Migrants, Refugees, Those Seeking Political Asylum? If You Don’t Know Who’s Responsible For The Carnage In The Middle East And North Africa – Don’t Say A Word!

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Migrants, Refugees, Those Seeking Political Asylum? If You Don’t Know Who’s Responsible For The Carnage In The Middle East And North Africa – Don’t Say A Word!

Whatsupic — A mere mention of the migrants, instead of hearing something resembling a sympathetic response which in some way would take into account the horrendous plight of these poor people, how often do I hear derogatory remarks? Small wonder I get the distinct impression people simply cannot think for themselves. All too easily their minds are led. Once again, we are in the realms of the ungodly, hidden power that can be attained if one controls the flow of information. Believe it or not, the media’s job is strictly to manufacture division for the purpose of conquest.  

Syrian refugee camp

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been against the immigration policies of both parties in the UK for goodness knows how long. They’ve literally had the immigration doors wide open. No planning; no consideration to the infrastructure, housing, welfare, the National Health Service etc. How can we be so irresponsible & more importantly, why were BOTH parties doing this? Two reasons – it was perfect for big business because it kept a lid on wages and in the grander scheme of things, this was all part of an Illuminati/Rothschild plan originally devised in 1776 to weaken the strongest countries in Europe – Divide and Conquer.

Personally, Nationalism means nothing! All human beings are biologically identical. Why should I care where people come from? It’s ridiculous. So long as my neighbors are decent people, what color or race they are matters none. However, a sad indictment of mankind is the undeniable fact most people prefer to be with their own. When migrants settle down in a country they tend to clump together in their own communities. We do not integrate. Don’t you think the true power-brokers were aware of this? Why else did they encourage politicians to allow mass immigration, something the UK public NEVER WANTED OR ASKED FOR? It was for the sole purpose of weakening countries from within.

Bear in mind too, how whenever a fringe party like the National Front or UKIP made the pledge to stop immigration, the entire mass-media couldn’t wait to plonk its moral high-hat on. They knew this would upset the apple-cart. So media and politicians alike would steam into these people accusing them of being racists, when in truth they were REALISTS! This tactic went on for decades – even though the public were unanimously in favor, anyone who so much as suggested a curb on immigration, had to suffer the ignominy of being branded a racist. Incredibly, these policies continued unabated for so long, we even reached the stage where Indian folk were saying, enough is enough!

Think about this: aren’t the media owned by the very people behind Divide and Conquer? We’ve been played good and proper. Immigration, used as a weapon to create division has now provided a climate necessary for ordinary folk not to give a damn about refugees & migrants. Ask yourself – who’s responsible for the carnage in the Middle East and Northern Africa? Do you honestly believe this horrendous refugee problem is the fault of migrants? This begs another question – why doesn’t the media do its job? Just once, for the untold millions who’ve been rendered homeless, point the finger of blame at Cameron, Obama, Bush, Blair and above all Netanyahu! I’ll tell you straight – THIS CRISIS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF FOREIGN POLICY DECISIONS MADE BY ZIONIST PUPPETS IN THE US & UK.   

If you still refuse to believe the plight of these migrants is a direct consequence of US/UK foreign policy, did you know the cost of booking a place on one of these outrageously over-crowded boats is up to 10 times the price of a plane ticket? So why on earth do these impoverished souls pay a kings ransom and take such a risk in the process? Because on the sly, the EU passed laws that made it virtually impossible for any migrant to hop on a plane! No surprise hardly anyone is aware of this. The media has never mentioned it! Do you honestly feel they’re doing their job?

Lamentable as it is, what the media’s managed to do is ensure most folk have no idea of the level of this cataclysmic refugee crisis, let alone the 10’s of millions who’ve been displaced by the chaos and carnage that’s been unleashed. The other day I read Lebanon, a country of but 4-5 million, has been inundated by over a million refugees! Bad enough this whole crisis has come about because of Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel. This led to 9/11, which in turn led to Israel using America and to a lesser extent Britain, to do its dirty work.

What’s so frustrating is none of this could have occurred had the Zionists not had full control over the flow of information. It goes without saying it’s imperative more people need to wake up. More people than ever are! I feel what’s ultimately required is either the dismantling of Zionist control of mainstream media – I can’t see how this could ever come about, or for alternative media to somehow breakthrough & become mainstream. We need newspapers to do the unthinkable – TELL THE TRUTH! If not, the chances are the only penny dropping for those who’ve been so easily led is the dawning realisation of helplessness that all these refugees are now accustomed to. We’re running out of time.


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