Military Intervention in Syria Comes with the Prospect of an Altercation with Russia

Category: SpecialPublished on Monday, 30 November 2015 13:04Hits: 1601 , Author: Michael Aydinian

Military Intervention in Syria Comes with the Prospect of an Altercation with Russia

I’ll flat out say this: David Cameron has no intention whatsoever of fighting ISIS and any Brit who thinks otherwise is a complete buffoon! But it’s not the people I’m worried about. If it was down to us there’s no way we’d even entertain such an idea. It’s the traitors in Westminster and by that I mean all those who’d vote with Cameron ie most of the Tory Party and the Blairites in the Labour Party. Why are they traitors? Because they know full well 9/11 was an inside job and therefore this whole war on terror that we’re still fighting, was deliberately manufactured. They know this as they know we have no interest in bombing Syria or any country.

So why are they doing this? Plain and simple – all these MP’s effectively have sworn allegiance to the Zionist cause. It can only be this because only Israel wants what we are seeing today. There are no ifs and buts about it. Even Netanyahu couldn’t contain himself on the day of 9/11 when he said “this is good for Israel!” How many times have I mentioned the Oded Yinon plan to create Greater Israel? How many times have I said the entire corporate media is Zionist owned and that they’re lying through their back teeth? Add this to the fact the US and UK in particular are bought and paid for by Zionist lobbies, how much more evidence does one need to say who this is really down to?

When Russia first went to Syria to take on ISIS at the invitation of President Assad, it was precisely for this reason I predicted the West would not only refuse to assist the Russians but they would do everything they could to make life difficult for them. From the jump, instead of the media asking the obvious question – ‘how come the Russians had achieved more in two weeks than the West did in 9 months fighting ISIS’, they persisted with the pathetic line that Russia was bombing ‘moderate’ rebels. No one ever asked what earthly reason the Russians had to simply do that? Well, we all saw how these so-called moderates mercilessly gunned down a Russian pilot who’d parachuted from his plane. There are no moderate rebels. There never were!

Not for the first time Western leaders and the media had been snookered by the Russians. In fact their reaction made it pretty much obvious they were annoyed that the Russians were destroying ISIS. Then, lo and behold, a Russian passenger plane is sabotaged. On cue, Cameron pointed the finger at ISIS when he had no right to even open his mouth. Of course anyone who knows anything is well aware of who in all likelihood was behind this true act of terror. ISIS are cut-throat mercenaries; they are not saboteurs who know how to evade airport security in a foreign land. This is strictly the domain of Mossad! 

Then we’re treated to yet another blatant false flag in Paris where once again we’re led to believe all the extra surveillance and illegal spying that’s been forced upon us could do nothing to foil an elaborate terrorist plot. The plan itself is typically carried out with military precision yet within 30 minutes of the ‘attack’ the media already know who’s responsible. They even had the gall to tell us a Syrian passport was found on the scene. The icing on the cake is inexplicable as it gets – none of the alleged terrorists are ever taken alive. You’d have thought the authorities would burst blood vessels to discover how these terrorists managed to pull off such a thing!

Cameron is not just a liar and a cheat. He’s a traitor who has gone out of his way to make an enemy out of Russia. This is bad enough but to now insist on wanting to send our military into a war zone where the Russians are operating and where our own role is highly questionable? This is complete and utter madness! As far as I’m concerned, the very fact Cameron is unnecessarily risking all our lives & doing it on the behest of outsiders warrants immediate arrest. He should be tried for Treason. Surely these MP’s must know voting for military action in Syria would open the way for an inevitable clash with the Russians. I sometimes wonder – do these MP’s have families & friends?


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