More Evidence of Israel’s Dirty Role in the Syrian Proxy War

On RT today an Iraqi government minister was interviewed on Sophie & Co. The main talking point was ISIS. This guy huffed & puffed for goodness knows how long. When Sophie S. tried prompting him, he barely managed to bring himself to say ‘if we could just cut off their funding’…….. This twat’s country has been reduced to rubble; the hapless Iraqis, who’ve done nothing to anyone, see no end to the unbridled fear, death & destruction….. yet this pathetic patsy/puppet never got out of first gear!

No mention of who could be funding & servicing ISIS even though there are clues sticking out like a sore thumb – who wanted Assad out or the glaringly obvious – the only people ISIS are killing are Arabs & Muslims. I can go on & on. No mention of who’s gaining; no mention of what ISIS is really all about. Frankly I’m finding RT’s role in this more mysterious by the day. They merely give the impression they delve where mainstream media never treads but more often than not, the end product is lame drivel which effectively allows the masterminds behind ISIS, Mossad & Israel, to stay firmly under the radar.



So in other words, it’s beginning to look as if RT has caved in because what concerns Zionists most is for their name to be kept out of it. As Gilad Atzmon once so rightly said “JEWISH POWER IS THE ABILITY TO SILENCE DISCUSSION ON JEWISH POWER!” There are the obvious reasons but what about the bigger picture? Zionist puppet traitors like Cameron & Harper are using ISIS as their only excuse for ushering in new laws that will further erode our civil liberties, all on the bullshit basis that it’s for our security. What they’re proposing will strip us of any legal rights. How in the blazes does that help my security? Traitors like Cameron will be able to eradicate 9/11 truthers. That’s the word he used – eradicate! Secure – my arse!

It’s bad enough no one mentions who’s really behind ISIS but what worries me no end is so few people are connecting all the dots. Israel controls most of the major Western nations. As well as using ISIS to rid Arab nations of leaders opposed to their barbaric regime, ISIS is also helping clear the way for Zionists to ensure they never lose control in the West. Their aim is to eliminate all those brave enough to speak the truth. They have no option but to do this because even though they control the entire mainstream media, there are only so many lies you can tell. They’re being found out due largely to the Internet. Small wonder they’re trying to get their grubby mitts on that too! Who do you think is behind all this? I mean demanding a worldwide ban on anti-Semetism effectively rendering criticism of Israel a criminal act, is the height of desperation. They’re actually showing out….. yet still…… mentioning the Z word remains strictly taboo.

There are some who simply cannot hold back. Here are a couple of articles regarding the truth about ISIS – one from yours truly; the other is from a great bunch of guys who run Whatsupic, a superb alternative media site.


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