Methods of Depopulation by Kevin Galalae.

Gordon Gekko was wrong – greed is bad. That doesn’t mean some shouldn’t have more than others. If one works harder or is more conscientious, one deserves that much more but greed, most especially what we’re seeing today? It just beggars belief. As far as I’m concerned this is one of two reasons why we’re in the khazi.


The other is over-population. That’s not to say this planet cannot sustain 7 billion humans. I believe it could but only if the planets well-being was rule No.1 & things were run in a way that catered for the many rather than filling the boots of a few greedy scumbags. 


Of course the problem with over-population is few countries will ever usher in strict restrictions on family size. It’s a guaranteed vote loser & even if a few countries do, it won’t make much difference for obvious reasons. Reducing the world’s population would require a concerted effort worldwide.


There is another way of course – war! Well, we had two World wars & the planet’s forever been bedeviled with conflicts yet all this hasn’t stopped the world’s population multiplying 7 fold. However, anyone aware of the NWO’s plans will know one of their goals is to get the world’s population down to under a billion. Maybe this guy Kevin Galalae has at least some of the answers. 



WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Government Planned To “Retaliate & Cause Pain” On Countries Refusing GMOs



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