Michele Obama’s Federal school lunch program? Looks like she wants a piece of the action

Well, what do you know? ‘Yes we can’ applies to her too!

Honest to God – I wouldn’t feed that shite to a starving dog! 

The final nail


So what has yes we can rob RON PAUL of the Presidency twice boiled down to – 


1) What he meant by GW being useless was – HE WASN’T NEARLY AS USELESS AS HE COULD HAVE BEEN! Obama showed GW how he should have done it!


Back at the Ranch!


2) What he meant by closing Guantanamo Bay – WAS LEAVING IT OPEN! Come on now…..

3) Better cooperation with European partners….. MEANT SPYING ON THEM!

4) Patriot Act? You call that planting one on the Constitution? Here – try the NDAA for size.

5) Two words – “PREDATOR DRONES – YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT COMING.” That’s 8 arsehole!

6) And boy – didn’t he serve it to the Whistleblowers? BREITBART – MURDERED! MARSHALL & HIS TWO KIDS – MURDERED! HASTINGS – MERCEDES BENZ TECHNICAL PROBLEM! Why make exploding cars? MANNING – TORTURED, 35 YEARS FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. KIRIAKOU – 3 years; bankrupted; Life ruined…… for telling the truth. SNOWDEN – the one that got away! The one blemish!


Assassination Czar!


7) Libya – destroyed! Syria – being destroyed! Yemen – nearly there & tell you what – WHY NOT GO THE WHOLE HOG & ANTAGONIZE RUSSIA TOO!  

8) Why not get the US police force up to scratch. The IDF will show them just how to serve & protect my brothers & fellow citizens!  

9) False flags for fun – Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing & plenty more.

10) Sacked all the good top brass military – can’t wait to bring in Martial law.

11) Debt? We had no idea. Obama showed us!….. Oh, by the way BIBI – here’s some more, plenty more!

12) How are those food stamps going? Swimmingly well boss! LOVE IT! 





  • John

    Michael,.. I know this is Serious,… but,..I just couldn’t control my laughter,… Michele Obama cares about school kids welfare,………hahahaha,….oh no hahaha,……A new low tactic!!!OMG!!! If people can’t see this sugar coated bull,,…. they truly are beyond help!!!!😒

    • I get you John – sometimes you’ve just got to laugh…………

      • John

        Seriously though Michael,..Zionist puppets truly caring about kids welfare!!?,… what about Gaza kids welfare!!!
        How can she sit there and come out with such bull,.. knowing the reality behind the scenes very well,
        Isn’t caring and love meant to be unconditional and universal,..
        The hypocrisy here is so blatantly obvious,.. its such a cheap a stunt,….. it just sickening,.(or laughable)
        Surely to god,.. people won’t fall for this crap!!!!

        • Obviously the ego plays an enormous role. It’s demonic side-effects seem to wreak havoc on each & every person with wealth, fame & power. Only the most humble, level-headed people are immune, as were some of the greatest geniuses like Einstein & Hendrix. That’s not to say other geniuses like Newton did not have huge egos. The problem with politicians – any idiot can become one & any woman can be married to an absolute non-achieving nobody who by hook or by crook, makes it all the way to the top but probably the greatest problem is that those who tend to go into politics are those most lacking in empathy. You ain’t going to get much care & love from these kind of people..This is precisely what’s happened with Michele Obama. Almost 7 years as the first lady, you can be sure her ego is somewhere in the stratosphere

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