of how they “think”, talk and dress etc..

  • jill

    Where is the link to Damon’s speech? You are assuming everyone saw it?

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