Max Igan: Welcome to Trump Land

Perhaps this is one of the reasons mankind is in such a mess – we can’t wait to ambush people the moment they say anything controversial. As a result, often people completely get the wrong end of the stick. From the beginning I couldn’t have made my position clearer on Trump, yet ever since I stated at least we have a semblance of a chance with him, I’ve had to suffer the brunt of people being overly aggressive & downright rude. What annoys me so is all they had to do is read what I had written.
From day one, I said the fact this odious man was even a candidate to become President of the United States indicates how low we’ve sunk. He’s never been a public servant. The only reason he’s a big banana is because he inherited $300 million! Any twat can become a big shot with a head start like that! I said this countless times. I stated the alternative in all likelihood would result in WW III. So I did the only thing I felt I could – highlight all the good things Trump said & THERE WERE MANY GREAT THINGS & reservedly ignore all the nasty stuff by putting it down to electioneering. Shock/horror!
I also said there’s was only one yardstick to go by on whether one should support Trump or not. If the media backed him, he wasn’t worth a bar of soap. If the media however attacked him, then that was a good sign. I stand by that. Now, if it turns out all this media bias was merely a tactic to fool people like me, then I’ll be the first to hold my hands up. I still cannot believe the media’s hatred of Trump was one massive put on & all at a time when the entire MSM was hemorrhaging credibility? You got to be kidding me! What I can’t tolerate though are crystal ball merchants who simply state the obvious just because they’re not prepared to give the man a chance. Are we so spoiled for choice?
Did I ever say Trump is the answer to all our problems? No. Did I ever say I trust him? No. Would I even bet on him doing the right thing? Most definitely not. It’s a bad bet. In any case, no one man can solve centuries of sheer folly but for so many to even suggest I don’t know exactly what he’s up against…. after all I’ve written about the scourge of Zionism? Whether this is down to people trying to earn Brownie points by trying to make a clever dick like me look bad I don’t know & I don’t even want to know but it amazed me no end how so many folk have felt the need to remind me of any Zionist connection Trump & his family have.
So when Charles Magus sent me this video (55 mins) saying I ‘need’ to see this I answered “thanks Charles. I’ve always been a big Max Igan fan but what may surprise you is I agree with everything Max says. EVERYTHING!” It’s worth listening to the whole thing. Perhaps my mistake was not previously posting something like this, one that gives the full picture. Max says all the things I stated but he does so with far more trepidation & I totally understand that. He’s 100% correct – the Clintons & Soros are still trying to hijack Trump. This is what democracy means to people like Hillary! And of course if Trump does the right thing, there’s the genuine danger of him becoming just another Mossad target for assassination. Things could indeed get very nasty, very quickly. We have to wait & see & keep our fingers crossed.





  • Ted Duggan

    Still don’t trust him as far as i could throw him …… Just like the one’s he beat …. They are all in it together

    • I don’t trust any politician Ted. I never have & I never will but how do you know they’re all in it together? You stick a video up & everyone’s supposed to say ‘oh yeah. Let’s forget about everything else’ – how he spilled the beans about the media, their lies, election fraud, the criminality of the Clintons, 9/11 & the Bush family? What about his pledge to make US foreign policy non-interventionist? If he’s not going to do that why make it that much harder? It’s very easy to say what you’re saying.

    • Eva Nielsen

      Ted Duggan – there are also a video telling that Gadaffi isn’t dead. Many people believe it.
      Just sticking a video up – isn’t enough.

  • Ron Wright

    Well I shall remain hopeful and optimistic. After all what other options do we have. I will judge by his actions, because I believe that he can’t be as bad as the last incumbent

    • richard lyons

      Exactly. Better than Crooked Hillary ? Gmmuck offers no solution !

    • We have to be Ron. In any case, if Trump doesn’t deliver I think it will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      • Ron Wright

        I’ve just watched both of the video’s posted. I think the Max Igan one could have been half the length had he not continued to repeat himself. But he is no different to me… It’s all ifs and buts. We simply have to wait and see. Due to the Americans leaving themselves with a choice of the devil and the deep blue sea, I believe that in the end the only option was Trump. I’m not saying it’s a good option or that he’s right for the job, but, Clinton……………..

        • Yes you’re right Ron. Max does repeat himself a few times & I feel exactly as you do – these were the two worst candidates in history. What we really needed was 8 years of Ron Paul & not Obama but where RP went wrong is he never mentioned the obvious election fraud whereas Trump did so immediately.

  • Neil Unwin

    Michael, you are right. It certainly is “one of the reasons mankind is in such a mess”- always has been & always will be. What you describe as “we cant wait to ambush people etc.” actually just amounts to this in my opinion- 1. An inability to Live & Let Live. 2. An incapability to have mutual respect for each others` different beliefs, needs, & wants…. As a species overall, the Human Race leaves a lot to be desired- to say the least..

    • I think people are too easily programmed Neil. The crazy thing is many people who are quite aware of the media’s brainwashing powers themselves fall foul of subliminal brainwashing. I couldn’t agree more how mankind leaves so much to be desired.

  • JennyG

    Excellent Max Igan video, he covered it all for me………..and I can accept other people opinion as well, I have no idea why some people get so utterly aggressive if your opinion is not there’s., almost bullying because you put your thoughts across in a different way to theres……..

    • Thanks Jenny. This is what puts me off social media more than anything – the lack of discussion, people explaining exactly why they have a certain opinion. AS I tried to say in this piece assuming Trump is going to be no different than the rest – that’s an easy option. I don’t need anyone to tell me Trump is in the pockets of the Zionists. I still maintain at least we have a chance with him. He’s already killed the TTIP which would have been a major disaster. Now I’m just hoping he does something about the media & money in politics & doesn’t do some of the things he said about Israel, Iran & China.

  • kevin Fitmaurice-brown

    I have many friends on social media around the world. most of whom are very well informed however Trump seems to be confusing even them He IS NPD. people MUST Research NPD. USA is run by corporate crooks many of whom are NPD. UK sold the NHS etc to USA corps years ( Thatcher ) Trump will now asset strip UK, try to do a deal with Putin ( Trump already has been give his 19.5% shares in Putins oil.

    Meanwhile Theresa May holds hands with a lunatic and dithers. Has no idea what to do. PhD psychologist using stolen software brought about the BREXIT shock and got Trump into power. The hole thing is in a terrible mess While Russia and others musty be laughing at the West who were cheated by their own

    • We’ve already been asset stripped but you think Trump’s in it for this? As it happens I think Trump is a rather odious man but one thing is certain – apart from the fact you’ve stated the obvious – we’re in a terrible mess, you’re judgement is atrocious.

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