Modern imperialism goes on trial & is found guilty by Neil Clark

Neil Clark is a journalist, writer, broadcaster & blogger. He has written for several newspapers & magazines in the UK & abroad. He’s a regular pundit on RT, Press TV & the Voice of Russia. He’s also appeared on the BBC & Sky News. He’s the co-founder of the Campaign For Public Ownership @PublicOwnership. His award winning blog can be found at He tweets on politics & world affairs @NeilClark66


Though he rarely points the finger directly at Israel & the Zionists, I really like this guy. I know why he refrains from mentioning the ‘you-know-who’s’. If he did there is no way he’d be able to appear on so many MSM outlets. It really is as simple as that, yet sadly, there are countless activists who can’t wait to label the likes of Neil Clark as ‘controlled opposition.’ It’s ridiculous but then if people like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, David Icke, Abby Martin & Alex Jones can be accused of being controlled opposition, THEN WHO CAN’T!


And what better example to give? As most of you probably know, the very last thing anyone needs to convince me of is the importance of naming & shaming Israel & the Rothschild Zionists……. YET…… even I’ve been told I’m controlled opposition! However, this is far from being the reason I’m so forgiving to those who refrain from mentioning Israel. I’ve enough in my head to realise there’s much to be gained from people like Neil appearing on the MSM in order to clearly & concisely give the other side of the story, something which MSM viewers rarely receive. What I liked particularly is his explanation on how the media created total falsehoods in order to destabilise Yugoslavia. This was all before 9/11. Watch this clip (34.44) & see how he explains Western foreign policy. You tell me he doesn’t do a great job. 


Modern imperialism goes on trial, and is found guilty


Just to quickly reiterate, this clip came from an RT link which also included typically fine contributions from Eva Bartlett & George Galloway. All 3 videos are on the link above. I chose to highlight this one because I feel this is perfect to show anyone who may not be sure about what’s really going on. Also in the last 5 minutes of the clip, I think Neil is so on the mark when he refers to what’s currently going on in the Labour Party. From the beginning I said Corbyn needs to get his gloves off. The last thing we need is Corbyn trying to appease the media & traitors in his own party who’ve sold out to the Zionist warmongers. WE NEED TO SUPPORT JEREMY CORBYN!




  • Lynne Purdy

    We also need to get rid of the lying, conniving MSM (main stream media) BBC ITV CCN FOX etc. who are bought and paid for. Times are changing and it is the likes of Neil Clark, Michael Aydinian,, Julian Assange, James Corbett, Edward Snowden, Abby Martin, Liz Crokin, Alex Jones etc. Thank goodness that there are so many great TRUTH TELLING people out there making it THEIR business.

  • venner

    I didn’t watch the video yet but I read the article, some excellent points made by the speakers, we need more of this, the article suggests they may take that event on tour, I hope they do, and yes we absolutely need to give our support to JC and everyone else who is standing up and speaking out, I dont think to talk about Armageddon is over stating the matter, I am starting to think the zionist plot may include global depopulation, a war with Russia would be a way of achieving that.
    I remember some years ago, around the turn of the millenium, there was a summit meeting about global population levels.
    The press at the time covered this and were expecting to report what was discussed when the minutes were released to them the following week.
    They instead reported their surprise on learning the minutes were classified and to this day have never been released so all we can do is speculate.

    • I beginning to feel if the worst comes to the worst, the only people who’ll have access to the huge underground bunkers/towns they’ve built will be those who served the Rothschilds well. This explains why little upstarts like Gavin Williamson are not only promoted to these lofty positions but prepared to immediately show out as ultra hawks who think nothing of pushing Russia all the way. This means in the event of WW III, along with several Western nations, Israel will also be wiped out. Like you say V, we can only speculate but there are only so many places in these bunkers. At least all the brainless morons who always stuck up for Israel & the sheep who believed the media will get it too!

      • Venner

        Oh for sure, there’s no chance that regular citizens will have access to bunkers unless we build them ourselves.
        I used to work construction, we built some underground basements so I know how to build an underground bunker, but I dont think I want to survive a nuclear war just to find myself alone with thousands of ass kissing zionist politicians.
        But yeah, I would love to know what the Russian Government makes of all this, they really dont seem to be too concerned about any of these shenanigans going on in the West, in public at least they respond to each accusation and incident individually as if they are isolated but I would have thought they are surely aware by now, there is more to it than that and there has to be a purpose behind these efforts to demonize them, do they already know what it is?

  • Lori

    Excellent video with Journalist Neil Clark.

  • Venner

    Don’t let them get you down mate, here are the direct youtube links to video of the speakers at the Imperialism on Trial event, put these on facebook. I’m sending them to people via email.
    Wouldn’t it be a trip if they brought it to America lol.
    Neil Clark:
    Peter Ford:
    John Wight:
    Eva Bartlett:
    Joti Brah:
    George Galloway: https:/

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