Military Men are dumb, stupid Animals – Henry Kissinger NWO

And before anyone tries to make themselves busy by saying ‘he didn’t say this’, wrong! He did. A warmongering megalomaniac like Kissinger is bound to. He doesn’t give a damn about soldiers & the consequences of war. The only reason you may think otherwise is because Zionists are master-manipulators. They have bought up Google & anything else that matters in order to deceive people by spreading misinformation, especially if it’s an item that’s detrimental to their cause.

The Internet threw a massive spanner into the works because suddenly the truth could be uploaded, facts which previously remained hidden from public gaze. This was because the media, which the Ionisers also control, ensured the crazed ramblings of NWO top dogs were never publicised. The Internet allowed us to learn what the media wasn’t telling us. Much of that is the real news, the truth.

Yesterday I posted a caption on my FB GMMuk page with the short paragraph below & typically, as captions tend to do, in no time, the Likes, Shares & Comments went through the roof. Sadly, articles which take me several hours, sometimes days to complete, receive nothing like the traction. FB’s algorithms positively slaughters my post reach whenever I write more than one paragraph. I intend to continue writing even though I know I can reach a far bigger audience if I stick to captions. Courting popularity is not the be all & end all. Perhaps that’s why they say ‘the pen is mightier than the sword‘ but then doesn’t a picture paint a thousand words?

THIS ONE MOST CERTAINLY DOES! I defy anyone who says this is not the look of pure evil. If mankind is to survive long enough to overcome the quite mind-boggling obstacles that come with interstellar travel so that eventually we colonise planets in other star systems & by doing ensure our future for millions, if not billions of years, I’m convinced this will only happen if we can somehow rid ourselves altogether of this evil streak that’s currently so prevalent among humans.

I don’t know what to say anymore. Like I said yesterday – if advanced beings were watching over us they’d be thinking humans have some serious issues! There is not one earthly reason why America should help Israel. In fact the opposite is true. Israel owes America big time but to actually offer the US military to serve the interests of the most vile nation on the planet, a country that breaks every rule in the book? This is just complete & utter madness.

Anyway, someone commented on the post by asking, ‘why do Americans keep enlisting?’ I thought that’s actually a good question. So I responded –

Because the media never tells the truth & systematically brainwashes people. As a result many servicemen join up thinking they’re doing it for democracy & keeping their country safe yet America is not under threat by any stretch of the imagination. The media & politicians simply fabricate the impression of fear. That’s all they need. We’re insecure creatures. Often we cannot think for ourselves.

So by the time soldiers return home, many have come to realise they’ve been well & truly conned. Some are so traumatised by the horrendous atrocities they witnessed, effectively by what US military personnel were ordered to do, they end up taking their own lives. What most people have no idea of is the incomprehensible level of US military suicides.

Here, once again, the media shows it’s true colors. What better way to NEVER reveal the overwhelming suicide statistics. Vietnam – 55,000 US servicemen killed. Of those who returned home – 110,000 COMMITTED SUICIDE! Not forgetting how 4 million innocent Vietnamese were killed in a war that was conjured up just to placate the Industrial Military Complex, just as Eisenhower warned. This tells you it was all planned just as the Iraq war was. It ended in 2003 & since then 20 US servicemen have committed suicide every single day!


  • Fredi Hazeem

    Spot on as Usual

  • Nedina Hohaia

    You’ve totally nailed it as usual Michael. I have also asked why do so many join the armed forces. They’re manipulated. They’re conned.

    • Thanks Nedina. Yes. Another thing I failed to mention is the possibility they’re purposely making it tough for ordinary folk so that many have little or no option but to join up.

      • Danielle

        You hit the nail on the head, Michael. With so few options for the middle class unable to attend college/university/decent trade schools upon graduating high school, and our entire infrastructure all but completely gutted of any kind of decent blue-collar wage employment like the good ol days of steel factories and the auto industry, the exact demographic the Synagogue of Satan likes to see fighting their wars sign up to do just that out of necessity.
        The only time this seemed a little different from that was immediately after 9/11 when millions of young men and even women were charged up to fight our invented Muslim Jihadi enemies and some skinny tall man living in a cave that had electricity so he could make VHS recordings of himself.

        • Yes & I feel this dire economic & social plight we find ourselves in was deliberately engineered as was the dumbing-down process. As long as 30 years ago I said they’re destroying the middles class. I know how they did it. I just can’t believe they got away with it so easily. Once again, this shows the power of the media Danielle.

  • brian mitchell

    Michael i send on all your posts, i wish we had 20 more like you with your insight

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