Message to Netanyahu, Cameron & Harper – passing laws curtailing freedom of speech & criticism of the government is the very antithesis of democracy

Netanyahu, Cameron, Harper, Hollande etc claiming to be beacons of democracy while yearning to pass laws that curtail freedom of speech & criticism of the government is like a champion devil-worshipper ramming a rocket up his arse in order to be catapulted forever into heavenly orbit.


It’s inevitable from time to time we get the feeling it’s hard to go on & why are we doing this…… but then you see a video like the one below & it hits you. We’re the lucky ones. Countless times I’ve tried highlighting the efforts of Jews & Israelis who are just as vehemently opposed to vermin like Netanyahu as we are. What people don’t seem to understand is rule No.1 for the controlling Zionist thugs is not only to impose a total news blackout on Jewish opposition but to also ensure these brave people are given the full treatment. We’re talking a level of intimidation & violence here ……. where do you think this recent upsurge in US cop thuggery came from? They sought advice from this lot – the IDF! All of a sudden, unarmed US citizens are being mowed down & few people put 2+2 together. Thanks to Simon King for this clip. Look how this so-called soldier rams his rifle into the guy’s chest –


End Zionism



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