Meryl Streep: You may be the G.O.A.T but you have the brains of a rocking horse!

Sorry folks. I’ve got to re-post this. I didn’t think it was appropriate for my website but I just watched this clip & I don’t think it’s possible to sum it up any better than this guy did. I tried but when I saw this I felt my effort was rendered lame in comparison. Listen to the man (4.43)….




For the record this is what I said…..


I never thought I’d ever see a better actress than Bette Davis. Well, they do say never say never. It won’t be the last time the GMM holds his hands up. You see, that lofty crown now deservedly belongs to Meryl Streep. Yet, do I learn? No way for I can safely say no one will ever surpass her outlandish ability, versatility & ever-burgeoning body of work. This is nigh on impossible.


But suddenly, right out of the blue, Meryl Streep has taken a giant leap out of her pram. In one fell swoop, this incredible actress has made one thing abundantly clear – possessing all the talent under the sun by no means excludes one from becoming an honorary member of GMM’s infamous club –









  • I saw and heard Streep (with her “brains of a rocking horse”) putting down Trump for what and how he said what he said and I applaud her for that, because I felt the same way when I saw him “mouthing and acting” it; and I didn’t vote for him NOR Hillary. Let’s face it; Trump (system is rigged) is better for us than “system” Hillary, but think about this:

    What “Made America Great” was war – pure and simple – so, what will “Make America Great Again”? WAR!! Anyone who can’t see this has “the brains of a Rocking Horse”. Either way, it is war, because that is the plan of the elitist Zionist bankers OWO. The Earth is over populated with white “Sheeples”, so lead them over the cliff with a Black Sheep and put the Black Sheep in jail. Young Black men are either; in jail and/or on the streets with no jobs, killing and being killed. Yes; Meryl Streep should stick to acting, but someone was going to say what she said. Would you have…?

    I predict that “within two decades, Blacks will be the majority voters, and this has the White people in power worried.

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