Money can buy politicians; buying the media means you control them. If you don’t know this, chances are they control you too.

Frustrating to say the least – a heinous act occurs & it proves to be pivotal in our history, yet in normal circumstances it could never happen! You see America had all the means at its disposal to thwart 9/11. What’s more, any terrorist worth their salt would know they’d never get near any major building however many planes they hijacked! To even contemplate such a thing is madness. Nevertheless, all the grief that’s occurring today is a direct result of 9/11. How can it be? The official explanation was riddled with glaring discrepancies & no credible investigation has ever taken place. Frankly anyone who believes Muslim extremists were responsible is an imbecile of the very highest order.


Now here’s the kicker. Even if Muslims were behind 9/11, are you telling me what’s occurred in the last 14 years was justifiable & appropriate? It is inconceivable to imagine such a thing – to inflict this level of pain & suffering, death & destruction, on such a vast scale & for so long? Yet do people see it as I do? Hell no. So how can people be so heartless & have minds so skewed? This is down to the media & how they condition us to think – FEAR IS INSTILLED. DISCORD IS CREATED. End result – DIVIDE & CONQUER! This is what we have today. The alternative is an independent media – tantamount to comparing caviar with gravel. None of this shit would be happening had the media been independent & so free to investigate 9/11. 



It’s no easy task trying to explain why mankind is in such a dire predicament. If ever you say this is all down to one family’s aspiration to control the whole world, most people think you’re completely bonkers. Even relatively intelligent folk, those well aware of this almighty banking dynasty, find it hard to imagine but a handful of individuals really do press that many buttons. It’s a difficult sell because the stage we’ve reached today has taken the world’s wealthiest family 250 years! Most humans can’t fathom the notion that one family could harbor such long-term goals. 


Recent events lead me to believe we are reaching the end-game. I’m not sure if this was entirely the intention. I’m inclined to think the advent of the Internet threw a spanner into the works. Before, the only narrative we heard was the one they wanted us to hear. Sure enough, those with some initiative were aware of this. However, what the Internet did was provide an opportunity to discover what REALLY was going on. No surprise this resulted in an ever-increasing exodus of viewers from mainstream news. This in turn I believe has forced the power brokers hand. With their control over the flow of information breached, they’ve had to switch to ‘hurry up’ mode.


To discover truth one must initially feel something doesn’t add up. This then leads the mind to question. I’m fortunate to have been born with an inquisitive thought process. This is why I can confidently declare I know what’s going on & what those in control are trying to do. I know history & reality are two different things & pretty much all that’s occurred in the past 200 years is by design. It’s a fallacy to believe one derives truth from history books. All they do is perpetuate myths. Ultimately I’m in no doubt what I’m saying is correct. I can also safely say, nothing will ever make sense unless you establish certain fundamentals. I grant you, if & when you do, everything falls neatly into place.


A little research is all that’s required to discover Zionists control the media. This in itself is hardly a bone of contention. What’s significant is each & every media baron is inextricably linked in that they all adhere to a higher chain of command that inevitably leads to the House of Rothschilds. As a result the 6 major media conglomerates – CBS, Comcast, Disney, News Corp, Time Warner & Viacom, which pretty much makes up the entire mass-media, like a synchronised choir end up singing the same tune. So let’s break this down. We know this much…..

1) One family, the Rothschilds, have acquired approximately a third to a half of the globe’s worth, some $300-500 Trillion. No other family has worth in excess of a trillion.

2) We also know that around the 1760’s, at the behest of the Rothschild’s, Adam Weishaupt formulated a plan specifically for the purpose of establishing a one world government that the Rothschilds would control.

3) Of course it’s no easy feat taking over the world but just to give you an idea how serious these people were – drawing up the blueprint for world domination took Weishaupt 6 years! 

Listing all that’s occurred since would take forever & a day so for those who wish to learn more about this Rothschild Illuminati plan, Myron Fagan’s video is literally the crown jewels. He explains precisely how the Rothschilds implemented this plan for 200 years up to 1967 when Fagan gave this broadcast. I will simply say, integral to the plan were two key objectives –

To control the printing of money & the flow of information.


Where the Rothschild’s set themselves apart is due to the fact they were prepared to pursue strategies with 100% commitment, even though they knew it would take decades, even longer, to produce any worthwhile results. To establish such goals & to maintain such perseverance is unique. Billionaires almost to a fault want to make money today, if not, tomorrow. Ask a billionaire to invest in a project that can only bear fruit after 50 years & I guarantee you will be told to go take a jump, preferably off a cliff! 


And this is what it takes. How else could one family acquire so much wealth & power? Of course all those involved knew secrecy was paramount. This is why when it came to acquiring control of Banks & Media outlets, the Rothschild name was rarely ever mentioned but for those placing signature of ownership, there was no doubt who the real governor was. Once again, this is what sets the Rothschilds apart. What on the surface appears akin to ‘leaving oneself wide open’ legally, is counter-balanced by the fact every agent remained in no doubt – crossing the Rothschilds was tantamount to committing suicide.


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