Michael Moore Explains Why TRUMP Will Win

Michael Moore hit the nail on the head in this clip (3.55) when he said ‘whether Trump means it or not is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting’. Apart from the fact Clinton is an evil psychopath, this is the main reason I’ve been praising Trump – he’s saying all the things I want to hear. Thanks Sue Lamb for this clip


What’s more, I’m sick to death of people simply telling me he’s part of the establishment. Wasn’t JFK part of the establishment? We actually need politicians that the establishment want to end up assassinating! Isn’t this not just obvious but our only chance? But then to hurl insults at me? At least I explain why I’ve taken a certain stance. These moronic so-called Truthers have the gall to avoid all the points I make only to hurl insults without offering any reasonable alternative. What’s the point of being an activist if all you’re going to do is criticise those who’ve got the balls to stand up & be counted. Maybe that’s why I’ve got a following & my critics are lucky to have a Mars bar.
I’m even more fed up listening to the ridiculous argument that Trump was deliberately selected in order to donate Hillary victory. This tripe falls apart because of three main reasons. Firstly, Trump slaughtered the opposition; he wasn’t selected! Moreover, when he called out Jeb Bush on the day I said this was a game-changer, for in one fell swoop, he alone destroyed the Bush dynasty once & for all! I’m frankly amazed more hasn’t been made of this. Secondly, with the MSM hemorrhaging viewers what earthly reason would the hierarchy want to show out even more by being so biased against Trump?
However, finally & most significantly, only the comatosed aren’t aware this election is being rigged for Hillary. Well, if this is the case & it most certainly looks that way, then it’s safe to say whoever she’d be up against would be cheated. Therefore, the very notion Trump is there to merely donate victory is preposterous! I would have thought selecting a no-hoper as opposed to someone like Trump would have made it infinitely easier to allow Hillary to waltz into the White House. What is it with people?



And for the media – 




  • Naveed Ahmed

    So, Michael Moore has finally spoken… You could see the rage in his voice when he delivered that speech. I have always maintained that the downtrodden and the underprivileged are desperate to give the ESTABLISHMENT a good fcukin kicking for 3 decades of neglect and food banks.

    I would be ecstatic if Trump pushed back the Washington elite, the horrendously biased media and the Clinton clan. I won’t forget the wet Republicans who changed sides like Mussolini did in WWII

    • I agree 100% Naveed though since I’ve posted this I’ve learned the media tried to make out this was an anti-Trump rally.

      • Naveed Ahmed

        Really? Is that the media take? Is that delusional or just evil. I really despair with the MSM. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I found Fox News much balanced in its reporting and analysis than the liked of CNN, ABC and others this past 3 months. (I now have a need to cleanse myself with a shower) CNN have been far worse. They’ve been cutting off interviews midsentence whenever guests have taken the opposing view to their own Clintonite narrative. It’s not called Clinton News Networks for nothing you know. On Fox, I am just wondering the message has finally been delivered by the Zionists to tone down on their Trump support of late.

  • Eva Nielsen

    Moore is right – sadly I think that the election is rigged and Killery will win. But anyway, the warmachine-the banksters and zionist Wall Street are the real “president”.

  • B

    Hillary has already been selected, and it’s already over except for the crying.
    Any American who relies on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, or any other mainstream news outlet that thinks their vote counts are the very problem/reason why their vote doesn’t.
    I dont remember who said it, but it lies true; “it is much easier to deceive someone, than to convince them that they have been deceived”
    We’re fucked.

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