Migrants, Refugees, Those Seeking Political Asylum? If You Don’t Know Who’s Responsible For The Carnage In The Middle East And North Africa – Don’t Say A Word!

Obviously if the media highlighted the humanitarian disaster that’s occurred thanks to Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel, far more folk would express concern. Of course this in turn would pile the pressure on that lying war-monger Cameron. Even then, you’ve got to be a blithering idiot not to realise the current dilemma with migrants & the appalling refugee crisis has not been helped one iota by UK’s illegal foreign policy. Yet does the media ever put Cameron on the spot? No surprise few people imagine the chronic level of desperation & anguish these poor people must be going through. This is bad enough yet time & again I get the distinct impression most people couldn’t give a damn about them. This is my take on the whole debacle……….






Migrants in Mediterranean

Migrants in Mediterranean


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