More Madness: NATO tells Europe to prepare for Russian invasion

What we’re talking about here couldn’t be more serious & quite how we have this worthless piece of shit, this nobody playing with our lives as if we’re nothing is just mind-blowing, yet in a way, I’m pleased this guy Stoltenberg isn’t holding back. It’s almost as if he’s trying to let as many people as possible know he’s a total moron. The good news ends there folks.



The problem our side of the fence is firstly how we have people of his ilk acquiring positions like this. It doesn’t seem possible. Then, when they show they’re completely barking mad, the silence is deafening! Bad enough politicians sit idly by while this idiot pours oil on the fire but for no one in the media to question his outrageous claims is not just scandalous; incomprehensible as it may seem, it’s a sure fire sign this is all by design.



You see, Stoltenberg isn’t mad. Nor are our politicians or anyone in the media, yet here we are antagonising Russia every which way. We don’t have to be doing this but we are! Moreover, Russia isn’t threatening Europe in any way. It’s all complete & utter bullshit. But now I’m beginning to wonder how much longer is this going to go on for? The answer is simple – FOR HOWEVER LONG WE ALLOW IT! It really is up to us.


And let me tell you now, as if you don’t already know – should Europe get involved in any kind of military conflict with Russia, WE WILL LOSE! The only question is what price we pay. This depends on how far we go & the most worrying aspect of this is there’s so little leeway between taking a proper pasting & total annihilation. We better start making our voices heard before it’s too late. Thanks to Megohelie Pier for sending the link.



  • Brian Cohenot

    Oi vey, a Berg rather than a Stein. – Michael, have you read ‘Two Hundred Years Together’? The ‘widely discredited’, (one of (((their))) favourite phrases), last book of Solzhenitsyn?

    • Yes. Harrowing stuff indeed. The biggest cry-babies are in fact the greatest mass-murderers in history. We’re talking about the Ashkenazi mafiosi Zionists. Discredited my arse! What people need to realise is whenever the media slags anything off, all one has to do is think the exact opposite. Apart from non-Zionists, the only thing the Zionists hate IS THE TRUTH!

  • Aunte Semite

    When amerikkka finally (officially) begins WW3 for their jew bankster and APARTHEID israel satanic/talmudic jew masters, I and millions of others in the west will join with Russia/China/Iran/North Korea/Cuba/Venezuela and hundreds of millions f Muslims to send the amerikkkan and nato slaves of the jew to their lord, the devil.

    And note to Russia/China/Pakistan, if you need amerikkka attacks you, I’ll be happy to volunteer to deliver a suitcase nuke to Capital Hill and Hel Aviv.

    • Sadly, I feel what you say is correct. These Zionist bastards are leading us to the slaughterhouse.

    • I agree – i’m a Westerner & i’m totally ashemed of the Western stance against Russia – it’s just simply another ploy within the Western narrative to villify Russia for no good reason, & to draw attention away from their own international aggression,corruption & misdeeds !

      • I’m afraid to say, this is their Modus Operandi. The Rothschild Zionist banking dynasty for 200 years have used the mass-media to create conflicts literally out of nothing. It’s all about vilifying an imaginary enemy, instilling fear so that we end up fighting each other, spending a king’s ransom solely for the purpose of weakening ourselves considerably while the warmongers rake in mega bucks by financing wars. What they’re doing with Russia is what they’ve always done whenever they want war!

        • Yes – that is exactly so !
          The NWO/Zionist banking conglomeration/military-industrial complex demand that member NATO & aspiring future NATO nations are being virtually forced to spend at least 2% of GDP on “defence” (actually offence) to counter (non-existent) Russian aggression in Europe.
          The first casualty in this virtual Cold War 02 is of course the truth – Russia Today (RT) in the US has had to register as a foreign agent with the US-DOJ by Monday November 13th 2017.
          I am sure that Russia will reciprocate by similar means to all US media operating in Russia.
          The US/Britain/Israel would dearly like to see a war with Russia/China/Iran fomented for financial profit & rivalry & they need to be countered in that particular respect !

          • You may be interested that I just posted a piece which presents another far better option – apparently Trump, Russia & China have made a deal to take on the Rothschilds. I only hope it’s true.

  • venner

    Upgrade the bridges lol. All that would do is give the Russian army something better to drive their tanks on.

  • your map is old……..crimea belongs to russia for ever!!

  • Alan

    I’m a New Zealander but will back Russia and Putin any day.

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