More good news – Boehner to resign as Speaker, quit Congress in October.

Another one bites the dust. I hope John Boehner is only remembered because of his crimes. I’ll bet he’s had his nest feathered in a myriad of ways but I’m sure he’ll be remembered for outrageously defying his President in favor of a foreign leader. You’d think it couldn’t get worse but his Presidential snub was for a lunatic – Benjamin Netanyahu. The thing is I’ve already seen three links & there’s not a mention of how Boehner did a dirty on Obama. Typical.




Here are two of them –


Thanks to John Miranda for the two links and this assessment of the situation –

John Boehner had a Union Bank Of Switzerland account and was fully informed on 2012 of the BENNETT-BIRKENFELD-SNOWDEN-ASSANGE connection. He has been investigated and knows he will be exposed in this, along with Darrell Issa, Jason Chaffetz, Diane Feinstein & others. Essentially Boehner knows he is connected to terrorist financing that is going to the ISIS Wars and he was informed about this in 2012 along with other members of Congress due to the breaking Clinton email evidence that’s coming out. This is the real reason he’s stepping down and many others are. This is an amazing time in American political history. The house of cards is falling.


Boehner no more

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