Miko Peled: How to deal with the Anti-Semitism accusation

The other day I touched on how the chief power-brokers did such a grand job conjuring up a defense mechanism that would serve to deflect wholly justifiable criticism & attention away from their crimes. I’m not sure when this bullshit label of anti-Semitism was christened; it must be close to 100 years ago. Well it’s proved to be an absolute master-stroke because it’s still going strong.




And what a beautiful trick – you merely express your concern over land thieves, terrorists & murderers – hey presto you’re branded a racist! We’re not even talking about threatening or arresting these gargantuan crooks. You see it all the time in comments & messages – people voice their trepidation at the very thought of being labeled a racist. As a result, evil becomes pure evil. It feels it can do as it pleases. Of course none of this nonsense could occur if the chief protagonists didn’t control the entire MSM. All it would take is one decent reporter to turn round & say –
‘Don’t give me that anti-Semitic crap you dickhead! When a bank robber is caught red-handed the judge isn’t going to let him off Scot free if the felon suddenly accuses him or the jury of being anti bank-robber.’




My method is to merely retort, if being anti-Semitic is declaring my abhorrence to land-thieving, child-killing, mass-murdering racist scum, THEN I’M AS ANTI-SEMITIC AS HELL! It’s not great because it still allows them to deflect criticism by stifling discussion. Ultimately, their tactic is to bully you. It goes without saying, if one steps into the arena with villains, one cannot afford to be intimidated. We have right on our side.



Miko Peled, one of the greatest Jewish activists, utilises an altogether different approach & I must admit, I love it. This chap is the son of an Israeli General. He’s a terrific guy yet typically, he’s largely ignored by mainstream media. The very notion Israelis cherish democracy is a joke for they do their level best to ensure the other side of the story is never heard. This is why we really do need more people stepping up to the plate. If you’re worried about being branded anti-Semitic just take Miko Peled’s lead. If you do I guarantee you won’t feel so intimidated. If anything it will give you renewed confidence. Thanks to Abdulhafeez Muhammad for the link (3.10).


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