MH 17 – a year on & justice remains but a pipe-dream. Yet, I’d like to bet most of the victim’s families know who the true perpetrators of this heinous crime were.

MH 17 – a year on & the victims families are no nearer to knowing who the real perpetrators were. Within an hour of the plane going down, it was obvious & I so much as said so on FB. Immediately I put pen to paper, listing all the crucial points & most of it centered specifically around what the Zionist controlled media said in the direct aftermath. Within half an hour they were blaming Putin. I knew they were lying. How could they possibly know? The wreckage was still smouldering. Moreover, for the plane to be diverted over 200 miles south st that it would pass over a war zone, required specific instructions via UKRAINIAN air-traffic control, not Russia.


MH 17 riddled with bullets

MH 17 riddled with bullets

Another serious eye-opener is how Google presents so much of what the media spews out, while trying to dig out images which tell another story altogether, is becoming increasingly problematic.


What else didn’t the media say? Only that 22 minutes after the plane went down, the impossible occurred in Gaza – Netanyahu’s tanks rolled in for the sole purpose of committing mass-murder. I say impossible because the day before, 4 kids playing beach football were deliberately targeted by Israel’s military. The first shell missed. As the boys ran away in panic, a second Israeli shell ripped them to shreds. With the entire world’s media focused on Gaza, this outrageous act, which only the most evil people on the planet could ever commit, was seen by all. Netanyahu’s plan to indulge in yet another bout of ethnic cleansing was under very serious jeopardy. The only way he could ever send the tanks in is if a catastrophic event occurred somewhere else, one that would be bad enough to divert the entire mass-media away from Gaza.

A few days later Whatsupic published the piece I submitted –

Slaughtering 298 for the Sake of Demonizing Putin. What Next?


Then, adding further insult to injury to the Dutch & Malaysian families, the Black Boxes were mysteriously sent to London. Once again, here is an act that points an accusing finger at the media because the UK had nothing to do with this disaster. What possible reason was there to do such a thing? JUST ONE DAMN GOOD ONE CALLED OPERATION KEEP A LID ON THE TRUTH! Cameron, had already committed Treason by accusing Putin without any justification. Therefore, for no good reason he’d made an enemy out of a super-power. If it was down to me, I’d have put Cameron up against a wall & shot as the traitor he undoubtedly is. It’s obvious whoever he’s really working for, ie Zionists, are so pleased with his commitment to serve their cause, what better man could have his miserable mitts over the Black Boxes, which undeniably held damning evidence? Having buried the Pedophile & Chilcott inquiries, Cameron was already well versed in this sort of skulduggery.


Once again, I can put my hand on my heart & say the fact the media never made anything of this inexplicable anomaly means they were complicit because there is no other explanation. A few months passed, frustrated as to how such a blatant crime had been committed was bad enough. However, seeing how so many ‘Truthers’ had fallen for the same old trick by speculating over a ludicrous notion MH17 was actually MH370, you know, the one involving Freescale’s patent holders in the far East. AS well as clouding an open & shut case, this merely opened up a massive can of worms & once again simply served to split Truthers. When it comes to being played, by hook or by crook, some of us find a way. So I thought I’d write a letter to David Cameron –

Dear Mr Prime Minister – 

If a plane carrying UK citizens was shot down over Ukraine, I’m intrigued to know what you’d say to the British public if the all-important Black Boxes were sent to Malaysia? What would your explanation be to the victim’s families when months go by & data which can be analysed in 24 hours nevertheless remains hidden from public gaze? You sir are the very antithesis of what put Great before Britain. My only wish left in life is to see you dangling from the end of a rope. It is essential everyone recognises you as the traitor you most definitely are. 

In the past I’d received answers from 10 Downing Street. Needless to say, this time around, I did not receive a reply. However, my gander was well & truly up so I wrote another piece for Whatsupic – the title SAYS IT ALL!

When Is The Media Going To Ask Cameron To Release The Data On The Black Boxes Of Flight MH17?





  • Sam

    Thanks Michael,
    I have found this case to be a good one for opening people’s eyes to the machinations of these scumbags, particularly anyone who knows about planes and guns as it is immediately obvious that this plane was brought down by another and as you say it had to be diverted from its regular flight path.. Also Poroshenko helpfully threatened the Donbass ‘separatists’ that he had a surprise in store for them just before he did it! I do like the letter to Cameron the shiny faced Zionist gobshite, well done mate and keep it up!

    • Cheers Sam. As you so rightly say, this case sticks out like a sore thumb. In fact 30 minutes after the plane went down, I felt, here we have all the classic ingredients of 9/11. Of course nowhere near as devastating in magnitude; nevertheless all the major hallmarks of a false flag event – THOSE WHO COULDN’T WAIT TO POINT AN ACCUSING FINGER, IN MY EYES SIMPLY REVEALED THEY WERE THE TRUE CONSPIRATORS! BY HAVING NO RIGHT TO ACCUSE, YET TO BLAME BIN LADEN & PUTIN WITHIN A HEARTBEAT WHEN THE EVIDENCE WAS STILL SMOULDERING?

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