Merely saying ‘you know nothing’ is not valid criticism. Criticism has to be backed up by analysis that focuses on specific points. Only then can criticism warrant the label ‘constructive’ & so present a feasible argument for the undecided to mull over.

When I think of the mental turmoil the past few months, working 12 hours every day, pretty much for peanuts; having to put up with all the vicious threats, small wonder I was close to blowing a fuse. So I took a break & I can honestly say, though I still feel a touch jaded, my intention was to come back with avenging fury. But just as I began to get into the groove I thought what harm was there to declare I prefered Bernie Sanders as President than Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush? BIG MISCALCULATION! Plenty more than I imagined, that’s for sure. For the record –

“The only thing that matters about Bernie is whether he’s better than Hilary & Jeb. Hilary – depraved murderer, gagging to start WW III; Jeb – traitor, heavily involved in the mass-murder of 3000 of his own citizens on 9/11. Give me a break. I know Bernie is Jewish. What’s wrong with that? I’ve got nothing against any decent person & in my eyes Bernie is by no means perfect but he’s a whole load better than most of the garbage on Capitol Hill.”

Comments piled in but as it so often happens, the vast majority had little or no relevance to what I said. As I read them the feeling of deflation slowly but surely had a numbing effect. Every time I tried to respond, something else would incur my wrath & so on. Then….. incoming – the obligatory personal insult! Often it leads to 2 people taking over the thread in what becomes a tennis style volley of exchange. I immediately thought you guys are never going to learn. Here we are on the same side. The real enemy sticks out like a beacon, yet time & again we argue over trivial details that in the final analysis has no bearing or significance to what we’re up against.

Incredible – Truthers who know of the Rothschild/Illuminati goal to establish a one world government where we’ll in all likelihood end up either as slaves or brown bread, have actually managed to unravel their central strategy for achieving this goal – their tactic is to DIVIDE & CONQUER! Talk about the mother of ironies? What a bonus for these conspirators. Even though they realised they had to have full control over the flow of information, they knew fooling everyone was nigh on impossible. Talk about hitting the jackpot! Don’t worry Nathan, Jake, Evelyn – those onto us will argue among themselves & so almost as if acting as our agents, will unwittingly DIVIDE THEMSELVES!


End result!


Hard as I tried, in fact I literally ended up begging people to debate, discuss, make your point but above all, refrain from personal insults. My pleas fell on deaf ears. Many good friends were so turned off by the vitriolic abuse & downright awful language, every other day I’d receive a message which felt like a dagger in my heart -“I’d love to be involved in your wall but it’s like jumping into a lion’s den.” I’d devote precious time explaining why all the swearing & abuse had to stop in a post, only for people to send me messages insinuating I was against freedom of speech – F. U. GMM! Yesterday Chaz Labrock made a comment on the thread reiterating much of what I’ve just said.

Then there were those who say something so patently obvious like ‘it doesn’t matter who you vote for’. This is perfectly understandable. What’s inexcusable & indeed downright insulting is tagging my name before such a comment as if I’m a blithering idiot! For instance – Michael W. Lurie P.S. Michael Aydinian, many Americans have come to realize that it matters not who gets voted for. “Presidents are selected, not elected.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. Bill Knotts said “You obviously don’t get it do you?” I respond, only to be ignored. However a sequence of comments from Mario Cooke made me feel so sick, I thought, why the hell am I doing this?

Mario Cooke “you’ve got nothing against Bernie? Then you shall see the continued destruction of Palestine.”

Have I not sweat blood trying to highlight the plight of the Palestinians? Have I not stuck my neck like few ever do pointing the finger at Israel? What kind of a comment is this? You see all I said initially was I’d rather have Bernie than the other two. I STAND BY THIS 100%! Whatever Sanders is & everyone’s right – he’s always supported Israel. Of course I could easily explain why we have this conundrum or dilemma. Trouble is how many more times should I explain the inns & outs of this to the last detail? I cannot keep repeating myself. i simply said I’d rather have Bernie because the other two are GARGANTUAN MASS-MURDERING EVIL SCUM! To feel Bernie is capable of emulating some of the things these two have in mind is beyond comprehension. So I responded “Mario – for crying out loud – how can you say that? Don’t you think I know the coup? All I’m saying is…… (and then exasperation got the better of me) BOLLOCKS! I refuse to waste my time anymore. Vote for Hilary & Jeb!” His response is the reason for this post –

“Michael, (1) you know nothing about the American scene, (2) and you are always making posts. (3) I have, in the past, corrected you: (4)There are no good presidential candidates, all of them, the entire menu is different versions of shit. The country is screaming in need of a full out Revolution. It is regrettable that it got this far, but nothing short of a complete armed revolt will come close to a solution. And no, Siegie, we were asleep in a century of abundance and peace at home. We were too blind to see how much we were lied to and cheated by our elected politicians. The American Public does not want war. The zionist press manipulates their mind and tell them who their enemies should be. The corrupt politicians tell the public what their zionist bosses tell them to say. It is no different than in your own backyard. Heck, all the methodology comes from Tavistock!”


To speak or not to speak.


I felt sick but I thought, take a deep breath. Sleep on it. Think about it & then respond. Jealousy is a human trait. I understand how frustrating it must be for those who feel they know what’s going down yet hard as they try to generate traffic, it simply doesn’t happen. Then they see some Limey making the sparks fly. I went to Mario’s wall & scrolled down. What can I say? I know it must hurt seeing others generate traffic they’d love to have. Why not ask those who for some reason or another do? That’s what I’d do if this was my goal. In fact, many people have & continue to do so. Realising this is a touchy issue, I always took the time & trouble to explain this is all about an elaborate package that has to jangle together. There’s no hard & fast rule. 


Among other demonic side-effects, jealousy serves to cloud judgement so comments possess an air that smack of bitterness & boy, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt this veiled resentment. Nonetheless, analysing why this was happening was insufficient for my good self. I endeavored to let detractors know “look. The last thing i want is everyone to agree with me. If you disagree, please, say why? You have every right to tell me I know nothing or I’m talking crap but surely, if your desire is to be taken seriously – TELL ME EXACTLY WHY YOU THINK THIS IS THE CASE! After all, how else can one learn? I guarantee – if anyone’s criticism is constructive & as a result I’ve no option but to modify my thoughts – I WILL THANK YOU FOR ENLIGHTENING ME. Ultimately knowledge is what I crave.




So Mr. Mario Cooke – I can honestly say I’m upset & fed up. I’m furious with the 6 people who Liked your 2nd comment. 1) I know nothing. Is this how you offer constructive criticism? Listen pal – if only I had videos to prove how wrong you are. Not that I’m in any doubt most people regard your assertion “I know nothing about the American scene” as a joke, here’s the pain……. I didn’t just sit with advisors to Presidents when I had the privilege of dining with some of my uncle’s best friends. These guys had lick-arse merchants coming out of their ears. Every time bridge opponents realised who my partner was, they were so in awe, we were guaranteed a blinding score.

As I got to know them, they were only too happy to allow me to explain precisely why I felt their analysis of certain situations was perhaps suspect. As time passed, often I’d be proved right. In 1990 my bridge partner was my uncle’s best mate, a genius named Edward Bruner. Believe it or not, this guy would be on the short list of who’d met more heads of state, Royalty, Popes, Gumbas, Mogul emperors, you name it! He was Switzerland’s secretary of state; he was also Swiss Ambassador to Washington DC. The Bruners had given me the green light to marry their daughter. Much as I loved this amazing family, I was an idiot who was not ready for marriage. Edward’s best mate was James Baker III, only US Secretary of State & it just so happened he was G. Bush senior’s campaign manager. The quest for 4 more years. Bush was up against two-bit scumbag Bill Clinton.

Along with Bruner, there was a senior advisor to Bush who I cannot name, who I also got to know very well. They went on about how the election was going, to all intents & purposes, it was in the bag. I made out I wasn’t paying attention. There was quiet & suddenly I muttered….. “They’re blowing it!” I can see my uncle face now, glaring with apprehension. I continued – “you’re all wrong. In fact, I can’t quite believe what you’re all saying!” My Uncle’s fork very nearly became part of his digestive system! “Far as I’m concerned (looking at Bruner) if your mate James Baker is in charge of Bush’s campaign he better start showing there’s more in his tank than a barrel load of cool, calm & collective nonchalance Texan multi-millionaires have a propensity to exude. I’ll tell you now – the damage is already done. Clinton’s won this thing.” Silence. “Please, allow me.” I then explained precisely where, how & why this was indeed the case. These guys listened intently to every goddamn word I said. I promise, when they walked away from the table, they were anything but so sure Bush senior would be re-elected.

Just for the record my parting shot was “there’s only one chance for Bush – he’s got to dump Baker & make me his campaign manager! Then he might win” 100% true. My uncle’s Armenian curses were accompanied with roars of laughter. Smiling, I looked at Bruner. Our eyes met. Joking as it may have seemed, this guy was so smart, I could see he knew I was deadly serious about what I’d just said. 6 months later we all happened to link up again in Monaco. Clinton, an absolute nobody, with a plethora of criminal activity already stashed firmly under his belt, was in the White House. I never said a word. I didn’t have to. I felt the respect & the fact I knew my uncle was not just proud. He never let on but behind the scenes, I was well aware he always stuck his neck out to the max with me, even with mega power-players. When the goods were delivered, it made him look a touch tasty too & boy, though he didn’t know it, I could see it written all over his boat-race!

2)”& you are always making posts.” What do you want me to do – sit here like an egg? You post; I post. If something’s bothering you, say what’s on your mind. Instead, you play the big I am 3)”I have in the past, corrected you:” Really? Since when? I get the feeling what you construe as ‘correcting me’ is merely telling me I’m wrong. Going for Brownie points are we? And before you even think about shooting your mouth off again, I always thank those who in any way help me see something I previously wasn’t aware of. Moreover, I defy you to find other Fb-ers who make it their duty as I do to thank those who take the time to send links or captions, regardless of whether I post them or not. Believe you me, if ever you or anyone corrects me, I’ll make sure everyone on FB knows about it. I smell no large rodent with you Mario. Trolls & misinfo merchants have virtually given up trying to mess with me but I’ve more than a fair idea why you lashed out. Next time, if you think I’m wrong, I demand, beg, order you & anyone else to explain why.



Great minds always rejoice when they realise, ‘damn. That piece of furniture was riddled with woodworm.’ Nothing pleases me more than the realisation assumptions which effectively corrupted cells in my brain could now be freed (rather like a eliminating a computer virus). I say corrupted because anything lodged in our attic of information inevitably, inadvertently acts as a guide.


The moment one’s thought process refers to corrupted cells in order to seek further clarity, it’s now simply a question of how much damage may be incurred. If the foundation of a thought process evolves from flawed cells, hard as one tries to make head or tail of a particular conundrum, at best one will find cans of worms opening up with unerring regularity. If finally you realise this doesn’t make sense, then Hallelujah – you’re brain is working as it should.


Imagine taking the wrong exit on a roundabout. The longer one fails to recognise the faux-pas, the further one strays from one’s desired destination. You have to trace back until lo & behold, you’ll say, this is where we went wrong. Sooner or later you’ll end up just where you wanted to be. So, when you realise ‘where the hell are we’, it’s as damn near identical as realising ‘this doesn’t make sense!’ Sadly, most of us tend to leave it there & neglect to apply the same remedy – we don’t trace back to the point where it all went pear-shaped. This is the good news –


The other side of the coin is the bad news. Unbeknown to the host, long-time corrupted brain cells undergo a metamorphosis – rather like Cancer cells that make the leap from benign to malignant! The corruption of brain cells is now so vast, even after unravelling the nitty-gritty so that one is merely led up the proverbial garden path, the host refuses to believe anything’s wrong. Instead, the host, now flush with flawed brain cells, displays stubbornness – all you Mules out there, eat your heart out because even though the pieces don’t fit, I’m going to make them bloody well fit, whether they like it or not! All I have to do is ignore each & every last crucial detail that may be trying to tell me I’ve got the brains of a rocking horse!

So Mario – don’t you dare give me that crap saying you have tremendous respect for me while openly displaying the very antithesis. And you know what pissed me off more than anything? From 4) onward IS EVERYTHING I’VE SAID – LIKE A STUCK BLOODY DISC! From the jump I’ve burst blood vessels trying to convince American friends their country is under occupation. As always I back up my claims with evidence that in this case is as cast-iron as it gets yet, time & again, this served to incur a volley of abuse from some Americans who displayed the kind of ignorance that’s symptomatic of the sorry state of affairs we now find ourselves in. ‘Mind your own business’ & ‘another Limey making himself busy’ were some of the friendlier messages I received. Not one iota of consideration given to the glaringly obvious fact dual national Zionists had taken their country over. How much more evidence is needed for Americans to realise these people masquerading as Americans are traitors whose allegiance is to Israel? Oh but having one’s ego-centricity so rudely displaced is just all too much.

Courting popularity, for me at least, is akin to having a fart in a space-suit! I like the idea of standing up & being counted. So unlike the vast majority who play Humpty Dumpty & sit on the fence, I put my money where my mouth is & say what I believe will occur. The great playwright Harold Pinter hit the nail on the head when he said Americans had become all too absorbed in their own self love – America, the home of the brave; the land of the free? Yes. Keep telling yourself that. Better still, stick your hand on your heart & sing ‘God bless America’ one more time. I only wish this dreadful song included the line ‘screw the rest of the world God. No need to bless any of that mob!’ I try to be honest, polite & courteous as well as generous with my time but suffering abuse from people who are supposed to be sitting on my side of the fence has become so soul-destroying I’m beginning to think I’m the biggest mug!





  • Lesa & Al

    One of your best ones yet! The truth and nothing but the truth! Admire you more each day Michael .. and for those who do not have ears to hear or a brain like a rocking horse … one day they will catch up .. one can only hope! It’s all about divide and conquer .. letting go of ego and opening the mind and some friggen common sense. Imagine allowing another Hillory or Bush to be voted in or calling for a revolution and this time ! just cause THEY tell you your vote doesn’t count … How about we make it count, hold people accountable and GROW UP.

  • Danie Weir

    Hear hear Michael.
    I find myself in almost total agreement in your assessment of the machinations of the Cult of Zion… and other less pressing issues… including this one, therefore I seldom comment as I have little to add. I tend to read, then copy and paste in the hope that my friends and acquaintances might be brought up to speed. I have not noticed the vitriolic comments on your posts as I receive them from various sources to which you post, and don’t thread up.
    Without being sycophantic, I find my opinion pretty much mirrors yours… You are right about Bernie, however, 🙂 , … a career politician, dual citizenship … controlled self placed opposition… the lesser of 2,3 or 4 evils is still evil. But what choice?
    I read this somewhere and it us apt
    When you no longer worry about what other people think of you… You become a special sort of awesome.
    More power to you Pal. Give ’em hell!
    Wish I had your eloquence.

  • Nicky Nelson

    Brilliant as usual! 🙂

  • Linda Morrison

    Michael you stun me with your amazing mind then come out with something that just cracks me up laughing, my brain has two neural pathways, slow and stop with a healthy dose of common sense. So I rely on you more than you know for my information feed and my daily bout of humour.
    When I read some of the comments Its a case of…”yep,valid point” ..or “what a turkey”. Or, “oh look two turkeys trying to impress each other”. They do a grand job of making themselves look ridiculous.
    My grandad used to say..”if you have nothing to say, say nothing” there are a lot of people out there that should do just that!
    Brilliantly written,

    • Linda – what can I say? You’re so kind. Not that I want to be showered with compliments all the time but I can’t help but wish more people would think like you & everyone else here. It’d becoming ever so hard.

  • Michael; Again, I have read trough all of your diatribe to see your point, and I find it all in three words, what the Zionist world domination is based on – DIVIDE AND CONQUOR, but I doubt if the average American can, or wants to see it. The world is now in turmoil just as the Zionists planned. I appreciate your devotion to your writing. Screw those who don’t.

    • Thanks Jack. You’re a good man. We’ve not always seen eye to eye. Nevertheless, what trumps everything is you arrive at the correct conclusions & one day, when I do have the time, I will check out some of your books. However what I appreciate more than anything is even though you know I struggle to come to terms with some of your methods, you remain a straight-shooter, honest & true.

  • Sam

    Quite right Michael, the truth movement at times resembles the Judean people’s front vs people’s front of Judea, splitters!

    • Sam – I needed a good laugh. 10 years ago I knew the script off by heart –
      The one group of people we hate more the Romans are the People’s Front of Judea!
      WE’RE the People’s Front of Judea you burke. There’s the Judean People’s front…………………. SPLITTERS! .
      Can I join you?
      No. Piss off!
      Look I hate the Romans.
      Oh yeah?……. How much?
      I really, really hate the Romans!

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